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Currently Watching: Spring 2013

I'm sorry for the lack of everything. Recaps get tiring after a while and there's just too much going on right now for me to focus all at once. School is hectic. For once my "social" life is going somewhere one can say. Okay, not really, just too many extracurricular crap going on this month and exams are up next month and I just wish it was summer already so I can watch my all my heart's desires of dramas, or what I can get, and eat my weight in watermelon.

So instead of my normal posts of whatever it is I normally post, I will just tell you everything I'm currently watching and minor details about them. This is another reason why there's been a lack of updates. One can only watch so many things at a time. Even worse, in a limited time. I only go on for say three to four hours a day, less now this month. And I must add that all these dramas are freaking long. Good Golly Miss Dolly.

I hate hate hate hate it when I find something right in the middle of watching something, or the cases for most of these, the beginning. The picture above shows that I am watching nine dramas. Well, that's not exactly the case. I'm watching ten. I didn't realize I forgot one until I was done and decided I was too lazy to redo this. Wowza. This wouldn't be an issue if I were just to watch an episode every week but I'm marathoning all of this. It's like a workout just thinking about it this much. 

Can anyone guess all these dramas?
Never fear for the answer is here. I like how this entire lineup is very versatile and has every kind of drama from melodrama, pre-modern, modern, love, hate, messed up triangles, things that just needs to change their OTPs, okay, I think you all get where I'm going at by now. 

First I will include what I left out and then the rest will follow suit in no particular order.

Shanghai Bund.新上海滩

Featuring China's heartthrob Huang Xiao Ming. About an expelled student who goes to Shanghai to look for his lost love only to find she's moved on and how he later becomes of of the big guys in the Shanghai Bund or a mafia as we all know.

I think I started this back in November-December and after a while it got pretty boring. Usually I don't mind this type of stuff and you would think since Huang Xiao Ming is in this it would be find. I think the story will be very predictable so I put it off to the side. Every now and then I would click on it only to be disappointed. But since I believe in the good in everything also, this is still on my currently watching list I will find time for it once I find time to finish everything else. This is a remake of the one in the 80's and Huang Xiao Ming's mentor in this is the same one who played in character in the original.

Bu Bu Jing Xin 步步惊心

About a girl name Zhang Xiao who accidently travels back in time into the Qing Dynasty. She tries her best to make use of being there but also being careful not to change the future. She is able to learn the backbone for how history was made and fell in love at the same time.

I believe this is the third or fourth time I'm re-watching this. What can I say? It's pretty fantastic. I know the description was vague but I'm going to try my best to not spoil it. I love this drama and poster. I've been behind on this because I originally planned on watching one to two episodes a night on my iPod but lately sleep deprivation has gotten the better of me making me fall behind. Plus, I don't think I need to explain this to anyone because we all love it and know the story. Except my mom. She doesn't like it because she's weird. But then again she likes Ru Yi and thai lakorns so I don't exactly take in her opinion to heart. Based on the popular Tong Hua novel.

Luan Shi Jia Ren/ Beauty in Troubled Times 乱世佳人

Lian Xin and Chong Yan embark to Shanghai to have a fresh new start. When they believe that things were settling down and going for the better, things take the turn for the worst and they get involved in the selling the country and try their best to save it.

Words cannot explain how much I love anything in this time period. I mean c'mon. Half the things in this post is set during this time period. The cast is spectacular, it literally couldn't get better. The problem is that I'm watching this in English sub, how inconvenient. I was actually in this process of catching up on this drama yesterday but then I thought of another drama from a few years ago. I found it and am way too intrigued by it to stop. And that drama is currently in Vietnamese Dubbed. I must add that I can't wait to go back to this drama because I like the plot well enough and is head over heels over this spectacular star-studded cast.

Entangling Love In Shanghai 侬本多情

After Xiang Xue Er lost her husband and child, Bai Lang helps her to be famous in hopes of finding a new and better husband than her ex. But money, greed, and fame will always take over and change Xue Er.

I started watching this four years ago when it first aired in Vietnam. Sadly I had to leave after only getting a few episodes in. I would always try to look for this drama but it just wasn't in cyberspace. Until yesterday when I was thinking about it while watching Luan Shi Jia Ren, I googled the heck out of it like I always do and I found it. They just started posting this year and the whole thing is out. I am currently watching it right now and I love it and I know I will throughout the whole thing. I am also especially in love with Bai Lang. He's like the ideal guy that we all want. I know the description sounds like crap but it is so much better than it sounds.

