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Recap Episode 3: Infernal Lover

So is anyone excited for these recaps? I'm only excited to continue watching this drama but not recapping, this is more for you guys. 

Last time, we left off with Feng Yi crying by the lake and saying how he's tired of being the bad guy and Liu Yi Kui taking care of ther "heroine" Hua Er. How will this story unfold, I don't know. Okay that was a lie. Of course I know, how else would I be doing this?

My dear netizens, I present to you episode three.

The episode begins with Xiao Xue and the troupe master in the market. He tells her to buy the things they need and try to not cause any trouble, or even talk to anyone. She promises that she won't do anything stupid. As she was headed to the store, she saw Liu Yi Kui. They were both surprised to see one another but she tells him that they can't meet again. He asks her why because he is still thankful for her help last time and asks her to help him again. She rejects his favor.

Feng Yi goes to visit the head Marshal and as he was waiting in the foyer, he heard a melodious voice singing. When the singer and the marshal's wife walked out, Feng Yi and the singer shared the same expression like they knew each other.

The marshal and Feng Yi talks. The Marshal tells Feng Yi that the assassin who killed Mr. Yu is a mole then presumably asks what kind of person Feng Yi is.. Feng Yi tells the Marshal that he is the kind of person who doesn't believe silly rumors. The marshal praises him for his intelligence then says let the rumors spread, the bigger the better. They also speak about the Marshal had to find the documents related to selling the country but that he was most likely set up and a bunch of other political crap.

Liu Yi Kui brings Xiao Xue to a cave hideout where they're staying. He tells her that Hua Er is the heroine and goes on rambling on how heroic she is for risking her life. He then goes on about a promise he made eighteen years ago with his god-father and sworn brother; they plan to meet again within a few days so Liu Yi Kui asks Xiao Xue again if she is willing to take care of Hua Er in his absence. She rejects his favor again after almost getting her troupe in trouble last time and leaves. As she was on her way home, she thought about it over and decided to help. It skips back to him talking to himself how she is selfish and he saw wrong in her for not helping those who are almost dead. Lucky for him she didn't hear that and told him she was willing to help for a while. He said he will be back in about ten days, rambles about his family, thanks her, then leaves.

Liu Yi Kui arrives and his brothers have a worried expression on their faces when Yi Kui asks where his god-father is. They have a discussion and he finds out that his god-father is dead. They also tell him that the person who killed him is his sworn brother. Can you guess who? Yes Feng Yi. He is surprised by the news.

The police chief and Feng Yi have a discussion questioning why he wants to stay under his wing when he can branch away and become successful

Our poor Xiao Xue gets yet another scolding from the troupe master when he couldn't find her and for her coming home so late. As punishment she doesn't get dinner. That night, the troupe master and the singer talk about that isn't really a punishment. She tells him that she has a relative in Shanghai that she knows but doesn't want to ask for her help.

The next morning Xiao Xue sneaks out with some steamed buns to visits Hua Er. What she doesn't know is that her brother is following her.

She brings her the steamed buns but she is constantly whispering that she will bring more (to her nephews). Her brother finds out she was the fugitive that ruined their troupe; he says that he must find a way to get her away from his sister. He remembers that people are selling young girls and being sent to work far way.

The brother sells Hua Er away to I guess you can say pirates? people. When Xiao Xue returns later that day, she finds that the heroine is gone. She thinks she left because she had another mission to go on and didn't want to bother her. That night, her brother was thinking to himself, praying that Hua Er didn't escape and plans on finding his sister again. When Xiao Xue arrives home, he gives her new clothes from money he's saved up for a while. He doesn't want to see his sister in rags and was actually planning on buying it for a while.

A head housemaid is yelling at servants for bringing home a living being that's barely even living. The servants tell her it's too late to return her because her sellers are long gone.

When Xiao Xue wakes up and gets scolded for pretending to go to sleep and is told to work. She is frighten and then attempts to run away, she fails. 

They discuss Mr. Williams who appears to have his hands in every situation.The Marshal tells Feng Yi that they need to get close to Mr. Williams and that they only way is to find someone who knows English. He asks if Feng Yi knows any. Feng Yi says he doesn't know any but know of someone who does.

The next day Feng Yi sees Qiao Xiao Zhi strolling in the market. When she was buying flowers her purse got  robbed, by the guy standing next to her. Of course our lead gets the purse back from the thief.

And brought her home. She thanks him and asks what she can do in return. He says it's fine as long as she lets him in the next time he visits.
Feng Yi's trusty old sidekick visits Mr. William's house and bears a gift that Feng Yi told him to bring.

As he was about to leave, he spotted Hua Er. He was surprised to see her and followed her. He asked whether or not she remembered him but she doesn't. He thinks that she is putting up a scheme acting like she doesn't know him to get closer to Mr. William's associates. He then rambles on how she's his dream girl. Eventually she gets scolded and asks him to leave or else she won't get dinner. He leaves but tells her if they have are lucky, fate will bring them together again.

Besides working all day, Hua Er has to take English lessons alongside the other servants. Her English name is Rose.

When she was feeding the horses, she met a new friend, Mary. She asks if she was sold her like her. Mary tells her that she was traded here by the Marshal's wife to help out at the household. She also goes on talking about how the Marshal's wife is a really good person by getting her the job and helping out her family. Hua Er and Mary become quick friends and asks for assistance whenever it was needed.

Mr. William asks the head B****, I mean head maid on whether or not a new "shipment" has arrived. She tells him yes; He then tells her to bring one of the new girls into his study.

So you'll never guess who got sacrificed to Mr.William could you? Of course you could. Our poor little naive Hua Er was told to bring pastries into the study. She couldn't find Mr.William and instead of leaving like a sane person, she plays with the globe until Mr.Williams creep up behind her. She thanks him for the job, giving her a job, clothes and some food. He asks if it was enough, she hesitated. She also told him that she was indebted to him and would do anything he asks her to. He asks "So if I asks you to take off your clothes could you?" She runs to the door in fear but finds it's locked. He tells her that if she behaves he could give her more food and a higher salary, which she declined.

He pushes her to the sofa and even slaps her telling her to behave. Right before he was about to you know what, the phone rings and she tells him to answer it because it's not like she can go anywhere. As he was speaking on the phone, she sneaks up behind him with a book, I know, a stupid big book, and hits him trying to get him unconscious. She only succeeds in making him fall, slowing down his actions giving her enough time to get the key. As she was running away, he gets up and screams for help and that she tried taking his things and hitting him.

Feng Yi arrives at the William's Manor asking to see Mr.William. The head maid told him that he's busy in his study. Feng Yi told her he's willing to wait until he sees him.

Hua Er makes another attempt to run away. A servant tells the head maid that Hua Er tried to steal from Mr.William and attacked him. Feng Yi, who overheard the conversation, told them not to worry and that he was going to go after her.

The End...Of Episode Three.

So how do you guy's feel about these recaps? Luckily I found a new trick which allows me to recap a lot faster than my old way, one of them is trying not to go into detail with the pictures.

So does this sound interesting to anyone? I think this has good potential and heard it was good. I am also the biggest sucker for anything around this time period. I wonder what will happen next...

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