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Final Thoughts/ Review: Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao

You know those dramas where you watch them, hope for the best that it will get better only for it to fail miserably? This is the perfect example.

It was a catastrophe, mistakes after mistakes. The only reason why I originally watched it was because of Wallace, Baron, and my angel Zhang Meng. After a quarter of the way through, more of an eighth of the way through, I gave up hope that the guys would save this trainwreck, but it came to the point where I was only skipping towards Zhang Meng's parts.
Remember not to read if you haven't watched or hate spoilers!
When I said this was bad, I meant it. The hair was retarded, the clothes looked to cheesy and didn't fit, the fake everything, too much botox for some people, overacting and more. 

I just couldn't stand this drama. Whenever it was something serious I just laughed and so many elements of the plot just straight up pissed me off.

Cast with Commentary
Wallace Chung 鍾漢良  as Fu Hong Xue
Fu Hong Xue grew up only knowing how to hate and vowed to take revenge on the person who killed his father. After meeting Ye Kai, Zhou Ting, Nancong Ling, and Ming Yue Xin he was able to find more clues on the person who killed his father but he also learned what love, trust, and all that blah blah blah boring stuff is.

In case you couldn't tell by the blah blah blah part, his character is exactly as boring as it sounds. Stereotypical, cliche, overdone. I'm bored. What really sucked about this was how bad his acting was and his character. Why? Such a shame because I really enjoyed watching him in Too Late To Say I Love You. That fake sword and cape he wore the entire time made me just want to go into the drama and just burn it. Tacky much? 

Zhang Meng 张檬  as Zhou Ting.
Zhou Ting is a simple naive girl with a kind heart. She's an orphan herself but she takes in orphans from the streets and cares for them as if they were her own siblings to the best of her abilities. When she met Fu Hong Xue, she originally had a bet with Ye Kai that she can win his heart and get a large sum of money; even though she lost, she began to like him from then on and helping him whenever he needed help, even when he didn't ask.

Favorite character award right here. I think I liked her because of her spunky attitude and just her. I always wondered where the heck he gets her dynamite and bombs from though because she's poor and how she can afford to have such nice clothing. Luckily for her, most of her looks were fine until she became bad. That was when it was weird. She was just wearing a jumpsuit; there are a million ways to make red look good without making it look like wedding attire or even a  jumpsuit. Are they trying to kill me here?!?!?!?!! Anyways I liked how she was a round character, going from good to evil kenevil then helping them again. What also accepted me the most was her last line "If my sister never showed up, would you have loved me?" to which Fu Hong Xue looked away then she died. SHE DIED and dispersed into rose petals. GAHHHH. 

 Baron Chen 陳楚河 as Ye Kai

Ye Kai is the head protege of a world renowned martial artist. He "stumbled" upon  Fu Hong Xue one day and then helped him along the way wanted to be his sworn brother.

UGGHH. I miss Baron in Fated To Love You. He had so much suave and classiness to him and this was... I didn't like how his and Nangong Ling's relationship came out of nowhere, without anything to build on. He was such a crybaby throughout this whole thing making him appear unattractive. Now don't get me wrong, it's fine for guys to cry but if you cry as much as your girlfriend, it becomes an issue.

Zhang Ding Han 张定涵 as Ming Yue Xin
Ming Yue Xin is part of the Heavenly Summit. She worked with Yan Nan Fei to destroy Fu Hong Xue and eventually Gong Zi Yu. In order to destroy Fu Hong Xue, she became an ally of his but ended up helping him more than destroying him. She eventually fell in love with him but kept it to herself because Zhou Ting, her sworn sister, also liked him. Eventually she and Fu Hong Xue married and what not. She is a mastermind and can figure out motives and reasoning and answers for everything.

She bored me too. Her character is different from what you usually see and it's good to see she has a good big sister quality. She seemed kinda like a know it all though, which made her a little annoying. This is the first time I've seen her act, she's alright, nothing special.
Mao Xiao Tong 毛晓彤 as Nangong Ling

Nangong Ling grew up very nurtured, loved and care for by her dad, brother, and head of the household. Because of her family traditions where the girl is never allowed to leave the house and other stuff, Nangong Ling got upset and ran away from home. She met Ye Kai during her travels and experienced some misconceptions. Throughout the thing she just follows Ye Kai around.

It's girls like her in dramas that upsets me. She sounded like a hurt puppy whenever she spoke, cried the entire time, and couldn't do anything. I don't know what else to write because that's basically it.

Zong Feng Yan 宗峰岩 as Yan Nan Fei

Yan Nan Fei is part of the Heavenly Summit but not as high in power as Ming Yue Xin. They both work together in a demise to destroy Fu Hong Xue and Gong Zi Yu. He has feeling for Ming Yue Xin but she doesn't feel the same way about him. After Ming Yue Xin left the Summit, he worked to try to get to the top position and eventually try and win her over.

His character reminded me a lot of Edwin Siu's character in Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei. They're both weak and try so hard to gain power, which they do for a short time until the protagonist defeats them. His top knot made him look kinda like a beaner, well it doesn't I just kept thinking of one. His hair is retarded. I've seen him act a lot and this is probably one of his worst roles ever, shame shame.

Berg Ng 吳廷燁 as Qi Yi Xin
Yi Xin is the physician who supplied Fu Hong Xue's dad killer the drug that poisoned him. After that incident he disappeared and noone heard or saw him for another ten twenty-ish years. He showed up randomly and saved Zhou Ting. From then on he saved her and helped her every-time since and fell in love with her. Biggest plot twister ever: Yi Xin is Doctor/ Grandpa Gui. Grandpa Yi is a physician who lives in the mountains and doesn't help anyone without money, except Zhou Ting. He helps her and the orphans whenever they need him. He loves Zhou Ting unconditionally and would do anything for her.

Second favorite character. His character was the most honest and humble one throughout this movie. I love those characters where the guy is willing to do anything for it. It was so sad on their wedding day that when Zhou Ting figured out he was Grandpa Gui and ran to see him and said she didn't know all along and how they're going to live forever and stuff, but he was dead when she found him. Le Sigh. This guy is suppose to be in his forties or fifties but dang does this guy have a lot of botox. It was just gross and weird that he liked someone who could almost be his daughter.

As for the other characters, I don't care about them nor do I have the intention about writing about them. This took me long enough and I don't plan on spending that much more time. 

Extra commentary.
I didn't like how the plot wasn't cohesive. Everything felt jumbled and it was a trainwreck.

Ming Yue Xin, Cui Nong, Zhou Ting- all in the same outfit

Pinyin Name: Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao
Simplified: 天涯明月刀
English Name: The Magic Blade
Vietnamese Name: Thien Nhai Minh Nguyet Dao


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  1. Just to check, you know this was a TV series, and the movies were a (bad) attempt to compress it into a movie format, right? The reason the plot is so confused is because there's hours and hours of footage from the series not here, so the non-sequiturs are inevitable.