Sunday, May 26, 2013

Possible Airing Date: Da Mo Yao

I guess the title kinda speaks for itself but hearing this, I was as skeptical as the person to right, left, in front, and behind me, basically everyone. But hearing this gives us a glimmer of hope that things are slowly, very slowly smoothing out. But knowing SARFT, something is bound to happen. I guess all we have to do is keep waiting.

I don't want to imagine the headache that Tangren is going through in order to get this thing released, especially when Karen's worst enemy Yu Zheng is getting things aired back to back with the In Love With Power, Swordsman, and now Female Prime Ministers/ Legend of Lu Zhen. It doesn't help that Yu Zheng has the rights to do the sequel to this, Song in the Clouds, and has a higher possibility of airing before this drama, which finished filming at the end of last summer. 

Part of the reason why it is still really low on the radar is because of all the "complications" that is going on with the history implied. Apparently one person even went to the lengths of writing to Tangren to stop production of DMY entirely because of the relationship inaccuracy between the Hans and Huns, most notably called Xiong Nu. And we all remember that fiasco a few months back when SARFT pushed them to change the ending because of HQB's life or death. One of those. I think SARFT shouldn't exist period but no one ever listens to my opinion. I mean they made us hate them with all the push back dates for all the dramas in China and the no more time-traveling rule, never forget that huge scare they gave us with possibility of no remakes, no adaptations with books, and some other crap I don't feel like remembering. 

I hope you guys don't mind me venting because I know we all feel the same way. Now to the real reason we're here. I was randomly messing around the interweb like I always do when I stumbled around an article that held the possible airing date two days back and now *Drumroll*, rumor has it, key word RUMOR, it will being airing on July 6. Did your heart stop yet? Are you smiling ear to ear? We'll I hate to be a Debby-downer but I must point out some very obvious things. If you remember how many push back dates that FPM experienced than you can partially imagine what DMY might go through. Not only that but they're still uncertain of which network it will be broadcast under, which will most likely be Shanghai. Apparently there was also another rumor that it will air in Taiwan first which makes no logically sense, like what so ever. And the last thing, where the heck are the trailers? All we've been staring at are the same promotional pictures given to us a year ago and also the same BTS pictures, I'm not gonna complain entirely on that because the wolves are cute as can be even if they're husky dogs. Perfect Couple has been around for a little over a month and a trailer is out yet this has been around for over a year and nada. But I have a strong feeling something will be coming up soon. So cross your fingers, toes, throw a few coins in the fountain, rub Buddha's belly, pray, blow out birthday candles and hope something will pop up that is set in stone and tells us the actuall release date with trailers. The more the merrier.

Remember that this is all a possibility but it's hell of a lot better than what we have now. I will be looking up on DMY every day and report if anything comes up.

The link containing the article

I'm sorry for the month off. School is school, with teachers assigning everything at once, not to mention exam weeks. Just seven days left and I'm out. I am thankful for all of you guys who ready my blog.

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