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The Ones That Are The Most Flawed Are The Ones Worth Loving

So you guys are probably thinking what the heck am I talking about right? Well you know those characters who start off bad then turn good for the girl and end up not getting the girl? No wonder why they went back to being bad.This situation doesn't apply to everything, but those situations are really the most heartbreaking. 

These characters often seems to have it all, but there's more than whats shown on the outside. These guys are, in my opinion, the one's who deserve the girl. They start off bad, turn are better than the lead, don't get the girl and die, more often than not.

Why can't they just ever get the girl for once?
This post will be dedicated to these kind of characters.

That probably didn't make sense did it? It sounded a lot better the first time I wrote it but it accidentally got deleted when I was trying to delete a picture.

Anyways, If what I said about didn't make sense then it's all cool because there are some guys that are perfect examples. 

I will start off in the order I watched the drama, simple enough. If you haven't watched Butterfly Lovers, Qing Shi Huang Fei, and Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang, don't read, but these dramas are pretty old so everyone has probably already seen them.

Ma Wen Cai in Butterfly Lovers 

Oh my love for this guy. He was what made me love secondary characters. What made me love guys who needs some lovin', and I will gladly be there for them if they need someone, not the girl that's obsessed with the other guy. 
Chen Guan Lin as Ma Wen Cai. The "Villian" of this drama one can say.
So what is it exactly that turned him into the kind of person he is or was? His dad is something powerful, I'm not sure whether its the minister of war or the the greatest general in the country but you get the gist of things. But his dad was abusive to not only him when he was growing up but also his mother, causing her to kill herself. So like that his dad raised him; because he was brutal and abusive, his dad would always punish him whenever he did badly in his studies or didn't practice enough or well in his martial arts. Because of all this turmoil, the only place where he could feel safe was hiding inside an armoire. Talk about sad, plus his dad was also dating a prostitute at the time which pushed his mother to her death. 
So at school, you could see he acts all tough, arrogant, and awesome one would say, but truth be told nothing is what it looks like on the outside. So after figuring the truth about Zhu Ying Tai, he initially wanted to use it as blackmail against her, and after a few tricks and turns of her making him believe that she was actually a dude, i'll just skip to say that she and Liang Shan Bo began to accept him when he lost his friends. But he didn't want their sympathy and due to his hatred for Liang Shan Bo, he ignored him and only wanted Ying Tai. He only wanted her as his only friends and he did try his best to win her over but sadly she was madly head over heels for Liang Shan Bo who hasn't the slightest clue of who she is. I will agree he hit a few rough patches but she didn't even give the guy a chance! Why? I mean yeah he takes things a little too far sometimes, but only because he cares about her and his rough and tough nature is not his fault because he was brought up that way. So yes when he was a general he was ruthless, and I mean RUTHLESS, he did it to prove what he was capable of to her. Of course she found him to be a horrible person afterwards, I mean what does she expect him to do when she doesn't even bother with him. After some of this and some of that that I don't remember, on their wedding day, Ying Tai said she will only marry him under three conditions. One of them being that she hangs white lanterns on her wedding carriage, second is that they stop by Liang Shan Bo's grave on their way there and I forgot the third one (Its been a while since I've seen it), To which he replies even if its 100 or 300 conditions, I will do them all. Of course he did them all, but under his sneaky trickery. Kinda where he screwed but I'm on his side, she keeps thinking too much of her ex, but ya know, thats how the story goes. In the end, Ying Tai and Shan Bo become butterflies and he's left all alone. *SIGGGGGGGHHHHH*

Definitely a drama worth watching. Ma Wen Cai is my favorite character in this drama fo sho.

Next is this sexy beast, Wallace Huo as Liu Lian Cheng.

