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The Interconnection Of Dramas: Legend of the Condor Heroes

I think I can speak for everyone when I say that we have all seen at least one version of this drama. I have only seen the '06 one so I'm not going to judge the others. Anyways, that's not the point but being the person that I am, a person with criticism and something to say for everything, have found a lot of things to say about this. 

Of course none of them are bad, yet anyways, we'll just wait and see. But I am on a slow process watching this because of multiple reasons, this being one of them.

As I was watching I kept hearing stuff about Yang Kang's past then it hit me. Muahaha, if only you understood. 

Like the title states, this drama has a relation, a major relation to another drama and no it's not Return of the Condor Heroes. I'm not going to go into it just yet because of some explaining needs to be done.

Does everyone remember Yang Kang's and Mu NianCi's first meeting? The duel for her hand in marriage you ask? Why yes.

When Mu NianCi performed her martial arts with a spear, Yang Kang mummbled something like no wonder mom loves the Yang Family spear routines and blah blah, it really is amazing. Do you also remember that time when Yang Kang's real father was fighting an old buddy of his and he admired the Yang Descendant Spear Routines again? 

Does this ring a bell for anyone? Spears? Yang Descendant Spear Routines? YANG?

You guessed right if your drama choice was The Young Warriors of the Yang Clan.

Still don't understand? Well first off I would like to praise the author of The Condor Trilogy, Jin Yong. Somehow I think he planned all this out and was just waiting for someone to point it out. I'm sure a bunch of people have but so will I, except on here. I want to read one of his works so badly -____- . No wonder he's the greatest Wuxia author of all time.

Back on topic. Well when you watch and hear Yang Kang constantly speak of the Yang Descendant Spear Routines, you don't think about it until you remember his name and the history behind the Yang Family. If you haven't I'll brief it up real quick. 

They are real historical figures, note that, they are a militaristic family in the early Song Dynasty, but above all they were the best and most repected in history and being part of their military was something people would take pride in. In the final event Battle at Golden Beach against the Liaos, they only had 300 men with them against their 40,000. They did not expect to fall into a conspiracy and then betrayed by their emperor, Emperor Taizong, who believed they were betraying him. What A DUMBASS. Anyways, the seven sons and their father were at the battle and only one returned. 

The whole thing about the spears is that its their specialty weapon and they've mastered it and the routines/combinations are passed down generation to generation, hence Yang Kang's father knows it. DUN DUN DUNNNN.

After the reconciliation between Yang Kang and his father, his father told him the history of their ancestors, the Yang Family.

It's in this episode where the see the clip from Young Warriors, at around 30 minutes is when you see his dad with the spear, 34 minutes when he realized he's a descendant, and 35:20 when you see the flashback. During those 5 seconds, I flipped out, stopped watching, called my sister over and rewatched.

Other Notes

It's been about 5 years since I've watched this so everything is very vague to me, so I don't remember much

When I first watched this I never knew about the Yang Family so to me it was mumbo jumbo, but now it feels good to know more.

Most of the cast members from The Young Warriors of the Yang Clan are actually in this.

I flipped out and was heartbroken when I found out my favorite character in this drama was the one I hated the most in Young Warriors.

The Same Cast Members

Young Warriors then LOCH

Hu Ge
Yang Liu Lang

Guo Jing

Yuan Hong
Yelu Xie

Yang Kang

Liu Shi Shi
Miss Lou/ Yang Si Niang

Mu NianCi

Wang Jia Meng
Yang Ye
Yang Tie Xin

Li Jie
Emperor Taizong
OuYang Ke 

So yeah, he's my favorite character in this drama and the emperor was my least favorite in Young Warriors, how sad eh?

Funny how things work right? Genious in my opinion.

And does it make any sense that the version with english sub is longer than the one with viet dubbed?

Back to watching now, muahhahahaha.

Drama Title: She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan
English Title: Eagles Shooting Heroes
Other Title: Legend of the Condor Heroes
Vietnamese Title: Tan Anh Hung Xa Dieu
Year: 2008

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  1. Song Yang in Legend of the Condor Heroes as Yin Zhi Ping was also in Shao Nian Yang Jia Jiang as Yang Er Lang :)