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2013 Rewind: Drama Edition

Hard to believe it's been over a year since the day the world was suppose to end, well it didn't and were slowly making our way to 2014. 2013 hasn't been the best year for dramas in my opinion but mark my words that 2014 will be AMAZING.

Even though it wasn't great it wasn't awful. My eyes opened up to a lot of new things that has definitely broaden my drama horizon. So here goes a list of everything I watch, dropped, and is currently and will carry on until next year.

There will be no order just a list, a very long list.
The Magic Blade/ Tian Ya Ming Yue Dao

I still don't know how I managed to sit through this entire drama. I think the only reason was because I liked some of the actors but my oh my, the fugly hair and bright costumes, my eyes felt they were burning. I personally didn't like the plot because it was kinda ridiculous and the over acting felt wrong. So would I recommend you watching this? No

The Four Constables/ Shao Nian Si Da Ming Bu

I will always enjoy a good Hong Kong drama and this really reminds me of those days. I love the fact that you see so many familiar faces in one piece of work. As much as people can't stand the way TVB is ran, you can't say they don't make some damn good dramas. This is my first ever Raymond Lam and Kate Tsui drama oddly enough. I loved this drama to death and finished it in roughly two days but damn, this has one a crappy ending. I mean no one had a happy ending, except maybe Iron Fist because his love was still there. I will definitely make more time to watch Hong Kong Dramas. Will I ever watch it again? Maybe, as much as I loved it, I hated the ending more. If anything I'll just wait a few years before I watch it again. I would definitely recommend it if you wanted to watch a Hong Kong drama for sure.

Summer's Desire/ Pao Mo Zhi Xia

Summer's Desire was...cynical? Not exactly the best adjective but it's pretty close though. I enjoyed this drama but damn the mindset behind it is wicked. I would still pick Luo Xi personally because come on, Huang Xiao Ming or Peter Ho? Seriously. I'm glad my sister made me watch this though. The plot was one I very much enjoyed and I would never turn down a chance to stare at Huang Xiao Ming for long periods of time. Very good acting involved and some really fine suits.Would I watch it again? Sure, if I'm bored.

Replacement Princess/ Jin Da Hua De Hua Li Mao Xian

I don't even know where to start with this. The plot has no ethos behind it let alone common sense but this is dramaland so who cares right? My baby Chris Wu's portrayal of Ouyang Tai aka Terry was definitely the best thing to come out of this drama. I like James Wen as an actor but boy did they screw up his character  the show when they killed off Liang Yan. Why is beyond me. This is my first Nikki Hsieh drama, I still wish it was Die Sterntaler but that's probably not gonna happen, and she was good, but again her character annoyed everyone. However if you ever want to see a second male lead turned into the first male lead, this may be your cup of tea, just maybe. Plus it has it's cute moments. Would I ever watch it again? Nope

No review

Even though there are no good music videos or trailers, here are some very important previews that basically explains the show or points you in the direction.

Gloomy Salad Days/ Si Shen Nao Nu

I still don't know why I watched this or what pushed me to watch this. I had stories I liked in this but there were also some I didn't like. I guess another thing I didn't like was the fact that highschoolers were dying left and right but it is what it is. I didn't like Serena Fang or Aaron Yang that much either. But honestly this show is really good once you get into it. There are a lot of characters that are just straight out fantastic and a few you really want to push off a cliff but there are others where you just feel helpless towards. If you are ever bored and is interested in a different kind of drama, definitely check it out.

 Infernal Lover/ Wu Jian You Ai

Someone give me the strength to keep watching this. It's not that I don't want to, I just don't have the motivation to. I know this drama is probably decent and the fact that it's a Mike He drama makes it all the better. I enjoy the cast, the costumes, the decent plot, and I love Deng Jia Jia and her uber gorgeous eyes. I've started multiple times but also gave up just as many times, I don't even know why, it just kinda happens. Ya know? It's aesthetically beautiful, great clothing, and soothing OST but a very lazy viewer. Someone try watching it then tell me whether it's worth putting my time into, mkay?

