Friday, November 30, 2012

The Ones That Are The Most Flawed Are The Ones Worth Loving

So you guys are probably thinking what the heck am I talking about right? Well you know those characters who start off bad then turn good for the girl and end up not getting the girl? No wonder why they went back to being bad.This situation doesn't apply to everything, but those situations are really the most heartbreaking. 

These characters often seems to have it all, but there's more than whats shown on the outside. These guys are, in my opinion, the one's who deserve the girl. They start off bad, turn are better than the lead, don't get the girl and die, more often than not.

Why can't they just ever get the girl for once?
This post will be dedicated to these kind of characters.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Missing You: Initial Thoughts and Reactions

So it is official that I have jumped on the Missing You bandwagon. For someone who isn't that into Korean dramas, this one seems slightly different.

A story about a pair of teenage lovers who split up after an untimely, and I mean untimely, accident, years later the girl becomes an amateur fashion designer and the guy is a hard core detective. Will this story have revenge, love, compassion, lust, hatred, probably all but one I can be sure of is a lot of tears from both our actors and actresses and us the dramajunkies.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Infernal Lover: Songs and Thoughts

Random _________,(not sure what to call it yet) but I was listening to the beautiful ending song and as always I read the comments and I DIED, on the inside. Why? This stupid person posted the ending, THE F**K? Why did they do that??!!!! I'm only on episode three. I literally screamed and now I currently want to throw and break something. WTF?!?!?!?!? to that stupid youtuber who posted the end, PajCi92,

That isn't even going harsh, trust me I can do worst. I'm not one who likes spoilers, thats why I couldn't enjoy Chinese Paladin as much. Anyways back on subject. The songs for this soundtrack is very beautiful. I think the ending song sounds like rain, soothing and hits high points perfectly. Definitely one of those songs I would listen to to go to sleep.

Infernal Love: Episode 2 Summary/ Recap

Are you prepared for a lot of gasping and oohs and aaahhs? This is a really good episode netizens. 

I present to you Episode 2 of Infernal Lover.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Non-Asian Drama Related: Barney Confesses His Love For Robin

I like how the two females aren't wearing heels/shoes

I know this is primarily a place for Asian Dramas, but I tend to have quite a few American shows I love, How I Met Your Mother being my favorite.

You know when you truly love someone and it kills you to see them with someone else? Well in the newest episode yesterday, our very own Barney Stinson put those feelings into words that perfectly describes it.

Random Thought: Palace Related Dramas

How many palace dramas are there?
How many are filmed a year?

First off, this blogpost has no importance whatsoever.
I was reading a post off A Virtual Voyage : and as I was watching this, Of course I would think about BBJX and ewww....Gong. It hit me, does drama companies and such have allotted time for when they can use the different palaces for filming? Because there are a lot of period dramas in one year and not everyone can be filming at the same time; unless maybe they do film at the same time but they can't run to different sets.

I don't know. It was just a random thought I felt was necessary to put down.

Speaking of palace related dramas, the post from a virtual voyage, it sounds interesting but definitely not something I would be interested in, maybe my mom though.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Anticipation: Happiness of an Angel

My head has been so wrapped around school that I forgot about this drama, sigh. I heard about it from my sister maybe, I don't know.

Happiness of an Angel is a remake of the popular Korean drama Thank You. This is the first time that these two actors/actresses worked together so it will be very interesting to see the turnout.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jay Chou: Qing Hua Ci Stills, Summary, and Commentary

So what does Jay Chou and a porcelain piece of art have to do with a drama one will ask? Well If his music video was so good and you actually thought it was from an actual drama when you first saw it, then it counts.

From one of his videos Qing Hua Ci or Blue and White Porcelain.

Pretty Girls in Pretty Ancient Clothing Part V: Liu Yi Fei in The Assassins

How can I not have a post specifically for Liu Yi Fei? She's probably one of my most favorite Chinese Actresses of all time. 

In her latest film, The Assassins, that just came out roughly two months ago, she shined.

Pretty Girls in Pretty Ancient Clothing Part IV: Annie Yi in The Assassins

Thats her on the left, she really is beautiful and the clothes suit her very well. Even though I find her to be a minor in the movie, what really stood out to me was her gorgeous clothes and hair.

Movies: The Assassins Review

Want my honest review of the Assassins?

Read along.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Pretty Girls In Pretty Ancient Clothing Part III: Battle of Red

For anyone who doesn't know, there is a show in the US called Fashion Police hosted by Joan Rivers. It is quite amusing and very good time killer where fashion experts judge celebrities best and worst outfits. Besides the best and worst parts, they always have a segment called "Bitch Stole My Look" which brought us all here today.

Based on the title, it is quite obviously that the contestants will be wearing red so BRING IT. 

Who will win the epic battle?
Gong Li
Ady An
Liu Yi Fei

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Reminiscence: Chinese Paladin

You know when you're watching something online and there's a link or video relating to something you've watched before thinking it's cool if I watch cause I already know whats gonna happen but it just makes you as emotional as the first time you've watched it? Well I found a video like that for Chinese Paladin. Here comes the tears.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Infernal Love: Episode 1 Summary/ Recap

Congrats to you all. Today is Election day where I live, so that means no school for me yay. I started this, believing it was simple and didn't need much work to do and boy was I WRONG. I started yesterday at around four and with all the breaks and distractions, I am finally able to start posting, but of course there is more. My internet won't stop crashing on me so it is literally taking ten times as long to do everything. 

Anyways, after that rant I wanted to tell you guys I have decided to start the process of doing recaps on all the episode since I think this would be a good one to do.

A recap is well, a recap. After I watch the episode, I will take pictures from the episode and write what happens. So far, for me, each episode has at least 120 pictures. I only did two episodes and there is around thirty leading me to think I shouldn't go on, but since I've started it, I must finish it. So here my fellow netizens, Episode 1 of Infernal Lover.

And I give much respect to Koala's Playground who did the same thing, but for BBJX and others. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Anticipation/ Interest: Infernal Lover Cast and Stuff

So I was wandering around the internet world of dramas and such and I stumbled upon this. Seems pretty interesting. Another Pre-modern Drama for me, well after I finish my other dramas. Too much reading lately. But this is called Infernal Lover, a story about four people who gets sucked into the secret plan of selling the country.

Too Late To Say I Love You: Cast, Analysis, Commentary

I've finally did it. Took me almost three months to do it, but I did, BOOYAHH! What did I finally finish you may ask? Well Too Late to Say I Love You.

Anticipation: Saving General Yang

So seriously, how could I forget when this was coming out? I literally flipped out and screamed when I first found out they were making this movie and just stared at everything that was given. I sound like a creep but I could care less because this is something worth stalking. I first found out when I was looking under Ady An's Dramawiki page because she seem's to be MIA recently then BAMM!! this was under it. Thank the movie gods and ,somewhat, SARFT for finally approving something worth watching.