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Drama Update: June 2013

My laziness has gotten to me again to where I might actually have to do two or three posts today but I'd much rather just watch whatever it is I'm watching.

It's currently July as I'm writing this. I originally started writing this post Friday but again laziness is tempting, so I just rewatched Boys Over Flowers since it's been a few years.

The reason why I decided to do this post was because I saw an unusual lineup in all my dramas. For someone who doesn't like Korean dramas, it seems to be I've been watching for the last two weeks.

Instead of starting off by writing about what I'm watching, I'll begin by writing everything I've recently finished.

First off Mars. Yes the infamous Taiwanese drama Mars, not the planet. I've never seen it, surprisingly, only hearing about it. I knew a few things about this, such as Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu and that Vic was a motorcycle rider, obviously, and that was all I needed to know. Boy was I surprised by what was at hand and it definitely blew me away. This drama was fantastic in every way imaginable. Long story short, it's a story about two tortured souls who somehow heal each other. I don't remember where I read that but that basically sums it up in every way imaginable. The drama allows you to wrap your head about the complexity that is in life and well it's just great. This drama proves my theory that most dramas in the last two decades are better because censorship and rules have gotten in the way. If you're as behind on dramas as much as I am, get your hands on this drama, grab enough food for three days and watch it.

Before Mars, I watched The Last Princess. The name has always caught my eyes but the story was something I could never wrap my head around. It wasn't because it wasn't good but because there was nothing about it. After finding a video on it, it grasped my attention and this drama.... I'll just start off by saying that the director and screenwriter Yu Zheng. Yes the same Yu Zheng who is known for his Beauty series and the king of plagiarism. Knowing that made me really hesitant watching this. The more I watched this the more I enjoyed it. I know, I know. The drama was very well written, some parts could be worked on, omit the daughter and son and they are good to go. The main actress, in my opinion, was definitely better in portraying Yun Xiang's earlier years than afterwards, compared to her gorgeous male costars, Sammul Chan, Yan Kuan, and my favorite actor Sun Xing. Even though this drama is suppose to revolve around this princess, it's safer to say that it revolves more around the lives of the men in her life. As expected, my favorite character is none other than Shen Shi Hao, but everyone was unique in their own ways. Like I said, I could really make-do without the daughter and son and really wished they put more effort in the second half where everything was lose and slopping, providing probably one of the worst done endings I've ever seen. I also would've wish for more meat and depth for Yun Xiang and Fang Tian Yu, but you can never expect much when it's in Yu Zheng's hand. If you're interested in watching this than yes, I would recommend it, however I will warn that the last quarter is worth dropping because of the disappointment I still bare.

Before I watched Mars and The Last Princess, I finally took out some time to finish The Myth. I still don't know why I ever stopped watching this because this is without a doubt one of the best dramas I've ever watched. Hu Ge is at his best. The cast, script, the amazing costume, soundtrack, everything couldn't have been better. Many praises for Jackie Chan who was the producer of this drama and the mastermind behind adapting The Myth (The movie that he was in) into something compelling and heartfelt. It was definitely a smart decision because after I finished the drama, I watched the movie and I felt like I just wanted to know more, which is what the drama provides. I feel like I could watch this drama forever and never get bored, it's that good. If you're like me and love historical fiction done well, this is your go to. It may be fifty episodes but it's definitely worth the time. The drama is very good at pacing itself and all the relationships interlined with one another definitely made me smile ear to ear. This drama is definitely a work of art and I am looking very forward to watching this again.

Boys Over Flowers. Yeah I would definitely choose Boys over flowers. It's safe to say that every girl who watches any kind of dramas have watched this. This is the epitome of Korean dramas and started the term "flower boys". I actually just finished rewatching this today and I almost forgot to mention this, not that anyone really cares. This drama has enough fluff, yet enough body that some people don't really care if it is another remake. I personally would've wish they gave Kim Joon (Song Woo Bin) more time. He's definitely my favorite because of his humor but also because he's the most realistic out of all of them. I'm kinda just saying this because he's my favorite and all but whatever. Jan Di is one lucky girl. I mean she's bestfriends with 4 chaebols, just the journey with the wicked witch wasn't fun, and her best friend gets to go out with Yi Jung. I will say that every kiss in this drama sucked. I have watched enough Korean dramas to say that is one of the reason I'm iffy about anything Korean. Why are they so stiff? I mean just do it, watch a few Taiwanese dramas and learn, and why couldn't Ga Eul and Yi Jung just have ONE kiss? I don't know. Me rambling again. But this drama will always have a place in my heart because it is amazing and it's the first Korean drama that I remember watching, props.

