Friday, September 7, 2012

Pretty Girls in Pretty Ancient Clothes Part I: Schemes Of A Beauty

So I was reading a post on beauties in ancient clothing so of course first thing that comes to mind is the famous Mei Ren Xin Ji also known as Schemes of A Beauty. So I will start this thing where I will post posts on pretty people. Sounds good enough. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Luan Shi Jia Ren Anticipation

How come every drama I want to watch is either not out yet, or not fully english subbed? One of the dramas that fall under that category is this soon to be Luan Shi Jia Ren.

Down With Love Review

Me and my bad luck with dramas. There seems to be nothing good to watch anymore. As you know of my attempt to watch Down With Love, that failed. Miserably.

Reasons to why: 
Well first off, what a crappy cast. The only ones worth watching are the main guy's niece and nephew. they're adorable. Everyone else is just there making the plot long and dry. 

Jerry Yan plays a stuckup lawyer. Blah blah blah. He hates kids and thinks that there are no real women out there. There are the golddiggers, the players, the unconfident and so on. And then he falls in love with his nanny. How predictable. The only thing helping him was his hair, not his acting skills (too much facial expressions for my liking).

Ella Chen plays a poor optimistic nanny who can apparently do everything. I'm bored. Maybe because I've watched dramas like this too many time. So what if you're good at cleaning a house and you can change a lightbulb and can cook. I can do all those things too and its really not that hard. I hate when dramas do that, they make it seem like every woman out there can't deal with hard work and house hold related stuff and that there's only one girl who can do that. Well newflash to all of the enterntainment industry, this plot line for the lead actress sucks and is getting old. Her haircut >.< please don't get me started. I hate when girls have hair that short and that one piece that always stick out of her head make me just want to rip off my hair. Me and my OCD.

Kelly Huang who plays as her older sister was a bad actress. Maybe it was the voice. Maybe it was the attitude. Maybe it was the personality. She was such a penny pincher and pusher. I mean its totally fine to be a penny pincher, the economy is getting worse everyday and noone can blame you but seriously, I couldn't stand her.

Chen Zi Han plays as Jerry's onscreen bestfriend who is an interior designer. He also plays as the "good guy" in the lead actress's eye and he also likes her but her sister liked him since she was little but never knew it was him because he never said his name. 

This drama was a pain in the ass. It reminded me a lot of a Korean drama, Long and dry with an overused plot. It wasn't funny at all and I hated the way they filmed it. I mean the camera was right in front of their faces. I don't want to see that. Ugh.

This drama gets an F on the report card. I'm pretty sure it didn't get a lot of good ratings when it aired. Just don't watch, such a waste of time.

Should I even bother giving out the Vietnamese name? Here : Anh Da Yeu Em

Remember you have already been forwarned, this drama sucks.