Saturday, September 1, 2012

Luan Shi Jia Ren Anticipation

How come every drama I want to watch is either not out yet, or not fully english subbed? One of the dramas that fall under that category is this soon to be Luan Shi Jia Ren.

This premodern drama has such a gorgeous cast and interesting plotline and did I mention a gorgeous cast? Tang Yan, Sammul Chan, Luo Jin, Tang Kai, Su Qing and many more are in the lead lineup for this.

Instead of a typical love geometric shape, which this does involve, but what also gets thrown into the mix? Trying to get rid of the Japanese from taking power. Sounds quite suspenseful. I don't know when this airs except that it airs end of this year. Luckily it has already finished filming last year and everything seems awesome.

Originally, many thought that this would be an Asian remake of the classic love story Gone With The Wind. I also thinking that read the summary of Gone with the Wind on Wikipedia and I do think Tang Yan can portray Scarlett O' Hara, but this is not the case because this is "A Beauty in Troubled Times".

Synopsis courtesy of Dramawiki:

Set in 1930s Shanghai, This legendary tale depicts how Zhang Lian Xin( Tang Yan), born as a lowly maid, breaks though the chains of destiny in the midst of China's war with Japan. While pursuing freedom and love, Lian Xin becomes a pawn in Zhang Wen Jin's(Wilson Guo) plan to overthrow his father, and along with Chong Yan( Luo Jin) both are framed for murder. Experiencing numerous hardships together as they fight against Wen Jin and the Japanese, Lian Xin and Chong Yan becomes lovers. In order to save Chong Yang, Lian Xin rejects He Tian(Sammul Chan), a wealthy aspiring Sherlock Holmes who loves her deeply, and marries Ma Kun, Shanghai Bund's most powerful mob boss. After discovering Ma Kun;s true identity and against mas retaliation of the Japanese, Lian Xin and Chong Yan decide to sacrifice their romance and their lives for the sake of freedom and justice.

This 30 episode drama will hopefully have me on my toes when I watch this. I am ready for something different.

Some personal opinions of mine is that the straight blunt bangs and short hair doesn't suit Tang Yan one bit and that Luo Jin's clothes look too new and should be worn out because he's a construction/ road worker. All they did for it was got clothes that slouched.

The twenty four minute trailer. You're welcome.

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