Sunday, July 15, 2012

Chinese Paladin: Before

So since i finished Sunshine Angel and don't exactly feel like going back to Sin or Sealed with a Kiss I've decided to watch the infamous Chinese Paladin. I've decided to do some before and after blog posts for this to compare my thoughts.

Originally, i watched the third one first and that was honestly the worst drama I've probably ever seen, I'm not excited but theres nothing else to watch. If anything, if i get bored I can just blog about some dramas I've already seen, which there are over a hundred, so that won't be difficult. This is a really beautiful cast if i must say so. I mean seriously, Eddie Peng and Liu Yi Fei are in it. The third one had a gorgeous cast because of Tang Yan, Wallace Huo and Liu Shi Shi. I know this is old but I never truly got serious about when stuff came out til recently so everything will be out of wack and such.

I also have no idea as of to what this will be about except that its wuxia.

Some Cast Members, the first four that were provided on dramawiki

Eddie Peng and some goldfish :) he's too adorable. I can't believe he's older then Hu Ge by a couple of months. Him and his baby face.

Ady An. Literally one of my favorite actresses out there. I love how she's so diverse with her role and actually choses good ones unlike Hu Ge.

Liu Yi Fei. Been referred to as a goddess too many times because lets be real here, she looks flawless. My wish is that she will do dramas again and do one with Liu Shi Shi and play sisters, fraternal twins? They look so similar and pretty and even have the same surname. 

Hu Ge. Hes turning thirty in two months :(. I like him but not too much. I think sometimes he overacts and should pick better roles besides the same wuxia roles. I know he's done a few modern drama here and there but still. Have you ever seen Hu Ge play a bad guy? 

I know I'm probably missing a lot of the cast members but I'm pretty sure they're the main cast. If anything there will be more in an update.

WOW!. This came out in 2005 and I'm just now watching it. -____________-


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  1. Did you know the pair Eddie Peng and Esther Liu in The Concerto? they're so cute(again).