Friday, July 20, 2012

Chinese Paladin Review

Honestly If you read the blog post Chinese Paladin: Before, you'd know that I had extremely low expectations for this drama and the only thing saving it was the cast.

May I say that this drama is absolutely SPECTACULAR. It was lighthearted, great plot, setting and you would've never known it was based off that RPG game-a-ma-bobber. I loved all the characters and the super messy love hexagon. I loved the jealousy scene between everyone at the inn, definitely my favorite. Its a very simple plot which I like so i can understand it. Of course like every drama, there are errors, some obvious ones like why didn't they just burn the zombies and but it was because they were lives, and how they messed up where Tang Yu's scar was on the wrong place and side when he woke up, and why didn't the cousin just write a copy instead of ripping the book and Yue Ru could've also saved herself but whatever. I also love how every character was understanding and let the lover be with the other person except for a few exceptions but truly great. This drama is definitely in my top five list and I'd probably rate it pretty high, I just don't know what, and it is one of the better dramas I've watched in a while.

In comparison to the third one, this one is way better. I think its just because the third one was too wuxia for me I guess you can say making it uninteresting to me but that's just my opinion.

I don't know what to say anymore because every post relating to Chinese Paladin of mine sums up how I feel and I'm glad it made me change my view on Hu Ge and made me love Eddie, Ady, and especially Liu Yi Fei even more and made me want to watch a drama with Esther Liu because I liked her character. Now I'm off to watch the Little Nyonya because my sister said it was really good so ...


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