Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Myth: Cast and Thoughts

Those dramas where you started watching them, then they get a little dull and now that you're re-watching you remembered how great it was in the first place, well this is definitely that drama.

Initially, I started watching this maybe in summer '10 or '11, its been a while basically. After the decision to stop watching Infernal Lover for various reasons and not exactly ready to start another drama, I'll just go back to an old on. None of the other drama's I've started watching truly sparked an interest like before but this one did. This drama gets me and that's what makes me love it. Even better, it's fully in viet dubb, FTW!

The Myth. Movie remade into a drama by our very own Jackie Chan, who was the lead in the original movie version.
Every now and then I would always attempt to finish it but I always got distracted and ended up watching something else. Recently, I was watching something on youtube related to it and of course I read the comments on the video and all everyone talked about was how great the drama was but also how bad the ending was... With that I got somewhat hesitant, but here I am.

I remember it like the old days where when I first watched it, I watched 12 episodes the first night, thats how good it was, but it's been a little draggy lately but also really well done.

Everything from cast, costume, setting, costume, and did I mention costume? I like it in the sense that it's simple, flattering on everyone, and best of all no color blocking!

I may be speaking for myself but trust me and just watch it for yourself, you'll actually enjoy it.

The Cast:
In no particular order.
Hu Ge as Yi Xiao Chuan and General Meng Yi

Xiao Chuan is the second child of his parents, who are archaelogists. He is a player, out of control, and free spirit who was raised by him mom after their parents divorce. One day visiting his brother at work, he and Gao Yao were chases by a bunch of unknown rebels holding on to an old relic. Once they touched the artifact they were sucked in and transported back thousands of years into the rise of the Han Dynasty where he uses modern techniques and knowledge to help save the future. Even though it sounds cheesy, it is way better than it sounds. Trust me.
What can I say, I absolutely love him in this. He did amazing, well as far as I am at least.

Bai Bing as Princess Yu Shu

She is the princess of some country. She was forced into her marriage in order to save her kingdom and slowly but surely she fell in love with Meng Yi (Hu Ge). I like her character but not too much I just feel sorry for her really. I don't exactly ship her and Xiao Chuan because I prefer him and Lu Su.

Kym Jin Sha as Lu Su. 

Her character is my favorite and will always be. She was saved be Meng Yi/ Xiao Chuan when he carriage/ sedan was mugged by bandits. She was my favorite character for so many reasons; I don't feel like spoiling it. The first photo of her is just outright horrible and doesn't look like her and all the photos of her, which is just kind of a shame. So the second one is of her in a photoshoot showing her true beauty.

Zhang Meng as Gao Lan and Xiao Yue

In modern times she is one of Xiao Chuan's many girlfriends but she is different because she is hot headed, fierce, tough, knows martial arts and was raised by her brother who loves her more than anything in the world after their parents died at a young age. But in the pre- Han/ Han she was a lowly maid who has a hard life but great soul who faces many complications in her love life, well life itself. She is partially believed to be the pre-life of Gao Lan, Derrrr. First time watching her and she's enjoyable to watch.

Chen Zi Han as Lu Zhi

Lu Zhi is Lu Su's older sister. She eventually becomes Liu Bang's wife and his mentor but she has a love hate relationship towards Xiao Chaun/ Meng Yi because she loves him, yet hates him for not marrying her. I don't like her character oh too much, but she did fine. I think part of the reason why I don't like her is because I didn't like her in the 2006 Return Of The Condor Heroes as Guo Fu. They were both spoiled and annoying.

Chang Shih as Gao Yao and Zhao Gao

Gao Lan's overnaturing, overprotecting, overloving older brother. He works hard and does his best to give his sister a good life. When he traveled through time, he experienced many bad experiences causing a lot of hatred and that bitterness was used to help him get power.

Ren Quan as Yi Da Chuan

Da Chuan is Xiao Chuan's older brother. He was raised by his dad. He is what we would call a nerd, but a good looking nerd. He is going to be the one to try to bring Xiao Chuan and Gao Yan back to the modern era.

I just got bored and didn't exactly know what more to write. I also have a lot of homework to do but oh well. I needed just another post before the month ends today.

This is definitely a must watch drama, so WATCH IT!

English Title: The Myth
Chinese Title: Shen Hua/ 神话
Vietnamese Title: Than Thoai

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