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Final Thoughts, Commentary, Review: The Four Constables 2008

Another finished drama, but in a week. A school week to be exact. If this was during the summer, I could have easily finished it during the course of two days.

Anyways, I can finally say I have seen Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui act in something. Is it odd that I haven't ever watched them in anything?
Don't read unless you like spoilers
Twenty years ago a deathly family brawl brought an end to two of the most powerful, intelligent, honorable, and influential families. After this  incident Chukot Ching-nor closed down the constabulary, as did the emperor, causing and allowing corrupt minds rule the country. Twenty years later Chukot Ching-nor was able to reopen The Constabulary after retrieving a powerful badge for the emperor. He recruited Heartless, Iron Fist, Chaser, and Cold Heart as the four main constables and together, with their superior martial arts, they all solve crimes and bring justice to the people.

Phew. I'm still amazed by how fast I finished this. Ok, back on topic. Basically, if you want a drama that will keep you on your toes and need something really great to watch, this would be it.

Raymond Lam as Mou Ching 成崖餘 / 無情 (Heartless)

Due to his handicap since a young age, Mou Ching became "heartless". He didn't care about anyone and couldn't care even if he wanted to except towards the house maid and Chukot Ching-nor, the people who brought him up. He is very intelligent and can see through everything and makes a lot of little weapons.

When I first saw him, my heart stopped, dropped and was star struck. He really has a great aura and feel to him. He has the look too, which never fails. In my opinion, he did really well in being Mr. Know-it-all and Mr. I-don't-care-if-I-hurt-your-feelings. He started off better than he ended. I don't know if it was just because I expected more out of him or his character but something was lacking in the end. Anyways, great actor. I can't wait to watch him in Saving General Yang. 

Kenneth Ma as Tit Sau 鐵游夏 / 鐵手 (Iron Fist)

Tit Sau was brought up by a blacksmith and grew up with his younger sister. Ever since he was young, he wanted to do good deeds for the people. His noble and filial character made him admirable and stellar strength made him a threat.

Kenneth, Kenneth, Kenneth. You are a great actor my friend. Sometimes though I still see that airhead and slowbrain in him in some characters he usually does, so this is a different transition. He did good and I love him and Selena in this.

Sammul Chan as Chui Leuk Seung 追命 (Chaser)

Chui Leuk Seung was brought up by his foster parents who are great people but are sometimes conmen. They didn't say much or anything at all about him when he was younger. He is a conmen and is great with spy work. Because he is always running from people, he is able to run very fast and is the only person in the group who has flying capabilities. He may be fast on his feet but not with his mind. It was said that his foster parents taught him his martial arts. He is good with the ladies and cares a lot for his foster parents.

I love Sammul, but not his name so much. It's just weird. I think it's great they had Sammul in the cast to leviate some of the seriousness and tension. He made me laugh so much but also made my heart break the most. I think I just have an attachment towards him because I've see him in dozens of things. His acting never fails to amaze me and I'm glad he's moved on to bigger and greater things. 

Ron Ng as Lang Huet 冷凌棄 / 冷血 (Cold Blood)

Lang Huet grew up in the woods ever since he was young. He learned how to fend for himself and learnt how to fight from fighting with wolves. He is distant from everyone and started off very ruthless until Chukot Ching-nor saved him. He has a powerful sword from who knows where.

Ron Ng was one of my favorite actors growing up and I hate reading all this bad reports about him because it's just ruining my image of him. Anyways, he comes in episode 3 but what the heck! He comes in episode 3 and he doesn't even speak that much. Sometimes it just felt like he was there.

Kate Tsui 徐子珊 as Song Tze Yeen

Tze Yeen appears to be a girl who wants to help people though medicine. Plot twister, she is a spy for Choi King. He took her in when she was five and brought her up as his assassin. She finds ways to get into the group by being their physician and using Mou Ching as a way of attaining information.

Eh she was alright. I don't see much fuss in her. I wish Tavia could've done this role. It would've been epic.

Selena Li as Lam Yuet Fei

Lam Yuet Fei is the daughter of Lam Po Tin, chief of the Blue Sky Sect. Like her father, she has a very hot temper. Her mom died when she was young so she was raised by her father who loves her to death. She may be feisty but she is filial and knows what's right and wrong.

