Saturday, November 17, 2012

Infernal Lover: Songs and Thoughts

Random _________,(not sure what to call it yet) but I was listening to the beautiful ending song and as always I read the comments and I DIED, on the inside. Why? This stupid person posted the ending, THE F**K? Why did they do that??!!!! I'm only on episode three. I literally screamed and now I currently want to throw and break something. WTF?!?!?!?!? to that stupid youtuber who posted the end, PajCi92,

That isn't even going harsh, trust me I can do worst. I'm not one who likes spoilers, thats why I couldn't enjoy Chinese Paladin as much. Anyways back on subject. The songs for this soundtrack is very beautiful. I think the ending song sounds like rain, soothing and hits high points perfectly. Definitely one of those songs I would listen to to go to sleep.
So I believe there are five songs in this drama. The first song I heard when I first saw the trailer for this drama, which I will tell you which one it is.

First song, The Opening Song. DUN DUN DUUUUNNNNNNNN.
Yong Gan Zhe Zhi Shi by 王川

Alright song in my opinion, initially I thought it was Mike He but it doesn't seem to be.

Second Song, The Ending Song. Ni Zai Wo Xin Shang by Wu Dan
The song is the song I mentioned earlier about listening to it as I fall asleep, like rain.

First Insert Song: 石头的外衣/ She Tou De Wai Yi by 魏佳庆
currently listening and it sounds very pretty.

Second Insert Song: 花非花/ Hua Fei Hua by 魏佳庆
Its kinda starts off as an opera in my opinion, but it does seem by it has its place in this drama, somehow...

3rd Insert Song: 笑着泪流 by 王川
I can't find this song, sorry :(

4th Insert Song: 天使的翅膀/ Tian Shi De Chi Bang/ Wings of an Angel
first song I heard off this drama and it is probably top five favorite Chinese songs, that means its quite good. Well to me at least.

Thoughts/ Comments
So far I have only watched two and a half episodes, and it is spectacular. They have a very beautiful cast. At first I was kind of anxious because I heard Mike He was in this. I first saw him in Love Keeps Going and that was one of the worst dramas I have ever watched. I think Mike He was the only decent character in the drama versus everyone else, especially that so called actress Cindy Wang, someone please tell her to stop acting.

Deng Jia Jia is in my opinion is a very strong actress. First saw her in Four Women Conflict, even though I didn't like her character I liked her as an actress because she seems genuine and how can you not notice those gorgeous eyes.

Two and a half episodes in. A few snippets of things I wish I hadn't seen and I am HOOKED.
I am like a fish right now and the drama is the fishing pole reeling me in. 

Since I decided not to do recaps anymore, I can finally watch it. Boo to the Yah.

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