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Currently Watching/ Partial Cast Analysis: Replacement Princess/ King Flower

Now that I've finished watching Summer's Desire, I need to find something else to watch. After the semi-depressing and overbearing drama that Summer's Desire was, I need something bright, cute, and as me and my sister would describe Taiwanese dramas "fluffy".

Let's be honest here, we're all like that. The second we're done watching something scary or depressing we watch something cute and happy filled with rainbows and unicorns to overcome those leftover feelings from the previous drama. That is the reason why I chose Replacement Princess/ King Flower....and also because I love the main cast. Nikki Hsieh is adorable as heck, you just want to poke her and pinch her cheeks and dress her up in frilly dresses all day. Chris is mine. Nuff said. I loved him since he was Tou Ye and Howard and this is just another excuse for me to watch my hubby. As for James Wen, he's a pretty decent actor and appears to fit his role just fine.
The ugly Jin Da Hua daydreams that if she is as beautiful as Du Liang Yan, maybe her best friend Lin Guan Jun will fall in love with her. Then one day, through plastic surgery, she is given the chance to change her life.

Ok so it took me about two days to catch up to everyone watching this series. I blame my crappy internet, the fact that I had to finish posting Summer's Desire, eat, sleep and everything in between but I am caught up now. I finally understand why everyone is going crazy over this, it hits the spot. Not too strong but not too weak. I found the pacing to be quite slow in the beginning and that nothing exciting happened. But the last episode I watched (11) is enough to keep me waiting until the next episode. This is going to be a long two day wait... gahh! However, the best part about being caught up is that I can now relax and freak out alongside everyone every week.... I also don't have to over marathon myself on a drama and lose too much sleep. Ha, wasn't that a funny joke though? I was already going to lose sleep from watching other dramas already. One drama down, too many more to go. Sometimes I just wish they would take a break so we, dramajunkies, can find time and catch up on everything we've been wanting to sleep. But I think this over dramatic thing is part of being a dieheart dramajunkie, outsiders just don't know our pain.

Ok back on topic.

Cast and Partial Updates on Characters, with commentary.

I am sorry for any spoilers I write of, my fingers just type what my mind thinks.

Nikki Hsieh 謝欣穎 as Jin Da Hua金大花 / Du Liang Yian 杜亮妍

Da Hua is a country bumpkin who isn't exactly the prettiest; she wishes to become beautiful so her Guan Jun Ge can like her. She is really kind, filial and righteous. Liang Yian is the lady of Director Du, Director of Sheng Da Group. She is a girl from higher class, no duhh, has many talents, gorgeous and her boyfriend turned fiance is General Manager for Sheng Da Group. After an untimely accident, Da Hua undergoes plastic surgery to look like Liang Yian and embarks on her adventure.

I like both of their characters. You don't see characters like Da Hua at all. Her country antics are stereotypically funny and she is the funniest thing to watch when she's drunk. Nikki Hsieh is just too adorable. I still wish I could watch Die Sterntaler but it's nowhere. I'm just gonna go sit in a corner every time I think of that drama. Anyways, she is stellar and I couldn't think of anyone better. I'm just gonna be sad if she ever goes to China's entertainment industry and leave cute Taiwanese dramas..  It's scratched, I said nothing, Nikki is awesome, next character.

Chris Wu 吳慷仁 as OuYang Tai 歐陽泰
OuYang Tai is General Manager for Sheng Da Group. After taking his fiance on a trip and causing her to get injured, he found Da Hua to her Liang Yian's replacement.

Isn't my hubby just the best? He breaks your heart when he cries, he has sincerity in his eyes and voice and has everything of a good actor. Cute yes. He looks just a little above average but I was thinking, it's a whole lot better than looking like your face is made of plastic. No Chris, you are never allowed to get plastic surgery. I feel so bad for his character. He is always being put under the most difficult situations that he can barely step his foot out of. He just feels so guilty throughout this and it's tearing my heart into a million pieces. I wonder why they chose the surname OuYang? It's seriously bringing up some bad memories of OuYang Ke from Legend of The Condor Heroes. Lastly, why the heck is he wearing brown shoes with a metallic suit? It's clashing with it, but it's not as bad as the outfit that he wore in the opening number. I hope his stylists burned it.

James Wen 溫昇豪 as Lin Guan Jun 林冠軍
Guan Jun was taken in by Da Hua's mother when he was younger. He's basically a manly man but he can never hold down a job. He doesn't treat Da Hua right even after she saved him a bunch of times. He finally realizes what she really means to him after she left.

I don't like characters like him. I just don't. He's kinda rude and playerish I guess you can say. I understand where he made it blatant that he didn't like Da Hua but he's kinda just going around being a kiss up to every girl he sees *cough cough Liang Yian cough cough*. I don't know, I'm just not sold on his character, not to mention he worked for the bad guy, the heck? 

Zhao Jun Ya 趙駿亞 as Qin Mo 秦默
He's OuYang Tai's friend. He's a surgeon who loves deathly hobbies. He was the person who convinced Ou Yang Tai to find a substitute for Liang Yian.

Only nine episodes left. I feel like at this point in the game, Da Hua can end up with either guy. I wish that they can make two endings and just let the viewers choose because we all know stuff is gonna go down in those final episodes. That's just my way of trying to say hopefully something can happen between Terry and Da Hua. Okay, now I must wait like a psychopath every week like the rest of you, weee~~~~~~

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