A very good music video:

Beauty in Troubled Times/ Luan Shi Jia Ren

I consider this to be a working progress. I have some hopes for this only because of the great cast. By great I mean I feel like the cast was hand picked just for me. Seriously though, you have Tang Yan, Luo Jin, Sammul Chan, Tan Kai, Wilson Guo, Su Qing, Du Jung Ze. The only way it could be better is if Sun Xing was in this. I love the glamour of the period, the cheongsams, the suits, but gosh this plot gets draggy. It's kinda repetitive, and especially during the business scenes, even my sister agrees. I'm sure this drama must get better if they're already wrapping up with the sequel but it'll be a long time before I find out.

A heart melting video of Tang Yan and Luo Jin

Startling With Each Step/ Scarlet Heart/ Bu Bu Jing Xin

The funny thing is that everything that I'm currently rewatching on this list, I'm only a few episodes from ending it but don't have the willpower to. This is the infamous uberamazing heartwrenching Bu Bu Jing Xin. If you prefer Gong over this, we can't be friends, it's a requirement. Never have you seen such a beautiful period drama with great acting like this and perhaps one of the greatest OSTs ever. I can't wait for the sequel, even though it's gonna be a hot mess.

A few videos to bring us back to those days of BBJX

Entangling Love in Shanghai/ 侬本多情

I remember when I was first watching this in Vietnam a few years back and it definitely caught my attention. Alyssa Chia is definitely a natural actor as is Eric Huang and Sun Xing and the entire cast. It was this drama that definitely pulled me into anything and everything in this time period. As much as I loved the beginning, it was slowly becoming a bore to me and now it sits in the back of the burner. Again I would love to finish it but the motivation is just not there. I would definitely recommend you checking it out though. It's about a woman whose husband left her for an ex flame, he also took the baby. She believes that if she can achieve fame, she can get back her baby and her first love. As I like to think, this is a drama where Eric truly shines and it is a very very beautiful drama.

The opening and ending video.

The Myth/ Shen Hua

I love this drama so much it's unreal. My biggest regret was taking so long to finish it but the second it was over I couldn't help but keep thinking about how amazing it was. I mean the producer was Jackie Chan, the man himself who starred in the movie version a few years back. I loved the cast, the costumes, the acting, and the plot. It was definitely a smart move, in my opinion, to expand this movie into this drama. It expanded the story more and made it so much better. This drama pushed me back in the direction of loving Hu Ge again and I wouldn't have it any other way now. I would definitely recommend it and rewatch it in a heartbeat if I didn't have so many things on my plate at the moment.

A few music video sung by the cast themselves, how much better can it get?

I know I'm not the most knowledgable person when it comes to history but I feel like if my school had a class on Asian history, I would ace that class blindfolded. I think it's because, as silly as it sounds, period dramas make me want to learn more about the real history behind the era. This "legend" so to say is one in its own. If you don't feel something when the Yang Clan is mentioned, I'm sorry but you have no heart and I can no longer talk to you. There is no better story behind filial piety and loyalty like this, and the fact that their tale made it all the more admirable. I loved the Young Warriors of the Yang Clan, which is an idol version, so it pushed me to this. I started this and I initially liked it, but again I just got lazy and it's still on the back burner for now. One day I'll finish it, just not this year.

Battle of the Beauty/ Xiao Hong Yan

I think my mom first watched this and then I saw the video for it was intrigued, boy was I wrong. Like dead wrong. I didn't enjoy it and that's saying something because I'm only episode 2. I find the plot to be very predictable too. As much as I enjoy watching Baron Chen act, I don't think I can stomach this.

A video for your curiosities.

Legend of the Condor Heroes/ She Diao Ying Xiong Zhuan

I rewatched this classic again for who know how many times. It never gets old. I love seeing Liu Shi Shi, Yuan Hong and Hu Ge acting together and I hope to see more of it. Even though Guo Jing is the suppose to be the star of the show, everyone definitely stayed for Yuan Hong's titular role of Yang Kang and it's still his most notable role to this date. Except for me, I stayed because of Li Jie's Ouyang Ke and to this day I still can't get over his injury and his death. I will still blame Ariel Lin for it and still refuse to watch any of her other works because of it. I still think this story is the best of the trilogy and I've seen all three. Something about it just hits the spot for me every time and I can't wait until I rewatch it soon.

