Saturday, November 10, 2012

Movies: The Assassins Review

Want my honest review of the Assassins?

Read along.
So I just finished watching the Assassins staring Chow Yun Fat, Liu Yi Fei, Alec Su, Annie Li and some japanese guy I don't know and don't have the motivation to look up.

So initially I saw the trailer and it looked quite interesting; I saw every trailer, knew the cast, I've actually known about it for quite a while but then I actually got down to it. 
Don't read any more if you hate spoilers.

So from that it look pretty good right? From the trailers, you can infer that it's going to be about every trying to kill this one guy and Liu Yi Fei is going to be an assassin.

The movie started of well with training the assassins, but then it got down to the root of everything, everything relating to Cao Cao in the palace. Seriously, talk about a snooze fest. I'm not one for fast forwarding but in this movie, I fast forward through everything until it got to Liu Yi Fei which thankfully was enough.

I didn't sleep through it, even though I wanted to, but this movie was just too confusing for me to understand. The only part I understood was Ling Ju and Mu Shun's story and how they both died. Oops. I think the only way for me to truly understand the whole Three Kingdoms story is to either read it or watch Back to the Three Kingdoms.

Despite it being quite boring, very boring, for my taste, it had very very VERY beautiful costumes and setting. Here are a lot of the stills I acquired. There are more, but I am doing separate posts for them so be prepared.

In no particular order...

Gorgeous eh? Too bad the movie wasn't up to par.

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  1. I agree, great costumes but a little boring...
    and the ending was just too bad : (