Friday, November 9, 2012

Pretty Girls In Pretty Ancient Clothing Part III: Battle of Red

For anyone who doesn't know, there is a show in the US called Fashion Police hosted by Joan Rivers. It is quite amusing and very good time killer where fashion experts judge celebrities best and worst outfits. Besides the best and worst parts, they always have a segment called "Bitch Stole My Look" which brought us all here today.

Based on the title, it is quite obviously that the contestants will be wearing red so BRING IT. 

Who will win the epic battle?
Gong Li
Ady An
Liu Yi Fei

Gong Li- Wore this classic bright red robe in the 1990 movie A Terracotta Warrior

Ady An- Also sported the same red robe with long hair look in the 2011 remake of A Terracotta Warrior into the drama Ancient Terracotta War Situation or Fight and Love with A Terracotta Warrior.

This contestant Liu Yi Fei wore the same outfit, well style, in her latest movie that just aired a few months ago in The Assassins 

So lets calculate this problem, all three are gorgeous, making this even harder, its all the same shade of red, all the hair are very similar, the only difference would probably be the fabric, the length of the sleeve part (Liu Yi Fei being the longest), and the way its made and such.

Well since I can't seem to make decisions, I just won't choose one and nontheless I don't exactly care. I was just looking up The Assassins and when I saw this I automatically thought of how Ady An and Gong Li wore this same thing and felt the need to write about it. I just gotta make it a little more exciting and what not.

UPDATE: 11/10/12

I can't believe I forgot about her. When I was doing the post for Liu Yi Fei in Pretty Girls in Pretty Ancient Clothing tag, I saw the picture of her dancing and it hit me.

How can I forget one of the top rising star in China who also wore this look, minus the hair in a half up half down do?

Can you guess who it is?

If you guessed Liu Shi Shi, then you are correct.

She wore the red robe attire in her most famous drama Bu Bu Jing Xin during the day dream that Fourth Prince (Nicky Wu) had of her as Ming Ming princess did her dance. Around episode 10-14ish.

Even though hers is still a little different, I thought it would be best to include her.

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