Selena is so pretty. Favorite character award goes to Selena. I love her spunkiness and how full of life and energetic she was. Every time I saw her, she was like a breath of fresh air. I have watched her so many times and she always gets prettier. I'm telling you, there's anti-aging in asian cosmetics because they all look phenomenal. I liked how out of all the couple, her's and Tit Sau had some meat in it, something to build up on while everyone else's just happened. 

Cilla Kung as Ling Siu Do 凌小刀

She lost her mother when she was born and grew up with her father and older brother who are part of The Federation but she doesn't have any ties to it. She fell in love with Lang Huet after he saved her from something.

She reminded me of a puppy. She pouted a lot and followed Lang Huet every where, except he didn't exactly care about her. She was decent but I don't plan on watching her again.

Commentary and Review
Please don't read if you don't like spoilers.
Sorry there aren't more characters. Oddly enough, you would think there would be more press for this drama since it was pretty recent. I mean 2008 isn't that long ago and I think almost every big Hong Kong star was in this. 

I really enjoyed this drama. My favorite part about Hong Kong dramas is that the pacing isn't too slow or too fast. I always wanted to keep watching this and constantly neglected my homework for hours on end.

Like I say about a lot of things, it starts off better than it ended. This is definitely on of those dramas.
I liked how they at least showed three of the four constables in the first episodes and you understood what was going on. They did have a few twists and turns throughout the drama, which I love, but sometimes I felt like there can always be more added.

Ok time for me to blurt about what I hated about the ending. First off, none of them ended up with the girl. LIKE WHAT THE HECK? Heartless's girl (Tze Yeen) got "poisoned" then cured herself and ended wandering throughout China to help people. Heartless didn't even call for her just a simple "I'm just glad she's fine." Iron Fist's girl (Yuet Fei) finally became Chief of the Blue Sky Sect after her father passed away. She told him they would get married once everything gets calmed down and everything is in order. At least for them, they have hope and an opportunity while the others don't. Chaser's girl (Tit Sau's sister Yau Dung) went somewhere to be a protege for some guy and don't know when she'll be back. OMG. Frustrating much? It's already bad enough that his first love died then the second one (the current one, Yau Dung) gets raped, becomes suicidal then leaves. Cold Blood's girl (Sui Do) becomes a nun after her entire family died and she didn't know what else to do. The most frustrating part about that one was that he could've stopped that from happening. He arrived right before she was going to cut her hair like they do in every drama, but then she says mumbo jumbo, he won't confess his feelings then leaves and she becomes a nun. 

I really did feel like all the relationships just happed out of thin air, especially Cold Blood. There wasn't a reason for him to like her except that she had feelings for him, but I feel like if it were the case that guys had to take obligation and order whenever a girl like them, then they would have a lot of concubines. It's unfair for him to like her just because she likes him, do you understand where I'm going with this?

I just hated how incomplete the ending was.I just wished they had a happy ending like they always did. I was really hoping for a quadruple wedding to happen and cheer me, but I just ended up angry.

Whether or not I liked the drama, I did, just not the ending.

Music Video on the drama. This song was the song played in the opening song where all four sang it. I miss those openings. Can they go back to doing it where the main cast sings the opening again?

After watching this drama and loved it, not all of it, I'm pretty excited for the remake even though I don't think it will be good. I find that they're trying too hard now with clothing, hair, plot, and weapons. They're making it harder than it has to be to attract audiences but some of us (me) like simplicity. That's part of the reason why I like older dramas, even their clothes are better than all this ridiculous crap. I can't believe Zhang Han. My baby Zhang Han is playing one of the most boring characters in this thing. At least Bai Bing is in this. How come it seems that there will be a lot of females in the new one? Why was there a picture of a picture of a female constable? Welp, I'll just hope for the best.


New One-and supposedly, in this new one, Cold Blood has a sister.

Zhang Han as Cold Blood

William Chan as Chaser

Mao Zijun as Iron Fist

Yang Yang as Hearltess. WTF? He's not in his wheelchair!

I really hope she isn't playing Yuet Fei. The costume and weapon here is ruining my image of Yuet Fei by Selena

Bai Bing. Somehow I have the feeling she will be Tze Yeen, by Kate Tsui. I have faith in Bai Bing because I know she's talented.

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