Thursday, July 19, 2012

Favorite Couple: Chinese Paladin

So my favorite couple in this drama is *DUN DUN DUUUUNNNN*


There were quite a few, oh what am I talking about, there were couples left and right. They were my favorite couple because ... well I don't want to say because of Eddie but it kinda is. I think his character in their relationship truly made it what it was. 

*Remember NOT to continue reading unless you want spoilers*

This is the scene where Ah Nu put their bondage string I guess you can say to keep them forever.
Like in Hercules I believe, the red string is the line cut by death or something (I'm not good at greek mythology). How it works with Ah Nu is that she will tie one end of the string to one of her fingers and tie the other end to the same finger of the other person. She does it the five people closest to her:
Thumb- Mom
Index- Her mentor/ teacher
Middle- Dad 
Ring- Ling'er, her bestfriend
Pinky- Tang Yu

In any situation if one or the other person needed to signal each other they would just move the finger connected to the person. The string disappears of course, but its like its still there by magic.

Tang Yu was kinda disappointed that he was last.

But of course pinky, for all the promises between them. I think its more significant that its the pinky for these two lovebirds.

I know every couple in this drama goes through a lot but for them it was like it was there, she knew it and she didn't want to face it. Every time they were in a death situation she always promises that when they get out they got out they would get married. But whenever Tang Yu confronts her about it she acts as if nothing ever happened. The last time she was about to say it (on the bottle thing), he told her not to say it because he didn't want to have his hopes up again only for them to get crushed again. And like in any other drama, she never realized how much he meant to her until she lost him.

I can say more but I honestly don't feel like spoiling the ending.

I know it doesn't sound too spectacular but its easier if you watch it.

There really are a lot of couples in this drama to chose from too.

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