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Sunshine Angel Thoughts and Comments

Sunny Girl/ Sunshine Angel

I finished Sunshine Angel a couple days ago and i finally had time to write this. Originally I wanted my first blog to be for Fated to Love You but since I just finished this i might as well do it now while it still in my head and what not.

Sunshine Angel, also known as Sunny Girl, or Thien Than Tinh Yeu (in Vietnamese) was a fairly decent drama. while I was watching this, it constantly kept remind me of Zhong Wu Yen and if you watched both you'd understand where I'm going at. I don't blame them, nowadays its hard to think of an original plot because about 95% has already been used up making this drama pretty predictable. Anyways, this movie had beautiful setting, and scenery and a pretty cast. I wonder if this drama was ever popular when it aired Summer 2011. 


Yang Guang is a half Chinese and half Japanese girl who grew up in a small Japanese island called Sunny Island i think. She lived with her grandma most of her life because her parents were professional conmen but always caused serious trouble from their debtors. In order to pay off her parents debt of  ~$100,000 or $1,000,000 (I'm not sure), Yang Guang got a job as a maid hoping that within a year she can pay off the debt she can live happily with her parents and grandma in their hometown in Japan. Di Ya Xin is a spoiled, arrogant rich kid who grew up never having to doing anyhing serious. He lost his parents in a boating accident at the age of eight making him an orphan. His parents co-owner of Alovera, also a close friend, Elizabeth, took him in and raised him as her own son. On a business trip to Okinawa, Di Ya Xin decided to have a break and go parachuting but unluckily, his balloon broke and he fell into Yang Guang's shower. After that both hoped to never see each other again, but as fate would have it with a pair of rings involved Yang Guang turns out to be Di Ya Xin's new maid.
Rainie Yang as Yang Guang a.k.a "Sunshine"

Yang Guang is a very optimistic, and strong willed person who always ends up helping everyone around her especially Di Ya Xin and all she truely wants in life is to live happily with her parents and grandmother. Material things doesn't interest her and she understands the true value of money. Honestly her character really irked me because of how optimistic she was. It was to the point where I couldn't stand it anymore. I have alot of respect  for Rainie Yang, but sometimes she needs to pick better roles. thats why shes last on my cast list.

Liu Zi Yan as Angela

Angela grew up very fortunate and lucky but she grew up very spoiled by her mother, Elizabeth whose a good person. Since a very young age she loved Di Ya Xin, but her short temper and indecisiveness caused her to end up where she eventually ended up. Shes not the worst, but too many bows in her hair and frilly dresses annoyed me. She really used the people and hurt them without realizing it. She is way too careless with her actions and well yeah, its pretty obvious as to what kind of character she plays.
Wu Chun as Di Ya Xin

Di Ya Xin, an orphan and only heir to A Lovera has made him and arrogant person who doesn't give a care in the world. After meeting Sunshine and having A Lovera taken right under him, his life changed completely. I didn't feel like writing more only because most of his character was already described in the synopsis. I liked his character but not too much. He never truly though about his actions before he did it which led him into deeper trouble.

Aaron Yan as Aaron
 Aaron is the grandson of Master Cui, a mixer who knew everything about Raquelle. He is a super genius, he went to Yale at 16, I think, and ended up being the chemistry professor at Shanghai University. He could've achieved a lot more greater things in life but he turned them down after the untimely death of his girl friend Aoi or Sunflower. I know, I know. He is like such a minor character but I couldn't help but add him. I mean JUST LOOK AT HIM! how could he not be on here? I really love his hair and spectacles :). His character sometimes just make you just go "are you kidding me right now?" moments. but whatever.

Zhang Jun Ning as Geng Fei
Zhang Jun Ning is Di Ya Xin's long time best friend. Him, Di Ya Xin and Angela all grew up together making him like Angela but he always harbored his feelings about her to everyone except his dad. Sadly, he grew up with a crappy father who wanted to take over A Lovera and he was his guinea pig to do so. He was my favorite character. I always love the characters you couldn't help but feel bad for. He is actually a nice guy but eventually his dark side does come out which is quite scary. It was to the point where he actually said he was scared of what he could do. His only weak point was Angela, he'd always come to her rescue but to her he was just a chauffeur. His character was exciting and like a breath of fresh air in that drama. But i really didn't like how he didn't mind being used by Angel -_____-. Poor poor thing. oh well. 

Overall i give it a 3.5 stars out of five. Watch it for its cuteness and be forewarned Wu Chun takes off his shirt a couple times so you get to see his awesome tattoo. but its pretty predictable for a drama.

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