Sunday, January 6, 2013

Anticipation: Da Mo Yao

This is the biggest drama anticipation for everyone this year, none other than Da Mo Yao, Ballad of the Desert. 

I don't have a lot to say for this except that I am in love with the cast. I have been avoiding everything related to DMY, including the cast and not looking them up because something will pop up. 

Why am I avoiding it though if you want to see it? Well it's simple, I haven't read it and I don't intend to until I have finished seeing it. *Le Sigh* Kinda of a bust but oh well.

I do know the five main actors and I love them all, lets just hope Karen will succeed in making this a bigger hit than BBJX and everything YuZheng combined. That is a lot to say because her latest work Xuan Yuan Sword was such a big flop, and I didn't even watch it. 

Anyways the cast
Liu Shi Shi as Jin Yu

Favorite actress. First saw her in LOCH and I wanted her to be with OuYang Ke but it's all cool because I still ship HongShi

Eddie Peng as Huo Qu Bing

Seventh Brother, Qi Lang in Young Warriors of the Yang Clan. Such a baby face. I'm so happy he got the lead because Hu Ge gets the lead in everything and this time he's stuck in the wheelchair :p

Hu Ge as Meng Xi Mo

Don't worry, after a run of your dramas, I am glad to say I like your acting once more and again for you not getting the lead, sorry but others need the chance to shine.

Han Dong as Li Gan

This guy. Such an underrated actor but I am so proud of him for being a part of a bunch of big dramas this year, I am your biggest fan. 

Fala Chen as Li Yan

She is such an upbeat actress and that's what we need. She was a funny character in Can't Buy Me Love. I'm glad she's starting to slowly branch away from TVB.

Other notes and pictures.
 *Remember I am limited because I don't want to know anything, except I already know snipets..*

 Qi Lang and Liu Lang, I am giving you this opportunity to explain your actions before Si Lang comes and beat the two of you up for kissing and making out with your sister-in-law. You two are in a world wind of trouble mister.


I am always glad that Karen chooses the hottest guys in her stuff, which is mainly Hu Ge but there are now these other guys.

I bet if Ling Geng Xin was in this, more people would flip out but I couldn't be happier with the choices. And to the people who say Eddie shouldn't have gotten this role, SHUT UP because he did :).


  1. I just found your blog, and came across this article. Your last sentence pretty much nailed it, as much as I love ShiGe, Eddie's a decent actor so I'm actually looking forward to watching them do something that wasn't all that expected :)

  2. I agree, as much as i love HuGe, i think Eddie is the perfect actor for HQB in Da Mo Yao. I totally shipping PengShi. This drama should be airing soon, and hopefully Tang Ren won't messed this up with overload of CGI like they did in XYSword.

  3. I had the exact same reaction to what you put up there about Eddie Peng getting the main part. I was soooo excited. It's been such a long time since he starred in an ancient series (Chinese Paladin & Young Warriors)!!!

  4. You will be very happy, the leak trailer is out hehe

    1. Ha, I know. I saw it when it first came out and I'm basically just an energizer bunny right now waiting for all my dramas to air.