Return of the Condor Heroes 2006/ Shen Diao Xia Lu

The sequel to The Condor Trilogy and apparently fan favorite. Honestly this one kind of annoyed me because I consider it to be a long cat mouse game. Everytime Xiao Long Nu misunderstands something she just runs off leaving Yang Guo to find her and this is all the story is. It's not as cliche as I make it out to be, it's just not my favorite and doesn't have the same spark as the first one. Liu Yi Fei is the perfect actress for this because all you have to do is look pretty, literarlly. Xiao Long Nu is the unofficial Fifth beauty in Chinese history according to muah. She's beautiful but she's antisocial, rude, cold, so on and so forth, except to Yang Guo where she's the exact opposite. Oh the power of love. I can't believe this was my first Huang Xiao Ming drama and I didn't even realize it until recently. A lot of people didn't like Huang Xiao Ming's portrayal because he was too player-ish, which he was. But the second Xiao Long Nu and Yang Guo are together, they don't see anyone else and that's my favorite thing about their relationship. I've watched this one a few time but it's definitely standing out the most after the last time I watched it. I only have five episodes left but laziness once again powers all. I say check it out if you want, just whatever you do, never in your right mind look up the 2014 version, EVER.

The hauntingly beautiful song from the OST.

This drama was pretty mediocre. It definitely started off well but after a while it kinda just lagged on. However I did love the little girl, she is just precious ad definitely a natural actress. The OTP was boring, let's be real here, now the second OTP I tell you~~~ Is between the main character's sister and a police chief. So much chemistry! Their relationship was interesting and was definitely the only thing I looked forward to every week. Wait, I take that back. The father daughter relationship between Choi Won and Choi Rang was sweet and so was the one between So Baek and her father. It was nice seeing the dynamic. I loved how sweet Kim Yoo Bin was to Song Jong-Ho and damn it was cute. Even though it wasn't that popular, I still liked it. The plot was decent and I liked the ending. The end.

What I am about to say will surprise you, so take a moment. This is one of Yu Zheng's better work. Gasps, I know. I think it was because it was before he started getting as cocky and stupid. I loved the cast, especially the guys. They really made the show and honestly I didn't know who to side with. Although the story revolved around the last princess, it's safer to say that this story revolves around the men in her life. There was Yan Kuan who was full of revenge but he really did love her, there was Sammul Chan who whole heartedly loved her but weren't meant to be, then there was Sun Xing who was with her for 16 years physically but never emotionally. Easy, I chose Sun Xing. I know, I know, I'm really biased towards him. Can you tell? It's not my fault he's a great actor. The plot was fast, easy to understand, heart tugging, until the last quarter. Gosh did I want to push Yan Kuan's onscreen daughter and Sammul's onscreen son off the face of this Earth. They are perhaps the worst characters ever written in every aspect. I would definitely recommend you watching this but you will need a punching bag for the last quarter though.

Sang by Yan Kuan himself.

I've always heard a lot about Mars, boy was I glad. I couldn't believe it took me so long to get my hands on it though. Even though it's somewhat outdated, quality is top notch in terms of content. It's a unique tale about two tortured souls who end up healing one another. I loved Vic Zhou before but after watching this, I couldn't help but love him more afterwards. Barbie was pretty good too. I would definitely recommend it.

A music video sang by both Vic Zhou and Barbie Hsu

I remember when I was first watching this this summer and it was definitely the hottest drama in Korea at the time. However hottest doesn't necessarily mean the best. I understand it's suppose to be a thriller and all but I couldn't stand this drama. I found it slow and nothing exciting was happening. I only stayed for 14 of the 20 episodes and I don't even know why I wasted my time. I'm sure a lot of you are getting upset by me saying this but remember that all of this is just a biased opinion. I will admit though that Jung Kyoung-Ho shined, shined bright like the diamond that he was in this. I enjoyed his cool and collected and suave and super bad-ass character. To say that he's not gonna get better roles next year would be a lie but it will be limited because poor Jung got really hurt on set and may still be on bed rest. He definitely pulled one for the team by filming the last few episodes injured but it's fine now because I'm sure he's resting just fine and smiling as his wallet is constantly getting bigger. Now there's Nam Gyu-Ri, shake my head, I just don't know about her character. She was kinda useless and I felt like she was slowing down the story and her acting was kind of flat. There was also Lee Jae-Yoon and to me he is still considered detective douche-bag. Now if that doesn't give you an idea of what I think of him then I don't know what can. I will also admit that the filmography was very nicely done and the clothes and baroque style was fabulous. I still don't understand why they blurred out Jung Kyoung-Ho's fantastic gang tattoo after all the effort put into it, it was really detailed and beautiful, check that out when you get the chance. Okay I understand why they blurred out the tattoos but why the knives? Yes blur out the knives but not the guns while you're at it, god job South Korea.

