Friday, August 10, 2012

Torn Between Two Lovers Part 1: Cast and Synopsis

OK so this is like a pretty old drama I've watched a long time ago and one I always remember because it truly is a piece of art at its finest. I decided to watch it recently and it reminded me how great dramas were before SARFT barged in on everything and started annoying laws and such. Since there aren't many reviews or post on this, I decided I wanted to.

The story unfolds during early Minguo (1912~), a tumultuous time period in China. Jin Ming Zhu was born into a wealthy family of noble background which would fall on hard times. When she was young, she was actually betrothed to the second son of the Qin family. However, due to the war, the families lost contact with each other. Years later, after having spent the entire family fortune, Ming Zhu's father and his first wife decide to marry Ming Zhu off to a wealthy clan so they could continue their extravagant lifestyle. Before the marriage could take place, a group of bandits led by Ma Jun abducted Ming Zhu in order to blackmail her family for money. After her release under unexpected circumstances, Ming Zhu is able to attend school and receive higher education. There she meets and begins dating Lin Zhi Wen, an earnest lad from a poor family. His best friend is none other than the town playboy Qin Tian Bao, Ming Zhu's would-have-been husband. Tian Bao falls for Ming Zhu, but keeps his feelings hidden due to his friendship with Zhi Wen. However, his younger brother Tian Fu, who is willing to do anything for his most respected older brother, has other ideas.

Dong Jie as Jin Ming Zhu
Eric Huang as Qin Tian Bao
Li Zong Han as Lin Zhi Wen
Liao Xiao Qin as Yang Hong
Sun Xing as Ma Jun
---Wu Lei as Child Ma Jun
Shen Meng Sheng as Jin Zai Yue
Liu Xue Hua as Hiu Xiu Rong 
Li Li Qun as Qin Xiao Hu
Liu Yan Yan as Zhang Yu Feng
Zhang Dan Feng as Qin Tian Fu
Liu Zhi Han as Qin Tian Hong

Title: Huan Jun Ming Zhu
Other Titles: Torn Between Two Lovers, Returning Pearl To Husband
Vietnamese Title: Hoan Quan Minh Chau

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