Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Gong/ Jade Palace Lock Heart Bantering

Gong 1/ Jade Palace Lock Heart 1

So last night I kept thinking of this actor out of nowhere, like always. All I could remember that he was in a drama with Yang Mi. I knew what drama he was in but I didn't remember the name, just to make it easier on myself; So of course, I looked up Yang Mi on Dramawiki. Low and Behold the first thing I saw on her page was Gong 3 and I dropped. So here are my initial thoughts when I saw it.

I can't believe they decided to do a third one, the first one was horrible and I refuse to even open the second one. The casting sucked, the outfits, and the plot that is way too similar to BBJX aka Bu Bu Jing Xin. I didn't even realize it until I finished Gong that it was exactly like BBJX. I am a forever BBJX fan on the whole BBJX Vs. Gong.

The reason why I like BBJX was because it captured my heart. Everything was done beautifully, and to this day I still love the soundtrack the  most and am not happy with the ending, but when is there usually a good and happy ending nowadays?

Gong was too rushed making everything lack emotion and context. BBJX took their time and I think thats what made it so good. I miss BBJX and I don't know how to feel about BBJX 2 considering a majority of the main cast won't be in it and its set in modern day. Whats the point of calling it BBJX then?

a cool wallpaper I found

So right now, as I'm typing this, I'm wondering why I'm even taking time out to write this and I still don't know, I think I just need a place to vent about this piece of crap. To be honest, I feel bad but it just wasn't good. And after Yang Mi decided to do Gong, it just changed my opinion on her. She used to be one of my favorite actresses out there, especially when I first saw her in Wang Zhao Jun (a must watch). After Gong I just got annoyed whenever I saw her in anything, then I heard of Ru Yi and was excited, espcially because Hawick Lau was in it. I saw the first episode and never looked it up again. What a disappointment and especially since every review I've read said it was bad.

This was probably the only scene I liked in the whole drama, and since i saw it I decided to put it up here. It was a pretty scene, as you can tell. I still think that if Yang Mi and Hawick Lau ever broke up then Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng WILL  go out. No doubt in my mind about it. As much as I love Hawick, personally I don't think him and Yang Mi can make it with the 13 year age gap and their hectic schedules. I know its weird saying that but I don't think Yang Mi and Feng Shao Feng would encounter that problem because they are cast together in a bunch of dramas and movies.

Oh and Jade Palace Lock Heart is called " Cung Toa Tam Ngoc" in vietnamese incase anyone was wondering.

Update: so supposedly Hawick Lau is in this third one? really, why is he doing this to me? :(

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  1. Million years late....Jade Palace came out months before Bu Bu Jing Xin! I actually refused to watch Bu Bu Jing Xin until Scarlet Heart Ryeo came out because of my loyalty to Jade Palace. I did end up loving Bu Bu Jing Xin too though! However Palace will always be my favorite of the 3! I love Yang Mi in it (I have not seen 2 or 3). The opening theme is so beautiful I love listening to it! I don't know if you ever watched any version of Hana Yori Dango/Boys Over Flowers but Jade Palace stole a lot of plot pieces from those mang/anime/dramas (which is what led me to watching Asian dramas in the 1st place) which is another reason why I love Jade Palace so much.