Saturday, November 3, 2012

Anticipation: Saving General Yang

So seriously, how could I forget when this was coming out? I literally flipped out and screamed when I first found out they were making this movie and just stared at everything that was given. I sound like a creep but I could care less because this is something worth stalking. I first found out when I was looking under Ady An's Dramawiki page because she seem's to be MIA recently then BAMM!! this was under it. Thank the movie gods and ,somewhat, SARFT for finally approving something worth watching.

I watched the 2006 The Young Warriors of the Yang Clan this year and I fell in love, so basically since, I, like everyone else, have been obsessed with anything related to them and this fell under the category. But unfortunately, I live in the states and speak five lines of Mandarin so I'm kinda screwed and have to wait until Viet-dubbed or English Sub. :(

Some more really nice posters. So apparently the same guy who did Jet Li Fearless did this. With a HUGE budget of 20 Million, this is what you get.

The Movie Cast
The Young Warriors Series Cast

Adam Cheng as General Yang
Wang Jia Jiang as General Yang
 Xu Fan as She Saihua
Amy Chan as She SaiHua

Ekin Cheng as Yang Da Lang
Li Dong Xue as Yang Da Lang
Yu Bo as Yang Er Lang
Song Yang as Yang Er Lang
Vic Zhou as Yang San Lang
Wang Xiao Ming as Yang San Lang

Li Chen as Yang Si Lang

Peter Ho as Yang Si Lang

Raymond Lam as Yang Wu Lang
Chen Long as Yang Wu Lang

Wu Chun as Yang Liu Lang
Hu Ge as Yang Liu Lang


Ady An as Princess Chai
Lin Jia Yu as Princess Chai

Fu Xin Bo as Yang Qi Lang
<3Eddie Peng<3 as Yang Qi Lang :)

Shao Bing as Yelü Yuan
Yuan Hong<3 as Yelü Yuan


I don't know which one I would prefer considering that I have only seen the series and I believe that I will have to wait MONTHS until I can see the movie *sigh*, luckily I have the longest list of dramas I want to see and a pile of homework to keep me busy.

I am very sorry I couldn't get every picture like I wanted but it's all cool, right? If you haven't watched The Young Warriors of the Yang Clan then open another tab, look for it, grab enough food to last you two days, three boxes of tissues and enjoy that masterpiece." Your Welcome" (Sadie Saxton's version).

Another note, I am so thankful to the dramagods for making both with such a big load of man eyecandy. The movie only has two women from what it looks like and I am pleased and excited to see anything with Ady An in it, but in the series everyone has a partner but due to the length of the movie, they weren't necessary. 

Did anyone else notice how Wu Chun and Hu Ge are up for one another against for Liu Lang? It's funny to me due to my previous post of Butterfly Lovers where their characters practically hated each other, but I'm more than sure they're friends in real life.

Going into this drama I only knew that Vic Zhou and Ady An were in this, but it took me the longest time to figure out that Wu Chun was in this too because they kept spelling his name Wu Zun. I hate when they throw me off like that. 
Can you believe Wu Chun is thirty two? Thirty two my ass. Asians and their nice skin always makes them look so much younger

*The best part for the drama team is that their in their costumes :) - update 11/21/12

*UPDATE* 4/21/2013
Originally, I thought I couldn't find the pictures for Da Lang, Er Lang, San Lang. But after checking today I realised I was stupid and accidently looked up Da Niang, Er Niang, and San Niang. 
Ok now serious matter, does anything else thing that Li Dong Xue, Song Yang, and Wang Xiao Ming are super hot? Eh, what am I talking about. I would date/ take all the brothers. But I was looking at pictures a little while ago close up and holy canoli they are hot and they definitely needed a lot more screen time. While I was at it, I changed the picture for Saving General Yang for the one that was just released.

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