Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Torn Between Two Lovers Review

A drama that is family oriented, shows true meaning behind the words "brothers from another mother", a gripping love complex. This is the one to watch. 

I've watched this drama before so it was kinda difficult to act like i haven't watched it before. I remembered a part of the ending but not the entire thing, so that kinda helped, but not really. 

Dramas set in this time period is one of the best, because of all the opportunities that are there to make a good drama, if that even makes sense. Maybe its all the whole communism rise, the fall of the royal dynasties, and military power dominance that plays a part in the era but it really is great.

What is a drama without the love polygon, but how often does it involve two bestfriends that are as close as brothers. It comes to show that you really shouldn't fall in love with your bro's girl because it has a lot of serious consequences. 

Is this drama predictable? kinda, but I think that after a while things that happen in a drama becomes a cliche. But it didn't matter in this because it wasn't like all those other dramas. 

This drama is memorable. You will never forget about it. You'll love it and fall in love with it every time you watch it, over and over again. 

Tian Bao's and Ming Zhu's Wedding

They are such a sweet couple. And after everything they've been through, they deserved to to together.

The three main cast members having a good time in a dream

So this drama is definitely in my top five dramas ever. Its good because of its pure context, great actors and actresses, cast, and setting. It has its lighthearted moments that makes you smile like a loser but you might want to have twenty boxes of tissues next to you also because this is a hardcore drama(the genre) drama. Its hard to explain and put into words so just go watch it. Unlike most dramas, you actually know what happens to everyone at the end of the drama, except for Tian Fu's mother, but its all cool.

Another reason why its so good is because its a remake of the one in 1987. After I finished this one i wanted to watch the one in 1987 but its hard to find, uggghhh. Oh well.

Title: Huan Jun Ming Zhu
Other Titles: Torn Between Two Lovers, Returning Pearl To Husband
Vietnamese Title: Hoan Quan Minh Chau

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