Saturday, November 10, 2012

Jay Chou: Qing Hua Ci Stills, Summary, and Commentary

So what does Jay Chou and a porcelain piece of art have to do with a drama one will ask? Well If his music video was so good and you actually thought it was from an actual drama when you first saw it, then it counts.

From one of his videos Qing Hua Ci or Blue and White Porcelain.

So like everything, I'm very late. This music video first came out around two years ago (2010) and I just saw this about three days ago. So like I said earlier, when I first saw this drama, I thought it was an OST for a drama. Since Baron Chen was in it, I googled everything relating to him, then I read the comments and found out it was just a music video.

So now screencaps I took from the music video.



So basically the video starts off with the girl playing her instrument then gets taken by a warlord. Baron Chen runs into her room and finds that he came too late. It jumps back it her and the warlord and it is implied that he takes advantage of her. Afterwards Baron Chen arrives at the door, does some pretty sweet ass kicking. When he meets the lord, the lord brings her out and trades her with a vase given to him from Baron. As she was being released, she gets stabbed and died under the hands of the lord and she dies in Baron's arms. 

It then jumps to them in another lifetime, modern day and they are at an art auction. The girl is with the warlord from her past life and she and Baron are auctioning against one another for the ceramic, to which Baron allows her to have. Then they jump to the art auction after party; Baron sneaks her away into a room and it appears that they do know each other. As they were embracing, I guess you can say, they get interrupted by the other guy's men. They both make a run for it, but as they were running, the other guy's men shot Baron and he dies.


So literally, one of the greatest music videos I've ever seen. It tells a great story and it was beautifully done. Baron really suited well with his long hair and he excelled. When he did the whisper, I melted inside, a lot. I love his suaveness and manliness in this. The girl I found to be very beautiful; she seemed like a mash-up between Barbie Hsu and kinda Zhang Ziyi? As I was watching the second half when they got the the bedroom was wow they are moving fast then it hit me, maybe she's undercover trying to get something from the other guy and she and Baron are lovers outside, but we'll never know will we. The only thing I wondered was since this was set in the Han dynasty, why do they have Ming vases? They need to do a little history. I'm kinda a sucker whenever they someone holds someone in the rain and starts screaming, I'm a sucker for cheesy stuff. Jay Chou did great, what am I talking about, SPECTACULAR. For someone who wrote, sang, directed, produce, and sometimes act in everything he does, that is praise worthy. I don't think they're any other artist that does that, it shows how much passion and control he has over everything, which is rare. 

12 stars out of 10.

I wish someone would contact Jay Chou as ask him to make this into a drama. I would definitely watch it.

Baron Chen
Xia Ru Zhi
(as for the third guy, I have absolutely no idea who it is)


  1. I need to memorize this song. Sweet meaning. I danced to this one time

  2. omg same i also thought it was from a movie or drama lol