A nice video with a really awesome song from the OST.

This drama will always have a place in my heart. It was my first Korean drama ever and it's definitely the best Korean drama I have yet to see. I know some people may not like it because of Ku Hye-Sun's over acting or the ridiculous plot but this is dramaland for heaven's sake, nothing has to make sense. Guem Jan-Di is so lucky to be best friends with four chaebols, heck even dating one and her best friend is dating the cutest one. This is definitely a drama someone usually watches when they first want to be introduced to the world of dramas. For some reason it's always first to be recommended but everyone I know usually recommends this first too. I guess it's because it's safe and not as severe as some dramas can get. It has fluff and money thrown at it left and right. I have seen three Lee Min- Ho dramas and this is the best one yet, all the other ones sucked severely. Honestly after seeing Boys Over Flowers, I would always chose boys over flwers. Teehee, my attempt at a lame joke, but I really would. I would definitely prefer a guy like Jun Pyo, stupid, arrogant, full of himself, but when he loves, he does it right, it also does help tremendously that he's uber-rich. Yes I would recommend it and yes I would rewatch it, heck this one wasn't even my first time watching it.

We Got Married-Global Edition

Couples from different countries have a virtual marriage where they get married and do everything newlyweds do, simple enough. That is until the couples come out and you can't decide who you like more aka me. Wu Ying Je commonly goes by her nickname Gui Gui is and actress and former singer from Taiwan gets married to 2PM's Ok Taecyeon from Korea. Fujii Mina is an actress and model from Japan and she get married to FT Island's Lee Hongki, also from Korea. This is my first variety show ever and this show gives me butterflies watching it. The couples are so cute together and you can't get enough of them. You get to see them visit the different stages of marriage and it's nice seeing them grow and I will admit I did shed a few tears when they had to say their last goodbyes. Their time together was too short (15 episodes) and as far as I know Fujii Mina and Hongki still talk every now and then but nothing from TaecGui. I still can't get over the fact that it's over but it will be fine because in an interview with the producer, he states that they are currently working on a second season, but the couples are still unknown. Close enough, anyone care to join my happy dance with me? This show is fantastic, watch it. Watch it like your life depended on it and I guarantee you will have no regrets.

Videos of the two couples

This song was sang by Taecyeon and Gui Gui in a song that he wrote himself
A song by FT Island.

 Summer Fever/Lian Xia 38 ℃

I started watching this after I finished We Got Married Global and I needed more Gui Gui in my life. It's a story about summer love and boy was it _____. I still don't have the word for it. I can't describe it. There's just something about this drama that hits the spot. It was good acting and a simple plot but the secrets, oh the secrets. Gui Gui was definitely a star in her own sky and it was nice being introduced to the cute and talented George Hu. I enjoyed this drama but it's definitely a melodrama, you won't find a lot of funny scenes but it's definitely memorable. Since it is a melodrama, I did cry, it was that sad but it was also just that good. Definitely check it out.