Currently Watching

Fugitive of Joseon. If you haven't read one of my earlier post, I was actually already watching this and it just finished airing last week. I just haven't gotten around to watching the last three episodes. The drama is about an imperial physician who is framed for murder of another physician and is on the run but is trying to do everything he can to save his sick daughter. This drama definitely started off better than where it is now. I think the intensity and the hype of the case of him on the run sets a good start for this drama but after a while it's kinda just repetitive. Now all it is is just an endless cycle of him trying to prove his innocence, keyword cycle. I think I'm gonna finish it this week only because I've gotten so far and it would be a waste and I want to see the ending for So-Baek and Kkeok-Jeong and Jung-Hwan and Woo-Young. It's a pretty good drama but I think since a lot of people aren't exactly watching it, they're not doing much.

Heartless City. Who the heck hasn't heard of this yet. From what I've heard it's the biggest thing in South Korea right now. The drama is about a girl who goes undercover to find the person who killed her bestfriend in her mission. I started watching this out of curiosity and because my friend told me it was good. So I watched all ten episodes in a day and all I can say is disappointment. I've come to learn that when people put more hype into something, I just kinda dislike it entirely. I think part of the problem with this is the pacing. Everything is just too slow for my liking. Out of all ten episodes I've watched, episode ten was so far the best. Sure some interesting stuff happened here and there but nothing kept me going. Okay, that was a lie, I kept going with this drama because I wanted more. Curiosity is really hitting me in this drama because of how the ending will turn out when everyone reveals their secret identity or when everyone dies, but one thing for sure is that there is going to be a lot of bitterness and resentment in the second half. One thing I really do enjoy about this drama is the clothes, I just want it, most of it, it's so freaking nice. If you're interested in this drama, I say go for it, it may not be exactly my type but it will keep you on your toes and wanting more.

This is an edition of the popular Korean reality variety show We Got Married. The only difference is that it's global, the girls are from different countries and it's only two couples, less than what it usually is. Emma Wu/ Gui Gui is a spunky and hyper actress from Taiwan and Fujii Mina is a conservative model and actress from Japan. The guys are 2PM's Taecyeon and FT Island Lee Hongki. The two couples live together as though they're actually married. This show has enough cuteness and fluff and laughter to keep me entertained from all these serious dramas around me. My favorite couple is always changing because there are times where Gui Gui gets to be too much, or that Taec is such a charmer or because there's something sparking for Hongki and Mina but it's a cute show worth watching. My only wish was that this wasn't just for 15 episodes but longer, like forever would be fine.

Fujii Mina and Lee Hongki first met at a library or bookshop of all places (Hongki hates reading). Luckily for Hongki, Mina speaks a lot of Korean. They're a genuine couple for sure. I'm not sure whether or not they'll actually continue this after the show is over, TWO EPISODES LEFT -_____-, because of her conservativeness, but she's definitely opening up towards him. I like how their differences is whats bringing them together. Like I said, one word to describe them is genuine, #nuffsaid.

Gui Gui and Taecyeon first met in a shoe store/ coffee shop. Interesting, just like them. They're definitely the couple you go to if you want a good laugh. They speak English, well Gui Gui tries but at least she's adorable trying. They're always up and about doing something silly. As you watch this, you can see that there is jealously that one feels for the other. Whether or not they'll try to go out afterwards is up to them, but if it makes it better, they both have agree that they want to try, once they get the whole distance and language barrier out of the way, they're A-OK. As much as I want this to work, I know it won't.... They're so cute together but poor Taecyeon is the one pulling all the slack and practically babysitting her sometimes, but if this was Taiwan, that would be a different story, another reason why I don't think it would work. I think it would be so cute if Taec came to Taiwan and surprise Gui Gui while she's working on The Four. I know it won't happen because this was filmed a while back, but a girl cam dream right?

A whole line-up of dramas. Like I said, a lot of Korean at once for someone so iffy about it. 

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