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Anticipation as Curiosity Strikes: A Wedding Invitation

Occasionally I do watch stuff other than dramas. I was getting somewhat bored of doing my recaps of Infernal Lover and decided to browse around Youku for a snipbit. The first thing that caught my eye was a screencap of one of my husbands, Eddie Peng, I know I'm a cheater for having many husbands. Anyways, Eddie, who doesn't love him and his cuteness? Thirty something my ass. He looks no older than twenty-four.

Anyways, when I first saw this I knew I must watch this because of Eddie. Too bad I don't know more than five lines of Mandarin, oh how that would make my life a million times better. Trust me, if I could, I would book a flight right now, hop my ass on that plane and sit outside the movie theaters all night just to see my hubby. Surprisingly this doesn't come out Friday, gosh, why must I be busy that day? Life is tough. Anyways , more on A Wedding Invitation and I'm sorry for my bantering but you guys wouldn't understand right now.

The story begins with Li Xing (Taiwanese actor Eddie Peng, Cold War) and his girlfriend Qiao Qiao (Bai Bai He, Love is Not Blind) breaking up in order to pursue their individual goals-- his in becoming a master chef, hers in industrial design. They make a pact that if in five years neither is married, they'll get hitched to each other. He stays in Beijing, and she heads off to Shanghai. Fiver years later, Qiao Qiao gets a call out the blue and an invitation to Li Xing's nuptials. Not so fast. Qiao Qiao isn't quite ready to give Li Xing up yet and so she marches to sabotage the wedding. They haggle a bit over their mutual stupidity, but a new wrench is thrown in the works when Qiao Qiao recieves some surprising medical news. (Taken from The Hollywood Reporter)

Holy crap right? I know it sounds kinda cliche but I know you all are a sucker for cliche antics as much as I am. I'm kinda glad that this is a movie opposed to a drama because that would be way too draggy. When I first saw the trailer thirty minutes ago, yes thirty minutes ago, I was hooked. Ten minutes later I found that post on what it's about and part of me is still freaking out. Eddie Eddie Eddie, I have told you I'm head over heels for you right? You're making me love you more. I know you're pretending to love her because it's your job, just remember me sweetie-pie ;) I'm still curious how Jiang Jing Fu got casted since he was kinda of a mishap/ miscast in Xuan Yuan Sword 3. I think his fame came too sudden and it was really unfair for Lin GengXin. I think he got the job because of his naive look, youth, and truth be told, cuteness.

So here we know we have a loving romantic movie with some cute faces. This movie is also called Valentines Day or Happy Valentines Day.

Video Trailer

After seeing that trailer I hope you guys want to see this as much as I want to so we can all gore in my hubby's cuteness and ever-spectacular acting. Oddly enough though, if you see this other trailer↓↓↓
the story seems different from the one presented above. Either way we all get the gist of things.

Eddie Peng as Li Xing
A guy who pretends to get married to get back his old girlfriend.

Bai Bai He as Qiao Qiao
Li Xing's ex girlfriend who turned down his marriage propasal many times. When she finds out that he's moved on and is very successful in everything, she finds a way to get back with him.

Jiang Jing Fu as ________ (I honestly don't know)
Qiao Qiao's pretend fiance 

Extra Pictures
The actual promotion poster for this movie

You know when you see a picture like this, stuff is gonna go dooooooooown.

Note, there will be a lot of suits in this. Another love of mine.

So cute. I'm a sucker for park bench pictures.

Now is the waiting game.

A Wedding Invitation


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