 Two Fathers/ Liang Ge Ba Ba

This drama got a lot of heat before it aired because of the idea of homosexuality. I mean it's two guys raising their daughter, what did they expect. Boy were they wrong. Yes it is two guys raising their daughter, Wendy, alone but it's more than that and no they are not homosexuals. This is a very good drama where you get to see this unique family experience different trials because of the different dynamic thrown at them. Wendy calls them Daddy aka Tang Xiang Xi (Leroy Young) and Papa which sounds more like Babi who is Wen Zhen Hua (Lin Yo Wei). Xiang Xi is a bold and smart mouth lawyer who definitely spoils his daughter while Zhen Hua is a sensitive florist who takes on the motherly role. This drama is adorable. Perhaps the most adorable thing I've watched all year, until I saw Dad! Where Are We Going? I love the relationship that Wendy has with everyone, it just makes the show that much sweeter. It's pretty long, 73 episodes long. It was actually suppose to be longer with 83 episodes but I guess the producer just wanted to stop. It was good, but I could feel it was rushed in the end, so Zhen Hua didn't have a complete ending, but it is what it is. A very good watch if you're bored. I also loved the relationship between Xiang Xi and the little boy, sweetest thing ever. I mean what dad would want to give up his baby girl to a boy? And oh my gosh, the amount of food on this show was mouth watering. It was as if they had a completely different budget for food because they were always eating! But you know, food can really bring a family together. Let me tell you one more thing, the chemistry between the two dads is real. Definitely the best bromance Taiwan has ever seen. Definitely watch it if you have the time.

This little trio is adorable don't you agree? I told you the little boy was adorable and Wendy with her little pigtails. The little boy looks like Chan Young (Kang Min-Hyuk) from The Heirs. I'm telling you, you will never see a more natural group of child actors, these kids will go very far in life.

The two guys on their cover of GQ magazine.

This is my second time re-watching it and it's definitely a lot better now. I don't know why but I just couldn't stand it the first time around but now I'm definitely savouring each and every moment these actors and actresses are on my computer screen. I have always loved the costumes that Tangren brings to the table and this is no exception. Liu Shi Shi's Long Kui's costume is still beautiful but I must say that Tang Yan's costume trumps all. I love the stories involved, especially between ZiXuan and Wallace Huo's many characters. I firmly believe that their love story is perhaps one of the best in the wuxia world, sorry Xiao LongNu and Yang Guo. There's a lot I want to say but I don't really know how to say it. I'll just leave it as it was great, check it out.

Every now and then you come across a drama that is completely pointless and definitely a waste of time. Now I have seen a lot of bad dramas but never one this bad. I'm surprised this was even at number one for half of its airing (it was second all of the other times). There was no backbone and mainly just frill, not fluff but frill. I take it back, it wasn't exactly a complete waste of time because without this drama, I would have never fell in love with Kim Woo Bin and damn he is fiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. Kim Woo Bin's portrayal of Choi Young Do was the most exciting and the only character that you see grow. Never have I seen such a great character in any Korean drama like him, he's perfect, to me at least. It's always those flawed characters that steal my heart. Yes Kim Tan is flawed in many ways, but at least Choi Young Do dresses nicely. I have said this multiple times and I will continue to say it. Kim Tan is the most incompetent protagonist ever laid before my eyes. All he does is cry all the time about how he can't do scrap because his dad is too much then cries to his dad and begs him or his brother. He is way too controlling of Eun Sang; if you want her to be your girlfriend, stop treating her like she's a dog. I'm sure a lot of people will agree with me when I say this drama sucked. My friend Tina still thinks it's amazing and way better than Boys over Flowers *shake my head* and all I want to do is slap her silly. Another great thing to come out of Heirs was Chan Young (Kang Min-Hyuk) and Lee BoNa's (Krystal) relationship. They were so cute together, they really need their own little show, not a long one, like a mini-movie. I think the only reason why I stayed the entire time was that I kept wishing for something to happen. When something did happen, it just wasn't what I expected and wasn't resolved correctly and definitely too suddenly. I guess all that I can say was that there was too much hype for something that wasn't deserving of it. 

I laughed for the longest time when I first saw this and couldn't agree more. Curious why his clothes were upright fugly? Apparently Lee Min-Ho spent 50 million won (USD 47,000) of his money on his wardrobe to avoid brand names to get him to wear their clothes. That is perhaps the most stupid thing ever. Waste your money on ugly sweaters instead of wearing high-end clothes, your life is so tough Lee Min-Ho.

