Sunday, April 7, 2013

Good News, Well Kinda

I've been hesitating a lot lately on whether or not to do thing again because of the time constraint but I have decided to do so. Want to know what the heck I'm talking about, click the continue reading button.

As you guys know of my attempt to do recaps for Infernal Lover, it failed. Miserably. It would take ten times longer for me to do recaps than actually watching the drama, that was mainly the reason why I stopped. I find that I would do better with encouragement, but I don't get that a lot. I know it seems silly but I need motivation to do something that I'm going to have to invest a good amount of time in.

The news is that, after seeing my stats, I will start doing recaps for Infernal Lover again. Another reason why I stopped before was because it only had so many episodes in English Subs and I finally found it in Vietnamese dubbed. As for stats wise, the rates for the Infernal Lover recaps are on average twenty times higher than my other posts, so that must mean you guys like it, and I only did two. I know I'm gonna be wanting to shoot my foot as I do each of these but hopefully it will be worth it. 

I hope that together this will lead to better things, although I will most likely be losing sleep, but it's somewhat fine.

Another news is that I won't be doing Song Of The Week anymore. I've only been doing it for a month but it's not that interesting for me to do nor is it that interesting for you guys to read. I will just go back to doing simple Ost soundtracks and that will be the closest to music we get around here.

To close a book and reopen another one that I've attempted, here's a song from Infernal Lover. I think I already included it when I did the soundtrack for this drama but who cares because it's a good song. Here-goes Heir goes.

Tian Shi De Chi Bang by An Hu
Wings Of An Angel

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