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Chinese Paladin Character Analysis

I just finished Chinese Paladin a little over an hour ago, it wouldn't have to take so long if i had to re-find all the pictures because they all turned out blurry. As always, don't read anything I post unless you've watched it because I tend to blurt out a lot of spoilers. I had to write a review but there are so many things to write about this drama so its gonna be broken up into many blogposts but thats never a bad thing. The first thing i had to do was the characters. In no particular order....  

 Hu Ge as Li Xiao Yao.
Li Xiao Yao plays a "stinky punk". His parents left him when he was young, for reasons unknown, leaving just his aunt to raise him. Once his aunt got "sick" by members of the Lunar Sect, he went to Dream Island where he meets Zhao Ling'er and his life changed completely from there.

 To be honest, his character kinda annoyed, like A LOT. Its mainly because of his quote "If I were to ever love a girl, I will truly love her", implying that he won't go around with other girls. I understand where he's going at and why he did what he did, to a point. I felt really bad for him at the end though.

Liu Yi Fei as Zhao Ling'er. 
Ling'er is a young girl, about 15-16 years old, who grew up on Dream Island with her nanny Lao Lao. Ten years ago she and Lao Lao were saved by a mysterious hero from a devastating flood and the Lunar Sect and brought to Dream Island. She fell in love with the hero and has loved him since then and promised him to be happy and smile everyday. One day as she was bathing in the lake, she noticed someone was watching her and it was Xiao Lao. Right before she was gonna kill him she notices that he looked exactly like the person who saved her ten years ago.

Liu Yi Fei never disappoints me. She is just truly spectacular. I am still in blasphemy that she was only 16 when she did this. Her character is understandable, as in you understand why she did what she did. As I always tell my sister when you watch dramas, you need an open mind when it comes to the characters, I guess thats why I always like the character worth loving the most or the most adorable one.

Ady An as Lin Yue Ru.
Lin Yue Ru lost lost her mother growing up leaving her only with a dad that wished she was a boy. Wishing she was a boy, she was very skilled in martial arts. Yue Ru was always very spoiled by her dad and cousin but she felt neglected most of the time for not being the boy that her father wanted her to be being the reason why she ran away from home so much. After some bad encounters with Xiao Yao she ends up going along the journey with Xiao Yao and Ling'er.

I love Ady. Shes fantastic as an actress. I was so scared and sad when she died though. I was honestly hoping it was gonna be one of those things where they die but they didn't because someone mysteriously saved them. *sigh*. I kept hoping she would come back, now I feel the need to watch another drama with her.

Bryan Wang as Liu Jin Yuan.
Jin Yuan is the winner of the civil service exam. He has a lot of intellects and understands the morals of things when it comes to anything and everything, being why everyone always go to him for his problems. The only thing he isn't good with is his love for Yue Ru.

I liked his character. I think he's one of those person that everyone needs in their life. He's willing to help everyone and such. 

Elvis Tsui as Bai Yue Jiao Zhu.
He was brought up by his godfather or adopted father, Shi Zhang Lao (I'm not sure, but I'm going for adopted). He believed that there is no such thing as true love or even love in general in the world which caused him to do what he did. Also believing everyone is bad and evil he usually puts people in a difficult situation to test their love especially with Ah Nu.

I'm not sure how I feel about his character. I guess he's just like any other bad guy. The way he dresses in this is exactly like in Legend of The Condor Heroes except the color. He's a great actor though.

Tse Kwan Ho as Jiu Zui Xian.
Zui Xian is a daoist monk who left his monastery. He drinks away his feelings due to things that have happened to him in the past. He is also Xiao Yao's Shifu (I don't know how to spell it, but word but martial arts teacher out of respect).

At first he doesn't really doesn't show up until around the second half of the drama and from then you really do like him.

P.S. doesn't he kinda look like Feng Shao Feng from this angle?

Esther Liu as Ah Nu.
Ah Nu is a simple minded and free spirited young girl who loves to eat and only wishes for world peace. She is also Ling'er's long time best friend. She also has wuxia magical abilities. Sometimes she does irrational things and doesn't think about the outcomes (like any teenager).

I don't know if I've ever even seen another drama with her but now I'm curious. She was fifteen when she did this drama. YOUNG, I know. I wonder how her parents felt about school. She does not look fifteen in that drama, there is no way.

Eddie Peng as Tang Yu "Xiao Bao"
Like Bai Yue he was adopted by Shi Zhang Lao. Unlike Bai Yue he is a good person and was partially raised up by Ah Nu's mom making them really good friends. But when it comes to boy-girl friendships, someone always falls in love. Tang Yu has always liked her and has always been there to protect her no matter what, but whenever he tries to confront her about his feelings, she shuts him out or disappoints him. Being taught by Ah Nu's mom, his "father" has always called him useless and weak for having feelings, especially towards Ah Nu, but he still cares about his father very much.

I love Eddie and his character more than anyone else in the entire movie. I honestly thought he played a bad guy because of the way he's dressed (I think its the earring throwing me off) but I am so thankful that he doesn't. Team Eddie. =) Do I really have to put any comments on him, its unnecessary.  

PHEW. That was long. I tried to look for Shi Zhang Lao but it was difficult trying to look him up though. 

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  1. Team Eddie XD, there's a charm in this man, it's hard not to love him.