Sunday, November 11, 2012

Anticipation: Happiness of an Angel

My head has been so wrapped around school that I forgot about this drama, sigh. I heard about it from my sister maybe, I don't know.

Happiness of an Angel is a remake of the popular Korean drama Thank You. This is the first time that these two actors/actresses worked together so it will be very interesting to see the turnout.


Xiao Han, who runs a small lodge, is the prettiest girl in the little village on Hainan Island. Her humble background and lowly education makes her unconfident, yet she is still optimistic, hoping for her very own happiness. Jie Luo is the haughty son of a woman who is in command of a big business group. He was asked by his mother to help her in renovating some parts of the island, and thus lived in Xiao Han's lodge. When Jie Luo was trying to purchase some land, he ran into problems which were soon solved with the help of Xiao Han. Their personalities are miles apart, but when they got to know each other through working together, they slowly fell in love. However, Jie Luo's mother was against them being together and wanted Xiao Han to leave Jie Luo in exchange for the continuation of the island's renovation project. For the good of the island, Xiao Han reluctantly agreed. This dealt a great blow to Jie Luo, and finding Xiao Han became his only job...

Ming Dao as An Jie Luo

Liu Shi Shi as Xiao Han

Tang Zhen as Li Yi Ping
Li Yi Ping on the left
Xu Zheng Xi as Jiang Feng En

Nice looking cast I guess you can say, but I think they could've chosen a cuter girl for the daughter, just saying.

The setting is nice, I kinda want to visit..

15 minute trailer


I wish I was one of those fans watching them film :(

The Inn

Probably my most favorite picture of her

I can finally say I have seen a beautiful modern day wedding dress in a drama because that has NEVER EVER happened before. For some reason, the stylist in a always chooses unflattering wedding dresses. WHY??!!!!???

I find him extremely good looking and his hair suits him very well and the fact that he's wearing a suit, I"M SOLD on his character

Liu Shi Shi lookes very beautiful in that dress

"Daddy and daughter" It is unknown still, kinda, whether or not he's the father..

He looks very impatient.. but he looks mighty dashing in that suit

 Liu Shi Shi looking at ease and what not.

For some reason, it seems that the cast isn't really that close to each other still, only Liu Shi Shi and her onscreen daughter.

They all look so stiff here

Poster from Thank You


  1. hi there, just wanna know have this drama aired already? dying to watch it =( mei you na me kua zhang la. hehe.


    1. As far as I know, no, but then again I don't know much.

  2. It's 2014 and it's still not airing...

  3. where can i watch this drama?? :(

  4. year 2017 still bloody no links anywhere to watch this drama