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Torn Between Two Lovers Character Analysis

I finished PS man a few days ago so i don't have anything to watch, and its hard to find something good to watch, preferably in viet dubbed, so I went to my blogger dashboard and ran upon my drafts which reminded I could just blog so blog is what I will do. 

Huan Jun Ming Zhu as what I have posted in my previous blogpost. This one is the cast, not the entire one that i posted but a majority because I'm just too lazy. *note* I intentionally wanted to find them in their costumes but I stumbled on them in modern clothing and they look a lot better.

Dong Jie as Jin Ming Zhu

She is the girl from the infamous Butterfly Lovers with Peter Ho and she did a spectacular job playing the girl who gets treated terribly until a bandit who was amazed by her strong willed attitude and behavior and after that her life took a change of course.

Eric Huang as Qin Tian Bao

He is in like a bajillion stuff. I've seen him numerous times and he excels in what he does. Its hard to compare him and Li Zong Han as to who was the lead. He's the second son of the head police chief in town so he comes from a lot of money, but appalled and disgusted by his father's actions he acts like a player and sleeps with girls with a bad rep to make his dad mad.

Li Zong Han as Lin Zhi Wen

He always chooses such a dynamic character which I love in any actor. 
He plays an orphan who works as a teacher but somehow his bestfriend is the famous playboy Qin Tian Bao.

Liao Xiao Qin as Yang Hong

She is pretty, evil, and cunning, but all she really wants like any other girl is love and to settle down. She is the most famous call girl in town and is head over heels in love with Qin Tian Bao.

Zhang Dan Feng as Qin Tian Fu

To this day I still think he one of the best supporting actors role to this day. He is Qin Tian Bao's younger brother. After his brother protected him from his first fight when he was younger, he lived in admiration of Tian Bao and is willing to do ANYTHING for him.

Liu Zhi Han as Qin Tian Hong

Ahhh. His character was one i didn't like, because you're not even suppose to anyways. He's Tian Bao's older brother. They may share the same mom, dad, and surname but he is like the black sheep of the family because of his greed for power and money making people not respecting him, and his narrow minded ways never helps him either.

Li Li Qun as Qin Xiao Hu

Qin Tian Bao's father. Even though his son doesn't like him and well hates his guts and he tends to beat up his son a lot he only means well and he really does love his sons especially Tian Bao because he's the most similar to his father.

Lie Xue Hua as Hie Xiu Rong

I don't even know how many dramas I've seen her in because she's in like every other one I watch. 
She plays Ming Zhu's mother and second mistress to Jin Zai Yue who can't escape her terrible life and her illness. Her daughter means the world to her and even though she get's treated like crap by Zai Yue and the first lady of the house, she still does whatever they say and treats them like family.

Shen Meng Sheng as Jin Zai Yue

Did you know he plays Qin Tian Fu in the original 1987 version of this drama? Hard to believe it was so long ago. He plays Ming Zhu's father who is a coward addicted to opium. Simple as that. Eventually he does learn from his mistake but sometimes, if he chose to fix it earlier it would've been different.

Sun Xing as Ma Jun

This guy is the man. I love whenever I see him in anything because he really is good. As a young child his entire family was murdered and his mother raped by bandits and he was tied up to a pole to witness every second of that terrible day that changed his life. He took a vow to kill that man and he did just that. He kidnapped Ming Zhu and her mother for randsom but due to bad encounters that didn't happen and some of his brother were killed in the process. Due to a deal with Ming Zhu he was struck by Ming Zhu's charisma, strong will, and kind hearted nature to where he was actually in love with her but never admitted it to anyone.  He may have never said it but his actions showed it. He forced her parents to bring her to a big city, treat her mom's illness and get her an education. Even though he's the most known and baddest bandit in town his weakpoint is Ming Zhu and at least she was with him in his final hour.

I know I said the most about Ma Jun but his character is truly worth talking about. I could just write and talk about him for day, which I might do. I always wondered how different the story may have been if he never died. AHHH that would be gold, diamonds and all the stars in the world put together to equal its value.

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