Monday, November 19, 2012

Missing You: Initial Thoughts and Reactions

So it is official that I have jumped on the Missing You bandwagon. For someone who isn't that into Korean dramas, this one seems slightly different.

A story about a pair of teenage lovers who split up after an untimely, and I mean untimely, accident, years later the girl becomes an amateur fashion designer and the guy is a hard core detective. Will this story have revenge, love, compassion, lust, hatred, probably all but one I can be sure of is a lot of tears from both our actors and actresses and us the dramajunkies.

First off, like always don't read unless you haven't watched due to my spoiler spasms, but I'm sure that's not a problem because everyone is watching this already.

At first I was able to tolerate and really enjoyed Korean dramas after watching Boys Over Flowers, You're Beautiful and Sungkyunkwan Scandal  but then I watch Personal Taste and everything went downhill from there. After that fiasco of a drama, every Korean drama to me to seems dull and I get lost in point and can't pinpoint when the climax is and next thing you know it's over. Makes me feel like I've wasted my time when I have other things to do.

With that train of thought, I entered the world of Missing You not expecting the best. Originally I felt that way, Everything was just a little to discombobulated for it to flow.  I mean the girl has a terrible "murderous" father, cowardly good for nothing mother and everyone basically hates her because of her father. The guy lives in the state but came back to visit his father who's been secretly in jail, a step-mother who hates him; now let's get back to his father cause he plays a major role. He is trying to get his dad's money from his step-mom whos practically the same age, tried to kidnap his younger half-brother who is younger than his own son. Sounds screwy dontcha think?

On the bright side, if you're like me and get past episode one, everything gets touchy and cute between our OTP. Thats when I started to enjoy this drama. I'm a sucker for teenage love and especially including their innocence makes it all the better. Even though I haven't started episode three, know what the accident that tore them apart is, have English and Physics homework, you best bet that I will be one to watch and stalk until they get the new episodes every Wednesday and Thursday.

I guess that sums it up, originally expecting the worst now I'm anxious to not do my homework and just watch it. Sound like what I thought about Chinese Paladin, hopefully it doesn't overdo it, that it makes sense and doesn't disappoint. I AM PREPARED.

What a sad looking picture...

Ah.. Young love.

To this,talk about awkwaaaaaard.... She seems to have been crying a lot.

Our leading lady Yoon Eun-Hye as Lee Soo Yeon. In a sense, she looks like Park Shin Hye.

Second Lead Yoo Seung-Ho as Kang Hyung-Joon. Nice blazer my friend.

Park Yoo-Chun as Han Jung-Woo. Hard to believe he played the bookworm in S-Scandal and now he looks all bad-ass and what not. Also apparently my sister told me he was in a band...I am really behind on my Korean modern culture.

Yeo Jin-Ku as young Han Jung-Woo and Kim So-Hyun as young Lee Soo-Yeon.

You can just see the tragedy and sadness and pain in her eyes. No doubt that these two kids will be bigger than Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye when they grow up.

This beautiful picture was a screenshot I took at the end of the second episode. I think it speaks for itself. AHHHHHH its getting so pumped!!

I am thankful that South Korea does anything media related in extreme, probably 1,000,000 megapixels, HD. That's good when it comes to pictures, but I'm not that big of a fan when it comes to watching in HD, I'm just weird like that..

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