Infernal Lover 无间有爱

Four youths get tangled into selling the country. One is a spy, another a hot-blooded nationalist, a girl who wants food and warmth, and an inspiring singer.

I think you all know I am trying my best to recap this. But I hate recapping. I really do. I don't know why I wanted to start doing it again and is considering quitting again. I just want to sit down and enjoy this without pausing a hundred times an episode just to take a stupid picture and then post it for this blog. I'm pretty interested in this drama and I heard the reviews weren't that bad.

Last Night of Madam Chin 金大班的最后一夜

A young girl who was switched at birth grew up and became a dancing host/call girl. While working, a young heir to a newspaper tycoon found her and fell in love with her at first sight.

I started this summer 2011 I believe and haven't touched it since. It got boring. I'm kind of questioning still on whether or not to drop it but Zai Zai and Bing Bing is in this. Plus I love the glamour of this time period and her outfits.

Replacement Princess/ King Flower/ The Adventures of Jin Da Hua 金大花的華麗冒險

A bucktooth country bumpkin gets plastic surgery and is made beautiful. But she must stay with General Manager of Sheng Da Group for a year to help out his company.

I don't know how I feel about this drama. Decent cast, I'm a sucker for Taiwanese dramas, but this one is just off on too many levels. I'm upset by Da Hua being so blind and not maturing. This far in this trainwreck, I don't know how SETTV will fix this mess with only five episodes to go. This is actually my first drama where I am following it by the week. I have attempted many times before but always lost interest, *cough cough* Missing You/ I Miss You cough cough*. Hopefully my hubby will get a happy ending in this, if not he's coming back to me. For those who don't know, Chris Wu is my hubby.

The Myth 神话

Xiao Chuan and Gao Yao accidentally travels back in time into the Qin Dynasty under Qin Shi Huang Di. He gets mistaken as a General but he follows with it. He learns the true meaning behind love, brotherhood, and trust.

This drama makes me want to shoot myself in the foot. Not because it's bad. Not by a long shot, this drama is amazing. But because I really want to finish this. I am so close to the ending but right now other things are calling my attention. I just want to finish my other dramas so I can finish this one. I must add that this is one of the best that I have seen Hu Ge act in and the cast is great.

Warriors of the Yang Clan 杨门虎将

The story of the Yang Clan through the eyes of Yang Si Lang (Fourth Brother). The Yang Clan were the greatest military family during the Song Dynasty. The people and emperor knew of their loyalty. Yang Ye took his seven sons with him to the Battle of Golden Beach...and that is all I will say.

After hearing of the upset box off for Saving General Yang, all I have been wanting is to Yang Clan marathon. As in watch everything Yang Clan back to back. I don't even know why I want to do that because I don't have enough tissues in this house. It's weird watching this because I'm somewhat judging it off the 2006 version. I think this drama will be good and true to the story and hopefully proving my theory that things were a lot better before SARFT came and ruined everything.

Xiao Hong Yan

A young girl marries into the family in the hopes of getting revenge but falls in love with the young master of the household.

I don't know if I want to keep up with this because of the bad plot and hair. The only thing that got me was the viet dubbed, Baron, and the pretty introduction song. The story is just too sloppy to enjoy.


I found out that I forgot about another drama I haven't finished.

Return of the Condor Heroes 神雕侠侣

After Guo Jing and Huang Rong dropped Yang Guo at the Taoist temple to learn martial arts, Yang Guo was constantly bullied and mistreated. He ran away into Xiao LongNu's cave. After begging constantly and numerous events, Xiao Long Nu raised Yang Guo and taught him martial arts. But slowly he fell for her and she fell for him. Their hopes of being together were crushed when denied by everyone in the world.

I don't know why this is still on the list. There is still literally five more episodes left for me to watch. It will be my project two weekends from now. I was serious when I said I don't have time. I don't even have time now to do homework let alone this. This drama is and isn't what I remembered it as. Hey I just noticed it's Huang Xiao Ming again with my favorite girl Liu Yi Fei. Anyways watch it, or at least one of the version, except the 2003 version. I mean XLN wears BLACK for Pete's sake.

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  1. Lolz I've seen or heard of most of these that you are watching!
    I'm actually thinking about reviewing Warriors of the Yang Clan and A Beauty In Troubled Times (aka Gone with the Wind). Even though Yang Clan 2004 was very sad (lots of tears), I think overall its a great story and you really do feel for the characters.
    Madam Chin was really interesting until the part (spoiler maybe?) Zai Zai decided to use extreme methods to prove his love for FBB's character -_- it reminded me of this French movie Manon where the guy did something similar to woo the girl.

    Great list!