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Infernal Love: Episode 1 Summary/ Recap

Congrats to you all. Today is Election day where I live, so that means no school for me yay. I started this, believing it was simple and didn't need much work to do and boy was I WRONG. I started yesterday at around four and with all the breaks and distractions, I am finally able to start posting, but of course there is more. My internet won't stop crashing on me so it is literally taking ten times as long to do everything. 

Anyways, after that rant I wanted to tell you guys I have decided to start the process of doing recaps on all the episode since I think this would be a good one to do.

A recap is well, a recap. After I watch the episode, I will take pictures from the episode and write what happens. So far, for me, each episode has at least 120 pictures. I only did two episodes and there is around thirty leading me to think I shouldn't go on, but since I've started it, I must finish it. So here my fellow netizens, Episode 1 of Infernal Lover.

And I give much respect to Koala's Playground who did the same thing, but for BBJX and others. 

The drama starts off with a street of pedestrians. The camera zooms to the main female lead, Hua Er who is a girl who used to be rich but after her brother's death she broke into poverty and is now a beggar.
 She is singing some song and is also staring at this guy eating a steamed bun. Once the guy left she ran over to take what was left of his steamed bun but another beggar took it from her.
 Afterwards, she goes back to her seat and later, a random white guy said that the Chinese will kow tow to you when you give them money so he threw and money on the ground and everyone runs to get a piece. After her coin was stolen by the same guy who stole her steamed bun she became pessimistic.
A random boot of someone walking into the scene.

 On the side, she saw something that looked like a silver coin, so on instinct, she ran and got it before someone else would steal it from her again. But just her luck, it was a piece of glass.

 The guy with the boot then holds out a silver coin for her, she takes it then he leaves.

 The guy's face, well the part you could see.
 She runs after the guy asking if it was him who gave her the silver dollar says thanks for the dollar Hao Ren, good person.
He turns back and asks her what exactly is a hao ren to which she replies as anyone who is nice to her and that she will never forget the coin.
She comes home with steam buns she got from the dollar given to her.
 She calls out to her nephews and tell them that there is food. The are so cute!!
 There is only one left....
 Her sister in law comes in and takes it from her.
 Later, she is sitting on the front porch holding out a bowl to catch snow.
 The eldest of her nephews come out and asks her how come she isn't eating steamed bun and what she's doing.
 She replies to him telling that she's catching snow to mix it with sugar and that its better than eating the steamed buns.
 Her sister in law, the wicked witch, then comes in complaining how there's no food and that she must've ate it all. That it was her fault she was born into this family and it was her fault her brother died. She then tells her to start bringing more food and money home. When Hua Er ask how, she tells her by stealing. I don't see her sitting in the cold asking for money, why can't she get off her lazy butt.
 She sighs at what her sister told her because she is not that kind of person.
 She then thinks of her Hao Ren and wishes she could see him again.

 Feng Yi plays the captain of the police force in Hankou. There is news of a patriot party hideout and he plans to get rid of it.

 He gives him the signal that there about to go in.
 The DAFUDGE look. Are you craycray or high or something look.

 He makes it inside and shoot some guys being all bad ass trying to still look slick
 Two of the guys he shot fell out the window
 throws a door that was on the ground at them
 Bang Bang
 Smack Smack
 Found a guy in the corner, in which he later pulled out a grenade
 When he jumped out, he jumped in front of a sewage which he believes is the patriot party's secret route.

 The secret route leds him to the Sun and Moon TeaHouse
General Qi, The guy that the patriot party plans to assassinate in prevention of selling the country 
Third character, Liu Yi Kui. A patriot who's given the task of assassinating General Qi that was assigned by his brothers.

 Inside the dressing rooms, one of the girl accidently scratched the lead with a sword she wasn't holding on to.
 She gets yelled at and is told to get medicine.
 A new character name Xiao Xue.
 Running to get medicine
 Spotted by our very own Hua Er
 Snatches on her coin purse but it fell because she didn't hold on tight enough
 Noticed she lost her wallet..
 Puts her foot on it to hide it
 Tries to slide by but noticed she was going to get caught so she ran away leaving the coin purse on the ground for Xiao Xue

 She wanders around and eventually she stumbled into the same teahouse to test her luck
 Inside, Feng Yi is looking for patriots and signs of action
 a patriot snooping around
Liu Yi Kui with his gun
 Ambassador of England, The guy they plan to sell the country to
 Inside, she spots some tea and peanuts lying around
 She sits in the corner enjoying it
 Liu Yi Kui catches her because he was snooping around and can't get caught, afraid she would make a commotion
 Just staring, ya know, nothing weird. Note, that is a peanut in her mouth
 She noticed him being secretive then asks him if he was like her, then a flashback of his brothers telling him that there are people like him there, patriots, while she was implying beggars. He nodded thinking she was the female patriot there. She then told him to split up and she got his back.

 He spotted General Qi.
 Prepared to shoot.
 General Qi bends down to pick up the treaty the same time he fired his gun, accidently shooting Mr. William
 Shooting a patriot behind General Qi, at first thinking that Feng Yi was killing  him
 The guy he shot is falling (In the red shirt).
 Hiding during the chaos
 Plans on stealing money from a dead patriot
 Found his gun instead, planning to sell it
 Soldiers bombarge in and she holds out her gun. I mean they need to just look at the way she's holding it
 They told her to put her weapon down and she constant apologizes saying she had to do it, that she had no other choice
 Liu Yi Kui spots her and believes she is trying to make a scene so he could escape, admiring her braveness even though she doesn't know the heck of whats going on

 After shooting aimlessly into the air, of course, none other than the great Feng Yi walks in and tells them to arrest her.

 She spots him, her Hao Ren

 ...and he just stares as if he doesn't know her then tells them to arrest the troupe too.
 As he's running awaw he bumped into Xiao Xue,

 and then keeps running

 When she comes back, she finds the place in ruins and finds out that the rest of the troupe got arrested. Who knew so much could happen in 5-10 minutes?

 After the incident, he and General Qi talk praising how he is a bright young man he is and such. He then askes what he wants as a reward for saving his life. Fame or Fortune? To which he replies a chance.
 A chance at what? Both he replied.

 Walks outside and spots young mistress Qi who you could tell is going to be the annoying character.

 As he was walking and minding his own business, a fortune teller walks up and tell him that he seems to be in quite a difficult situation.

 The fortune teller told him that he is looking for a chance, but in order to get his chance he must make a sacrifice of someone. Feng Yi then asks "Even if she's just a young lady?" in which he replies yes.

 In the cell, she is constantly yelling for her Hao Ren nonstop. She would be the kind of person I wouldn't want to be in jail with.
 She is told to stop,
But she then continues inside

 the troupe got angry at her and tried to strangle her for them in jail
 Feng Yi comes in and she begs him to help release.
 He tells her he can let her go only if she tells him the truth, which she did, but it wasn't the truth he was looking for.
 Feng Yi then tells the guards to bring in some of the people for interrogation.
 One of girls got so annoyed by her she bit her shoulder

 Later she is brought in for interrogation by Feng Yi. She asks him to let the troupe members go; he said he would allow it if she told him, in short because he made it confusing, the truth truth. She did and he said he was going to treat her to a feast, metaphorically.
 She's thanking him as she's on her way to the "feast".

The troupe gets released but the only real significant part was that Xiao Xue turned back as she heard screams from someone inside (Hua Er).

 There you go netizens, Episode 1 of Infernal Lover. I decided to omit some of the ending because I found it unnecessary. One down, Thirty two to go. Shoot me please.

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