Friday, July 20, 2012

Chinese Paladin Review

Honestly If you read the blog post Chinese Paladin: Before, you'd know that I had extremely low expectations for this drama and the only thing saving it was the cast.

Chinese Paladin Ending Rant- SPOILER ALERT

So this is how i basically feel right now. Really sad and depressed because it ended and because of the ending itself. It may sound stupid but I really need a place to rant about the ending or I will probably go ballistic. To sum it all up literally everyone dies except for Xiao Yao and their baby.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Favorite Couple: Chinese Paladin

So my favorite couple in this drama is *DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN*

Chinese Paladin Character Analysis

I just finished Chinese Paladin a little over an hour ago, it wouldn't have to take so long if i had to re-find all the pictures because they all turned out blurry. As always, don't read anything I post unless you've watched it because I tend to blurt out a lot of spoilers. I had to write a review but there are so many things to write about this drama so its gonna be broken up into many blogposts but thats never a bad thing. The first thing i had to do was the characters. In no particular order....  

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gong/ Jade Palace Lock Heart Bantering

Gong 1/ Jade Palace Lock Heart 1

So last night I kept thinking of this actor out of nowhere, like always. All I could remember that he was in a drama with Yang Mi. I knew what drama he was in but I didn't remember the name, just to make it easier on myself; So of course, I looked up Yang Mi on Dramawiki. Low and Behold the first thing I saw on her page was Gong 3 and I dropped. So here are my initial thoughts when I saw it.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chinese Paladin: Before

So since i finished Sunshine Angel and don't exactly feel like going back to Sin or Sealed with a Kiss I've decided to watch the infamous Chinese Paladin. I've decided to do some before and after blog posts for this to compare my thoughts.

Originally, i watched the third one first and that was honestly the worst drama I've probably ever seen, I'm not excited but theres nothing else to watch. If anything, if i get bored I can just blog about some dramas I've already seen, which there are over a hundred, so that won't be difficult. This is a really beautiful cast if i must say so. I mean seriously, Eddie Peng and Liu Yi Fei are in it. The third one had a gorgeous cast because of Tang Yan, Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi. I know this is old but I never truly got serious about when stuff came out til recently so everything will be out of wack and such.

Sunshine Angel Thoughts and Comments

Sunny Girl/ Sunshine Angel

I finished Sunshine Angel a couple days ago and i finally had time to write this. Originally I wanted my first blog to be for Fated to Love You but since I just finished this i might as well do it now while it still in my head and what not.

Sunshine Angel, also known as Sunny Girl, or Thien Than Tinh Yeu (in Vietnamese) was a fairly decent drama. while I was watching this, it constantly kept remind me of Zhong Wu Yen and if you watched both you'd understand where I'm going at. I don't blame them, nowadays its hard to think of an original plot because about 95% has already been used up making this drama pretty predictable. Anyways, this movie had beautiful setting, and scenery and a pretty cast. I wonder if this drama was ever popular when it aired Summer 2011. 

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hello Bloggernet

July 7, 2012. Yerp. Thats today. the first time i had a blog and may i say it was annoying as H-E-double hockey sticks trying to figure this thing out and personally i still think its not right. Oh well, you can only live and learn.

Since its my first blog ever i thought i might say the reasons why i started this.

  1. My asian parents don't let me do anything so i might as well find something to do this summer while i'm in this house.
  2. I need a place to rant about my feelings about things like my dramas<3, music, movies, and rant about what goes on in my life if i find my sister isn't enough.
I think I might like this. Whether or not this blog will be popular as Jolecole's is fine with me( i hope it does though). I want peoples opinions and see they feel on my thoughts. Well let this begin.

 a catchy song for ya ;)