Liu Lian Cheng is emperor of Northern Han in the time of "Five Dyanasties and Ten Kingdoms". He first met our lead Ma Fu Ya (Ruby Lin)... I really forgot... but lets just say he loved her at first sight and completely devoted himself to her even though they only met like twice. Anyways, his background. After the death of the emperor of Northern Han aka his dad, he was pushed into this position that he never wanted. I think I can stop right there because it's pretty obvious. Anyways, all this political crap being emperor and then he created the demise with Fu Ya's uncle to get rid of her dad, but he didn't know about her because this was months before and he never knew she was this special towards him. Some more of this and that happen and his mom tells him that he is getting married to the princess of Chu (thinking of Fu Ya), he happily agrees. On the wedding night, after he pulled the red cloth from the face he was in shock because it wasn't her but her cousin, someone I don't like too much. You have to remember that after Fu Ya's dad was killed she and her brother went into hiding and then separated. Somehow she ended up going to his place but her cousin pushed her off a cliff and then the crown prince of Northern Shu (Yan Kuan as Qi You) found her and some more this and that and they fell in love. Years later, after Qi You became a POW under Lian Cheng, Fu Ya returns and becomes one of his ladies, but he never slept with her and such. In the end, when Qi You and Fu Ya were escaping from him through the help of Lian Cheng's terrible sister; Fu Ya's separated brother accidentally shot Lian Cheng and dies..
 I remember when I watched this the first time and I heard of his death. Heres how the story goes, not a good one but still. My mom was watching it and I was only watching glimpses and parts here and there but I knew only about Ruby Lin's and Wallace Huo beforehand. Anyways, it was during the school year, and when I got home from school that day, I asked my mom if anything exciting happened with the guy in black I like,Wallace Huo, and to which she replies that he died. When he died, I died on the inside. 
I ship Fu Ya and Lian Cheng because one, its Wallace Huo, two, he rocks fur and I am against wearing fur, three its Wallace Huo, four, they had a lot of little details that made their relationship special, Five, IT'S WALLACE FREAKING HUO!!!. 
I think my point is proven as of to why to ship this couple.

Random rumor that I'm contemplating on whether or not to believe, but apparently Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin have been secretly dating for over four years and that they have an apartment together. I was in blasphemy when I found that out.

Drama: Qing Shi Huang Fei

This guy is very similar to Ma Wen Cai except that he comes from an even worse family, I know right.

He Jian Ze plays as Pan Bao in The Young Warriors of the Yang Clan. Yes he's the son of Pan Ren Mei, the reason/ enemy of the Yang Family. Why include him anyways? Because I love his character. Enough said. Honestly, you have to feel bad for the guy. His dad is evil, mom died *hinted that the sister was the cause for her death*, sister is a bipolar manipulative psycho nut job. Sounds crazy, but he is honestly a sincere guy, he just happened to be born in a messed up family. He honestly cares for his sister and visits her often, unknowing why she was shunned but not important. He's made a few mistakes here and there but he's only human for god sake, and the pressure his dad I might even be pushed into doing opium too. On a day he was high, he had a slight seizure and there he met the love of his life, Miss Luo (Liu Shi Shi). As a physician, she was able to treat his seizure on the spot, not caring who he was. Him on the other hand, everyone has been afraid of him and hated him but the fact that she didn't care, he loved it and her. After that he made her his physician but she only helped to make him quit drugs. Throughout those several months *as it was inferred* he fell more in love with her everyday. Then he found out she loved Si Lang from the Yang Family (Peter Ho) and then confessed his love for her to which she rejected him only seeing him as a patient. This is where I kinda forget the chronological order of things, but he kidnapped her and is pressuring her to marry him and blah blah, she gets saved by the Yangs and there is a tournament of some sort. To make him stronger and better and what not, his dad has been secretly drugging him again (weird because he wanted him to quit smoking in the first place, now he's making him take a worse drug and basically making him his guinea pig). On the day of the tournament/duel thing, He fought Si Lang, whom he beat, then Qi Lang (Eddie Peng) came him and saved her before he would've been beaten more. He fought him, then did the thing where the bo hits him on the head, lightly, but he died on the spot. Not because of the force but because of an overdose of the drugs his dad made him take and his dad avenged and swore to ruin Qi Lang's life even though it was his fault, he never came to admitting it. I forgot to add, he had no friends what so ever, if he did  they were using him. For instance, the person he thought was his first true friend was Yelu Xie (Yuan Hong) who was only pretending and is the "bad guy" of this whole story. 

Sad Sad Sad story. The best part about watching something is you can see something from every point of view, making you more open minded.

I'm also sorry that my descriptions are not that good, but keep in mind I haven't watched any of these in a while.

So basically the whole point of this is that the Second leads got it rough. Tough Life but Good looks apparently doesn't get you far in the world of love. 

Why? How come they never get a chance? 

I actually started writing this a few weeks back, but every time I would work on it I would just get very tired out of nowhere. Sorry.

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