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Song of the Week: Ai Ni

Hello netizens. Once again, I am slow on everything, but this time it isn't entirely my fault. It's the last week before the quarter ends so I'm just trying to rush and do everything before Spring Break next week, Hallelujah!

Anyways, I love this song. I kept hesitating on whether or not to have it as my SOTW but I thought, ehh better not. Bonus points for whoever can guess where that allusion is from. There I am getting off topic again.  Kimberley Chen is such a talented artist and especially at such a young age, she has received a lot of recognition for her talent.

I first heard this song in the Taiwanese Drama Fondant Garden ( 翻糖花園). If anyone wants me to do a review or anything on it, just ask away. But for a cheesy drama you definitely need a cheesy song and this song hits the points.
 Kimberley Chen was born May 23, 1994. All I can say is that she was born to be a star. She was coached by a well known conductor and director for over ten years. She appeared in a McDonalds commercial, played young Nala in Taiwan's The Lion King. She began performing at charity concerts since she was four and by the time she way eight, she sang and danced "Let's Get Loud" with full on backup dancers. I bet all of us feel unaccomplished with our lives right now don't we? She lived in Australia for a good part of her years before going back to Taiwan to get a kickstart in her career.

She prepared for her debut album for three years, 6 Chinese songs and 5 English songs. Her album was released on April 27, 2012 and two songs, Ai Ni and something else, were on Fondant Garden.
I'm currently rushing through this right now but if you want, check this link Kimberley Chen and read for yourself. I know Wikipedia isn't the most reliable source but then again the internet isn't exactly the most reliable source anymore either, just saying.

This girl is beautiful, young, fresh, vibrant and has the talents and a smile that will knock you off your socks. She really is like a breath of fresh air compared to everyone else. I can't wait to hear and see more of her except I don't want to see her do movies or dramas. I find that sometimes actors should stick to acting *cough cough* Yang Mi *cough cough* and singers stick to singing unless you're really talented like Jay Chou and Hu Ge.

The adorable leading couple.

Sometimes I don't exactly like that dress but the more I think about it, it couldn't be better. She's basically dressed as a rag doll symbolizing youth and innocence which is partly what this song Ai Ni or Love You is basically about right? 

我閉上眼睛 貼著你心跳呼吸
而此刻地球 只剩我們而已
你微笑的唇型 總勾著我的心
每一秒初吻 我每一秒都想要吻你

就這樣 愛你愛你愛你 隨時都要一起
我喜歡 愛你外套味道 還有你的懷裡
把我們 衣服鈕扣互扣 那就不用分離
美好愛情 我就愛這樣貼近 因為你

有時沒生氣 故意鬧脾氣
你的緊張在意 讓我覺得安心
從你某個角度 我總看見自己
到底你懂我 或其實我本來就像你

Repeat Chorus

想變成你的氧氣 溜進你身體裡
你有多麼寶貝 我愛你

Repeat Chorus

我們愛情 會一直沒有距離 最美麗

Wo bi shang yan jing tie zhe ni xin tiao hu xi
Er ci ke di qiu zhi sheng wo men er yi
Ni wei xiao de chun xing zong gou zhe wo de xin
Mei yi miao chu wen wo mei yi miao dou xiang yao wen ni

Jiu zhe yang ai ni ai ni ai ni sui shi dou yao yi qi
Wo xi huan ai ni wai tao wei dao hai you ni de huai li
Ba wo men yi fu niu kou hu kou na jiu bu yong fen li
Mei hao ai qing wo jiu ai zhe yang tie jin yin wei ni

You shi mei sheng qi gu yi nao pi qi
Ni de jin zhang zai yi rang wo jue de an xin
Cong ni mou ge jiao du wo zong kan jian zi ji
Dao di ni dong wo huo qi shi wo ben lai jiu xiang ni

Repeat Chorus

Xiang bian cheng ni de yan qi liu jin ni shen ti li
Hao hao kan kan zai ni xin li
Ni you duo mo bao bei wo ai ni

Repeat Chorus

Wo men ai qing hui yi zhi mei you ju li zui mei li

I close my eyes close to your heartbeat and breathing
But at the moment a planet with only us.
You smile, lip total Gouzhuo the heart
Every second of every second kiss I want to kiss you

So love you love you love you should be ready with
I like to love your coat taste in your arms
Our clothes, buttons, interlocking it would not have separated
OK love, I love so close because you

Sometimes did not get angry deliberately losing his temper
Your nervousness care made ​​me feel at ease
I always see you a certain perspective
In the end you know what I fact, I did like you

Repeat Chorus

Would like to become your oxygen slipped into your body
A good look in your heart
You how Baby I love you

Repeat Chorus

Our love will always be no distance is the most beautiful

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