Saturday, November 10, 2012

Pretty Girls in Pretty Ancient Clothing Part V: Liu Yi Fei in The Assassins

How can I not have a post specifically for Liu Yi Fei? She's probably one of my most favorite Chinese Actresses of all time. 

In her latest film, The Assassins, that just came out roughly two months ago, she shined.
Liu Yi Fei plays a double role in this drama, Diao Chan and Diao Chen's daughter Ling Ju. I don't think Diao Chan appeared for more than a minute or two and didn't even have any lines but its all cool but Ling Ju was there.

Ling Ju was taken at a young age to be trained as an assassin against her will. She slept, ate, breathed and lived like an assassin in preparation to kill Cao Cao.

DiaoChan's story is pretty famous, being one of the four great beauties of Ancient China. She was basically kinda the cause for the split into the Three Kingdoms, If you don't know of her then look her up.

Now, in no particular order, the stills of Liu Yi Fei

Diao Chan

Diao Chan

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