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Currently Watching: Mandate of Heaven: The Fugitive of Joseon

In case you didn't notice, I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Korean dramas due to its inconsistency. I know that's wrong of me to say considering there are a lot of bad Chinese/Hong Kong/ and Taiwanese dramas out there, but the last few Kdramas I've watched have made me question what the heck is everyone raving about? I don't know if it's just me, the dramas I've chosen, my favor of acting, me not liking the "flower boy look", the frustrating endings and so on.

However about a month ago or something, I read somewhere about this and it sounded decent. The only that was really pulling me in was Kim YuBin and her impeccable cuteness. I think that this drama has a possibility of making me believe in the good of Kdramas, as long as it doesn't end terribly.

I originally went into this with one eye open I guess you can say. I came n knowing only the simple plot that a royal physician is on the run after being framed for murder but isn't allowing that to happen because he needs to cure his daughter's rare illness and that YuBin is the daughter of the main guy. I don't exactly care much about keeping up to date with Korean celebrities so I didn't know much about the cast or how well their acting is.

So long story short I started watching this drama yesterday, caught up to episode 10 and can't wait for Thursday to come around. This drama has me hooked. I didn't expect to be such a fan girl about this and will definitely try my best to keep up with this drama every week.

Reasons why MoH/FoJ is worth watching:
- The amazing father daughter relationship between Lee Dong Wook and Kim Yu Bin. This is what the drama is really about. Love and friendship and all the other things in this drama are hanging there but most of us tuned in originally because there will be a great father daughter bond between the two and we were not disappointed. This inspires people and it's good for Choi Won's character to have a realistic goal for surviving because he knows if he dies, she will soon follow the same path her father just took.

- Kim Yu Bin's undeniable cuteness that turns everyone's soul into pudding from melting of cuteness

-The chemistry between Lee Jung Hwan/ Red Demon and Choi Woo Young. Like no joke, when I was reading the soompi thread earlier the fans are wishing for more skinship and guilty is charged because I am wishing for more too, which will most likely happen soon.

-Father daughter relationship between bandit chief and his daughter So Baek. It provides the much needed comedy when this entire drama revolves around seriousness, murder, kidnapping, overthrowing officials and so on. On the Soompi forum thread, someone even said that So Baek and her father mimicked Choe Won and Choi Rang, which I beg to differ. Choi Rang is polite and brave where as So Baek is the feistiest tomboy to ever appear in front of my computer screen, however both dads equally love their daughter and only wants to protect them because they're daddy's little princess.

-Relationship between So Baek and Kkeok Jung. This is debatable since it's somewhat one-sided now but anyone who is watching this knows that sooner or later she's going to realize that she needs him while the rest of us are just thinking that he is way too damn good for her.

-Bromances. Bromance between Crown Prince Lee Ho and Choi Won and bromance between Min JuBu and Choi Won because a drama is never complete if it doesn't have a bromance.
Even though this bromance is being tested right now and failing miserably,we all know or at least hope that the Crown Prince Lee Ho will come to his senses sooner or later.

Even though he died, woops, he was one of Choi Won's closest friends since childhood, even having many secret places to play and hide.

- Every other small relationship in the drama. It just adds to the fact that every relationship in this drama works, proving the actor's immense acting skills and strong plot line.
Even though their love is as small as a grain of rice in this drama, it's vital to the story for why Min Jubu did what he did leading up to this mumbo jumbo

Her cuteness is slowly breaking the Red Demon little by little. My heart ached when she was being carried away calling him to help her because there was nothing he could do </3. That cute scene ^^^ where she was mimicking his growl was so cute and her trying to be pretty in front of him so he can be lenient to her and her her aunt. All of that would make sense if you watched it.

The relationship between Choi Rang and Da In symbolizes the mother daughter relationship that Choi Rang doesn't have in her life. Even though her aunt is funny and loves her and cares for her, she's too upfront with the child whereas Da In has the gentleness and compassion like any mother.

-The Funny scene.

Could you imagine waking up and seeing a bandit's face right in front of yours? This was a great scene, one of the many in this.

-Even though I don't seen much between Da In and Choi Won, I did like how their relationship started and the development and that they make a good team, I just don't see much love going on.

There are many more reasons why this drama is worth watching. Compared to many, this drama has a fast pace and keeps its audience on their feet, which is good. The development of the relationships makes us gush over this even more. The action scenes, even though they are simple and mediocre, the editing on them makes it look amazing.

Just watch it and thank me.

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