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Infernal Love: Episode 2 Summary/ Recap

Are you prepared for a lot of gasping and oohs and aaahhs? This is a really good episode netizens. 

I present to you Episode 2 of Infernal Lover.

 Feng Yi walks into the punishment cell to check up on her. He finds her barely awake and humming a song.
 As he gets closer to her she starts speaking. she says "Ge, Ge I have met someone who treats me as good as you do but why did he have to beat me, why?" Then due to tiredness and hunger, she starts crying.

 He wipes away her tears, unbeknownst to her that he's there because she's barely conscious.

 His personnel asks him "If you know she's innocent, why are you still holding her captive?" He replied to him "Because I need her as bait for a bigger fish."

Liu Yi Kui and his brothers (not blood related) are making the hiatus decision to save their heroine because she apparently risked her lives for theirs. It was then decided that they were gonna get her. Liu Yi Kui and one guy stay back while the other goes to Shanghai to tell the others they'll meet them up later.

At the police place, a bandit aka Liu Yi Kui is being cautious not to get caught by the guard.
 He spots her...
 As he was close to picking the lock, he started hearing footsteps so he runs and hides.
 Of course its none other than Feng Yi
 Feng Yi senses an unwanted presence in the air
 Senses or just plain smart? I mean his shoes are showing.
 After getting caught, he makes a run for it.
 As he was running, he stumpled into a place.
 As they were scouting for the bandit, Feng Yi takes the initiative to come inside.
 He doesn't know exactly where he is, but once he hears the police force he hides.

 They both came upon the place where the troupe (acting/opera) lives. Just their luck huh?
 The room he stumbled into is none other than Xiao Xue's room
 As the police is searching for Liu Yi Kui, Feng Yi is staring at a room that they haven't even glanced at yet, Xiao Xue's room.

 Eventually she allows him to hide in her room. He then jumps up into the hole to the roof.

 The police comes in and they find nothing
 Liu Yi Kui looking down.

 Feng Yi then comes in and says some mumbo jumbo that isn't important then leaves.

 After Feng Yi and the police leaves, Xiao Xue was nice and brought him a bowl of noodles. They then have a conversation regarding what he's doing and that he's part of the patriot party trying to prevent Chief Qi from selling the country. She offers him to stay as long as he wants; He declines to her offer saying that he has to be gone before sunrise to save their heroine before she gets executed.

 Hua Er at her execution site.
 Feng Yi and sidekick hiding in the bushes waiting for the patriots.

 The drama jumps to the opera troupe with the troupe leader frantically looking for a missing costume. Xiao Xue then tells him it was her and she gave it to the bandit who hid in her room last night.
Just keep waiting. Just keep waiting, waiting waiting waiting. (same tune as just keep swimming in Finding Nemo)
Bam, here comes the guy with the missing blue costume.
Feng Yi as he chases after "Blue"(what I shall call the guy)

As Feng Yi and others chase "Blue" another guy comes in and does some ass-kicking. Looks familiar anyone?

Blue throws off the blue costume leaving it as a souvenir for Feng Yi.

The drama skips back to Xiao Xue explaining her reason for giving away the costume. She is now what you would call a patriot.

Yi Kui and the unconscious Hua Er have reached a dead end near a river; Initially hiding in the bushes and shrubbery, but in fear of getting caught by Feng Yi's devilish stare, they plunge underwater.

From the surface... Nothing
Of course she would wake up at a crucial time like this.

A very long "exchange of oxygen" session or a makeout session as we all know. I am a sucker for underwater kisses, so kudos to Infernal Lover.

It goes on for quite a while until Feng Yi decides to give up and look elsewhere. When they reach fresh air, Hua Er tries to slap him but was too exhausted to actually hit him. The greatest thing she said though was "Don't think I'm easy." Made me laugh.

The ever so Feng Yi finds the initial location of the blue costume, the Opera Troupe's, and decides to scare them again. After the troupe's bad acting trying to play as though they were robbed "worked" with Xiao Xue and her brother just standing there with dumbfounded looks on their faces, Feng Yi leaves.


