Friday, July 20, 2012

Chinese Paladin Ending Rant- SPOILER ALERT

So this is how i basically feel right now. Really sad and depressed because it ended and because of the ending itself. It may sound stupid but I really need a place to rant about the ending or I will probably go ballistic. To sum it all up literally everyone dies except for Xiao Yao and their baby.

After the firework scene when all seven (Xiao Yao, Ling Er, Yue Ru, Ah Nu, Tang Yu, Jin Yuan and even Shu Zhang Lao) promised that they would all meet again at that same place ten years later.

So of course, I'll tell how everyone dies, and the order.

First to die was Shi Zhang Lao. I don't know how some people feel about his character but I really liked him. He died the next morning after the firework scene when he caught up to Bai Yue and Bai Yue casted a spell on his hand that if he touched anyone then he would shatter to death (I'm not sure, I get confused sometimes because i don't understand what they're saying). Feeling guilty for having raised a monster he touched his chest and died and turned into dust, especially right infront of Tang Yu. I think that the saddest part about his death is that he never gave Tang Yu permission to marry Ah Nu. I felt horrible for Tang Yu to see him die right in front of him and he told him not to cry, and in a way he was like a mentor to all of them, especially Ling'er.

Second was Yue Ru. I did not want it to happen. When they were saving Ling'er from that one place. She died when Bai Yue was making the building collapse and she knew that Xiao Yao and Ling'er truly loved each other so she pushed them out of the way and got crushed by a huge stone pillar. I was so sad when they were digging through the rubble to look for her and all Xiao Yao found was the bell and right when he picked it up, his bell fell from his belt, and all the flashbacks didn't help either. Another sad part relating to her death was their promise (Xiao Yao and Yue Ru) to grow old together and play together forever, and right before she died when Xiao Yao was hugging Ling'er forgetting she was right there and promising to never leave her no matter what and Ling'er feeling bad for coming back and Yue Ru said "its okay" and you can just see her choking up on the inside. After her death in literally episode i kept wishing she would come back, like they always do in the dramas because some mysterious person rescues them and takes them in but it never happened.... why did she have to die? Ah heck with it, why did any of them have to die?

Third person that died was Zui Xian. He died going to save his daughter and in the end his own daughter killed him. Thats all there needs to be said. First the love of his life marries the emperor, then found out seventeen years later, he has a daughter and the person he truly loves is his daughter's mother, even if it was a one night stand.
I understand I can say more but his character is pretty simple and thats basically his life.

Scene where Jin Yuan dies in front of Xiao Yao and Tang Yu

Fourth person to die was Jin Yuan. I honestly don't think they could've saved the nation without him. His parents sacrificed themselves so Bai Yue can have mercy on him and then he went to the Lunar Sect to do some spywork, but he was really working as a slave most of the time. The sad part where he wanted to terminate the friendship betweeen Xiao Yao and himself and he stabbed Xiao Yao proving to Bai Yue that he killed him (Of course in the place next to the heart). When Bai Yue was in jail he could really do what he wanted to achieve all along and told his friends the way to defeat Bai Yue. He ripped the page and sent it to his friends (I would've just wrote a copy), and when Bai Yue found out he said he forgave him and stabbed him in the place next to the heart where if you put enough pressure on it in time you won't die. But of course from the picture that didn't happen. A sad part about him was that he always did everything right and showed a lot of filial piety especially towards Xiao Yao but he never got his chance with Yue Ru and he was a civil service exam winner. 

 Fifth and Sixth person to die was Tang Yu and Ah Nu because they died at the same time. The only way to defeat Bai Yue was with the pair of lover adornment things, if a couple truly in love put it together and it lights up then they can wish for anything, so of course they wished for peace in the nation and sacrificed themselves. The changed into a pair of birds after their wish, that being their death, Ah Nu carrying onto Tang Yu because he has no wings/ arms. I like the say what happened and how it happened. On their way to save Ling'er and Xiao Yao and Yue Ru at that temple place, Bai Yue of course put them under terrrible circumstances and Tang Yu cut his hang and jumped off the bottle and allowed the crows to follow after him saving Ah Nu and Zui Xian. After being drunk with her long lost father, I guess you can say, she went to find Bai Yue and get revenge for killing Tang Yu. Right before Bai Yue asks "Don't you want to save Tang Yu" and so she gave up her soul to save him and the only way to break the spell is for their love to be sincere for one another. Then after everything that happened between them like her turning evil and stabbing him with a poison sword causing him to amputate his arms (which doesn't make sense because only one got stabbed?), at least they ended up together in the end.

The last to die was Ling Er. I kept hesitating the closer it got because I was reading something related to it and it spoiled it for me saying that after everything that Ling Er and Xiao Yao went through, they ended up not being together in the end sadly, as you can tell in the picture above. I don't even think I've ever even seen anyone die beautifully, I think I'm only saying it because its Liu Yi Fei. She died of internal injuries after battling the water demon. Ughh, they both went through so much and for her to die and him left with the baby. Its true when she said that those left alone are the ones in the most pain. I don't feel like going into depth about her death only because I've said so much about her already considering that this movie is about her.

I honestly think that this is the best movie I've ever seen Hu Ge act in, especially in the last episode. I am now a Hu Ge fan again and I want to ask my aunt to buy me this movie in Vietnam and send it to me.


  1. Just got to the ending, pretty depressing indeed. Good you put up a place to complain at :p

  2. I love this movie! It's sooo sad!i watched this movie since 2008 and again and again Bc I love it so much! I cried so much at the end😭🤕 why did they have to make ling'er die after sooo much stuff that has happened! Got me right in the feels😭😭😭🤕 it's been a really long jorney.. 😭 It's soo sad! This movie will forever be in my heart💕🤕 My best best movie ever!❤️❤️