Friday, October 26, 2012

Pretty Girls in Pretty Ancient Clothes Part II: White Vengeance

In my previous post, did anyone notice that there was nothing female related? Well this is why.

In a production with 99% men, that only means there is a beautiful creature playing possible the only female lead. Who else better than the Goddess? or Liu Yi Fei.
I love Liu Yi Fei. Always have, always will. There is something about her beauty that stands out. Her beauty are noticed straight off the back and when you see you her, you want to pause the screen and stare. Not even a spark of jealously emerges, at first, but more of awe. Her proportions are perfect and she is the gentle-lest little thing on this earth. Pale skin, long hair, soft voice, petite. She's perfect.

Here are some shots of her in White Vengeance/ Hong Men Yan.
Liu Yi Fei as Consort Yu Ji

Even though I find that her character doesn't do much in the movie and could do without, she stands out. Probably because she is a girl... but then again she is Liu Yi Fei. I think that she was added because producers feel that they need at least one girl, they got two but the other one doesn't do much, to please the female audience. With a female, they need love so who better than with the ruthless Xiang Yu, and she really was his consort, most beloved for sure. Besides, I think the guys are glad she got casted because they probably day dream about her all the time, LMBO!.

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