 After Feng Yi leaves, the troupe leader made to decision for everyone to split the money and for them to stop the opera business and part ways. After everyone got emotional and didn't want to part ways, they decided to move to another city and start over.

 Hua Er wakes up after probably a day or two of nursing, the awakens to the smell of steamed buns and begins devouring it. As she was eating the steamed buns, Yi Kui comes in all merrily with another tray and excited that she is finally awake.

He helped her as she was having a hard time swallowing her bread. He gave her a new pair of clothes to change into. As she was changing, he attempted to make conversation with her relating to the patriot party. After being unresponsive, he decided to talk in code with her, what else is the code relating to you may ask. Expensive food. So here he is talking about expensive food with a beggar; obviously she finds that he is very weird but she goes along with it due to his kindness.

After she finished changing, she asked Yi Kui if she can have the rest of the steamed bun to which he agrees.   She makes a run for it trying to get home with the steamed buns she acquired, but due to not recoverying fully, she collapsed midway.

The next scene begins where one of her nephews is sitting on the porch collecting snow just like hist auntie. Then comes in Feng Yi asking if this is where Hua Er lives and asks what the little kid is doing. He says he is collecting snow for his aunt. Feng Yi gives the kid five silver dollars and walks away; before he's out the door, the little kid asks if he is Hao Ren, the person his auntie always speaks of and then he continues to walk out.

The drama jumps back to Liu Yi Kui taking care of sick Hua Er. As he was feeding her medicine, she spat it out and started saying that she was cold and having the chills. He checked her temperature; even though she was burning, he held her in his arms all night to help with the chills. *Note: they haven't only had one and a half conversations so far and so far hes made out with her now he's holding her, ain't that a little too fast buddy? BTW, I still think they're cute even though I know they won't end up together, *sigh*.*

Feng Yi and Chief Qi has another private conversation. Feng Yi apologizes for not yet capturing the leader to which Chief Qi says it's okay because he has another task for him: to kill the Patriot Party's leader  Mr. Yu (shown in the picture).  Feng Yi shows a sign of surprise as if he knows the guy, I think he does.

As he was walking, he was frazzled about something. He then turned his head and saw a guy killing a fish. Even though this part does not have any logical sense on my part, I think it has to do with something that killing fish and killing Yu sounds the same.

Next thing you know, Feng Yi teleported to Shanghai, jk even though I'm right. Feng Yi is in the crowd and Mr. Yu is getting off the trolly cart. Mr. Yu turns and makes eye contact with Feng Yi for a a few minutes. We all know he's staring at him because they know each other.

Feng Yi holds Mr. Yu at gunpoint and bam shoots him. The weird part in this scenario is that Feng Yi runs up to him to help him. Mr. Yu then mysteriously hand him some secretive slips of paper then tells him "You've finally make the right decision, now hurry and run off." Feng Yi then runs off and then Mr. Yu dies and everyone runs toward him.

Feng Yi then mysteriously has one of this vehicles with motorcycle and side cart that I don't know the name of for the life of me. He races through the street until he reaches a lake in the country and pushes that vehicle into the water, what a waste. He has a flashblack of Mr. Yu and two little boys, one of them being him, playing with them then having a private conversation with them telling them that as you grow up, you naturally know the world is full of hard decisions you have to make. Feng Yi collapses onto his knees, screams out in anguish and then says "I'm tired of being the bad guy!!"

The End...Of Episode 2


So I have bad news for you guy. Even though no one reads this, I feel implied to say this: I will not being doing episode recaps for this anymore. It takes too much time and makes me feel like I'm not even watching the drama. By now I would be done, but the time it took me to write these post, including the screencaps, it takes the time for me to watch multiple episode.

I'm very sorry. I will probably keep doing random updates on how I like it, PGIPAC tag, pictures and other stuff.

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