Saturday, November 3, 2012

Anticipation/ Interest: Infernal Lover Cast and Stuff

So I was wandering around the internet world of dramas and such and I stumbled upon this. Seems pretty interesting. Another Pre-modern Drama for me, well after I finish my other dramas. Too much reading lately. But this is called Infernal Lover, a story about four people who gets sucked into the secret plan of selling the country.
At the early 20th century in an unpredictable of time, a group of young people start a revolution by going undercover. With that comes complications of brotherhood and love. Feng Yi (Mike He) and Liu Yi Kui (Liu Jin Dong) have been friends since children. They both live on the street working as beggars. That is until they are adopted by the "patriotic" group master Mr Yu which leads both of them towards two different paths in life. 
Feng Yi becomes an undercover agent who is mistaken as the person who killed his own adopted father. While Jin Dong is a simple revolutionary. Both brothers fight against each other due to this misunderstanding. Both of them also have a complicated love story with Hua Er and Xiao Xue. 

Mike He as Feng Yi

First saw him in Loves Keeps Going. He was iight, but if there's one thing everyone knows about Mike He is that he is an epic kisser, so I shall brace myself for them.

Deng Jia Jia as Hua Er

This girl has the prettiest eyes ever. Enough said. I saw her in Four Women Conflict and I found her to be quite pleasing to watch.

Jin Dong as Liu Yi Kui

Never seen him before. The first time I saw the video related to Infernal Lover, I kept thinking that Sammul Chan was in it and I was excited, then found out it was him, but it's all cool.

Honestly, I don't know who she is. Sorry.

.....But I will know afterwards, hopefully, if I care enough to

Wang Li Kun as Xiao Xue

I saw her in Schemes of A Beauty, as did everyone else so I don't need to explain her.

Tsai Pei Lin as Qi Xuan

I think she was in Devil Besides You with Mike He, but I never got past the first episode of that drama so I don't care.

Like Chinese Paladin, I'll probably just do a before and after post.

This cast (the characters) have such pretty names.

It seems to be a good drama, from the snipets I shouldn't have read.....

I'm really excited for Deng Jia Jia, she is so pretty, GAHHHHHH

I can guarantee that when I watch Luan Shi Jia Ren, I will think of this. They sound way too familiar

The girl in the fourth picture in the chipao, her name is Zhao Zi Qi as Qiao Xiao Zhi
~Updated November 6, 2012

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  1. btw, Tsai Pei Lin as Qi Xuan wasn't in devil beside you. It was rainie yang and mike he.