Saturday, November 3, 2012

Too Late To Say I Love You: Cast, Analysis, Commentary

I've finally did it. Took me almost three months to do it, but I did, BOOYAHH! What did I finally finish you may ask? Well Too Late to Say I Love You.

Originally I started close to the end of Summer, but Summer reading got in the way, then school got in the way, then the whole reading viet-subs got annoying. It took a while, but now that I did it, I can write this then go on to watching my other dramas. The last thing I want to do is watch twenty dramas at once. Nope, not me, gotta be one committed duckling.

Over all it was quite pleasing, by pleasing, I meant it pulled on my heartstrings, a lot, which is a good thing. Compared to my mom, I prefer these sappy love stories while she enjoys all the manipulation and such. Blah. Don't continuing reading unless you like my random spoilers about the ending or content in general.

Cast and Analysis

Wallace Chung as MuRong Feng/ Peilin/ Fourth Lord

He was very good in my opinion. Whenever he was sad or guilty or any other feeling, you would feel that way too, except his leadership role wasn't the best. But I feel for him though. He went through way too much in this drama, more than a guy needs to and he still did his best in his given situation so kudos to that. I praise you Wallace.

Li Xiao Ran as Yin Jin Wan

She plays the heroine and damsel in distress at the same time. She has a rich family background, but after the whole saving Jian Zhang fiasco, everything afterwards made her the damsel. I felt very bad for her character because she went through everything imaginable from being disowned by her father, getting dumped, and miscarriage, but saying that doesn't even feel like the least of it. Her acting skill was pleasing, this is the first drama I've seen with her, well mostly this entire cast in general, but sometimes I feel like in some scenes she could be better, but all the scenes she was good in balanced it out.

Tan Kai as Xu Jian Zhang

The good guy turned bad after being stood up on his wedding day. He has that evil look which is good, that's why I look forward to him in Luan Shi Jia Ren. He did very well in his acting, but his character was one I did not like because I tended to find him cowardly and the worst part was that in the end, he never admitted his wrong, but I think, truly overall he did love Jin Wan

Sun Wei as Cheng Xin Zhi

First off, Favorite Character status right here. Nuff said. Best friend of MuRong Feng, and eventually Jin Wan's bestfriend and savior, in a million circumstances, but he seldomly, secretly loved her. That pretty much sums up what his story will be like. Compared to his Father and sister who are more militaristic, he is a very humble and giving person who decides to be a doctor. I love him, and characters like him except for the fact that they never get a chance. Why? He is better in my opinion, but I still understood why she didn't anyways. The worst part was that he was so close in the end, but he didn't get her. *sigh...*

Qi Fang as Cheng Jin Zhi

She plays Cheng Xin Zhi's younger sister, but I really wonder if they came from the same family because they are that different. She had a childhood crush on Murong Feng who only finds her to be like a sister, more of a bro though. As of the one-sided love wasn't enough, she goes and starts ruining everyone else's as in Murong Feng's love, but honestly I just kinda felt bad for her.

Li Xiao Ran as Su Ying

She is Jin Wan's identical twin sister!! dun dun DUNNNNN. Just kidding, she's Jin Wan's doppelganger. The saying where everyone has a twin out there in the world, sounds familar? well she's the kind you don't want. She's a call girl who works at a brothel. She's bratty, selfish, greedy, bratty, and did I mention bratty? that mean well done Li Xiao Ran for pulling off this character. I was so happy when she finally died though, HALLELUJAH.

Notes and Commentary
First off very good drama,  but it didn't make me emotional like The Young Warriors of the Yang Clan kinda way but still, it just makes you go "oh, oh, oh, oh NOOOOOOO, don't do that" kinda drama and yeah that sounds wrong, scratch that. 

Xin Zhi won the favorite character award

Not mentioned but Liu Da Wei as Shen Jia Ping gets runner up in the Favorite Character awards. He's basically MuRong Feng's right hand man and most trusted personnel, his best friend doesn't count. But his character reminds me of the most trusted personnel to the family in Huan Jun Ming Zhu. It's his loyalty that wins him this place. Congrats to Liu Da Wei... I was sad when he died :(

The battle scenes could have been better, especially the blood. The explosions looked spot on but the blood was too light and stuff. 

I wonder if Xin Zhi ever found out about his father's and sister's death.

I felt so bad in the end for him when Jin Wan said lets get married, then at the movies she saw Peilin in the film and went to look for him, then at night he threw the ring into the lake. SOOOO CLOSE. 
When is the second guy ever gonna get a chance? 

I'm usually always gonna root for the underdog.

Overall 4.3/5 stars.


  1. I just started watching this and am up to episode 12, it is so addictive.

  2. I'm horrible, but I need to know the ending before I start anything. What is the ending? I can't find anything on the Internet :/

  3. I don't feel sorry for Cheng Jin Zhi in the least bit. She got what she deserved, was selfish and did a lot of things in the name of love. What it was I think was she thinks so highly of herself that Murong Feng rejected her what was injured was her pride so she did what she did to satisfy that. I don't think she's foolish enough to believe she could gain love by using her father's influences to force Murong Feng to marry her. That was to protect her pride, so she got what she wanted.

  4. A good military and love drama. Finally I completed watching it, after many months of delay. Worth watching.....
    very good delivery by both leads, though the lady looked a bit older than the guy.

  5. I love this story. WALLACE CHUNG so dashing n handsome in uniform. I hope they had use a YOUNGER PRETTIER ACTRESS like Liu Shi Shi, though. LI XIAO RAN looks maternal, like Wallace's aunt.