Saturday, May 25, 2013

Upcoming Drama: Perfect Couple

Looking back, this image sure has us remembering the bittersweet love that Xu Changqin and Zixuan endured. These two captured the hearts of the audience more than our leads by Hu Ge and Yang Mi in CP3. CP3 was Wallace's and Tang Yan's first project together and they showed impeccable chemistry together, that to this day makes me wish they could've ended up together, sorry for that.  The wuxia love story of the millennium that only lasted for a millennium now has its chance to be redeemed.

Fans like you me have been waiting anxiously for Wallace Huo and Tang Yan to pair up again and now the five year wait is over. Now they will be working on Wallace's first production Perfect Couple 金玉良緣.

I could not have been a happier fangirl after finding news of this a few weeks back, totally made my day. I should've done something then but time was not in sight until recently I've been containing some juicy stuff that I can't handle anymore. Be prepared to smile ear to ear and have your heart broken a little in the process. Maybe I shouldn't have said that but I am only giving you a heads up.

This will be Wallace's first production, by his company Huajae, where he will work alongside the same company, Zhejiang Dream Stardom and Tv, who gave us Sealed With A Kiss and Ru Yi. Knowing that makes me as nervous as knowing that Semi-Gods and Semi-Devils is made by the same company that made The Magic Blade. I know it's wrong of me to judge that company for not even fully watching SWAK and Ru Yi, but I did try and I regretted it. However, in every storm there is a silver lining and a rainbow that follows soon after. On the bright side the screenwriter is none other than our very own Tong Hua. Yes the same Tong Hua that tore our hearts out and played it as if she were a puppeteer, yet her work captures her audience like none other making her one of the best authors in China, ever. Even though we, the audience, have experienced every emotion possible when experiencing her work, we still love her and do not know what the heck we'll do without this mastermind. This will be her first time working as a screenwriter so this will be different for her. Similar to Song in The Clouds, Perfect Couple will be written more for screen adaption, but never fear because we all know Tong Hua will be able to pull something amazing out of her sleeve.

Like I mentioned earlier, it has been five years since Wallace Huo and Tang Yan worked together. They've had multiple opportunities working together, supposedly Wallace was offered to play He Jung Feng in Agent X but turned it down. Even though I was disappointed, I'm just glad Luo Jin took his place. A few days ago, I was streaming my Facebook when I encountered an article that contained the interview that Wallace had regarding working with TangTang in Perfect Couple. The amount of times that he says TangTang will get to you like it did me. You guys ready for some great and awkward stuff? Yes awkward.

Perfect Couple will take place during the Ming Dynasty. Jin Yuanbao (Wallace Huo) is a pampered heir to an imperial family in charge of weapons and Yu QiLin (Tang Yan) is daughter of a renowned martial artists who wanders around the country.


I find the costumes to be very nice. I like the rest of you feel that the bangs aren't exactly right but it will grow on you like it did me. I guess they were going for a youthful look. As for Wallace, I would made do without the jacket thing with the collar but if he must, remember to pop that collar and work it.

So news of this drama first came out on April 25th if I'm not mistaken. I was utterly surprised that they even had the costumes ready as fast as they did but when I was looking around, I find that they had the trailer out and everything. It wasn't even yesterday when the trailer came out but on last Wednesday May 15. I'm surprised by how fast everything is getting done, I mean it hasn't even been an exact month and the trailer's out. I haven't heard much news of the trailer so I guess that makes me first to post it for you guys. You guys don't understand how lucky you guys are if you can speak Mandarin, I wish I did so it would make watching every drama a gazillion times easier and I don't have to wait for subs or dubs -____'- . It's all cool though, I have a great feeling that this will be very famous and will be out for me in no time. So here goes the moment we have all been waiting for, the trailer.


Just to bring back some old memories, a music video on Xu Changqin and Zixuan. Oh White Tofu is such a naive character but this love...

I am ready for this drama so I can watch Tang Yan and Wallace's amazing face.

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