I will admit that what drove me to watch this was a very funny meme which I will insert later. From the same producer or director of The Heirs and Boys Over Flowers, this is kinda a great drama about four men going through their mid-life crisis. I think the idea is pretty smart and the execution was pretty good. My favorite part of each episode was definitely the first few minutes of every episode. They show the four guys interacting together in various points in their life and I must say it was always the best part of every episode. Heck you don't even have to watch the drama, just watch those snipets. The drama started off well but kind of dragged itself after episode 10. After that everything was kind of repetitive until the last two episodes. My favorite couple was definitely Lee Jung-Rok (Lee Jong-Hyuk) and his wife Park Min-Sook (Kim Jung-Nan). There's just something endearing about seeing a married couple always bickering and fighting but can't help but going back to one another because they're the only ones who can accept their flaws. I mean isn't that what we're all hoping for? For other Kim Woo-Bin lovers, you're in for a treat because he plays a bad boy who's in love with our lead but be warned, he sports a very ugly hair style. I say it's definitely something you should check out, it has its good moments.

Yes, why yes you are.

Eh, you're kinda lanky.

Correction, it's girls around the world, mainly me :) You best bet you are adorable.

Teehee, I love his reaction <3 Can Kim Woo-Bin just have an affair with me already?

A 50 episode Korean Saguek, what have I gotten myself into. Funny saying that because I have watched plenty of dramas with that many episodes and some with even more, but never anything this long for something korean. I will say though, when I first started watching this I was hooked. I love how badass our heroine was, and she's ten times better than Catwoman, Lara Croft, and Black Widow combined. It was exciting seeing Ha Ji Won toughing it out like the guys, if not better. But then she got into the palace and things slowly died down. I'm still on my Wang Yu and Seung Nyang ship, and it'll probably never change; I wish that the Yuan emperor would grow a pair and a backbone but I understand his position so it's somewhat fine. He just really needs to stop putting so much effort into courting Nyang and more into saving his life but it is dramaland, so do as you please. As beautiful as the clothing was, I just wished they put more effort into actually making it look like it belongs in Yuan China, where the story is currently taking place and will continue to. Oh well, I don't really care. I enjoy the plot too much so I just overlooked it. Definitely worth checking out.

This is a Chinese version of the popular Korean show synonymous named Where Are We Going Dad?! Now I know China loves milking the cow while it's still fresh but this is one of their best decisions yet. I've heard that the Korean one is a lot better, that the kids are cuter, they don't cry as much but then again that's because of smart editing. Either way my heart belongs to these kids, especially Angela.This is the second Asian variety show I have ever seen and my heart is gushing because of the cuteness. These kids are so cute I just want to pinch their cheeks, take them home and carry them with me around everywhere I go. Granted that's not good for them being taken away from their celebrity parents and heck I don't even have a place for them to sleep, but you get my point right? My heart can't take such cuteness, especially after watching Two Fathers this year. We have a wide range of celebrities from a producer Wang Yuelun, Former Gold Medalist Olympian diver now actor Tian Liang, Supermodel Zhang Liang, Actor Guo Tao, and then there's Jimmy Lin who can sing, act, professional race-car driver, and entrepreneur. I like how this show brings these kids and their fathers closer through a series of trips. What is anything if there isn't any couples to be expected. Currently in China/Taiwan the youngest ship is between Cindy and Tian Tian. I heard he even calls her his wife, how cute! Not only that but my Xiao Bao Bei Angela definitely has the hots for Jimmy Lin's son Kimi. Some netizens are even shipping the Liangs together, yes Tian Liang and Zhang Liang calling them Liang Liang. Oh netizens. I will go further into this show in an upcoming post. Even though it finished airing a few days ago, I have to wait until the subtitles are done, Le sigh. It's all cool. They're also making a movie coming out on January 31st. 

The main video for this show. I love the fact that all the dads and their kids and singing it and I love the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star addition. In the fourth leg, you actually get to see my xiao bao bei Angela and Tian Tian sing a part of this song to an elderly lady~~ You don't understand the cuteness.

My Xiao Cong Chua, Xiao Bao Bei Angela :) Isn't she precious?

Kimi and Angela, she is obviously interested in him.

Tian Tian and Cindy. This was at Tian Tian's sixth birthday party and only Cindy was there, none of the other kids. Yes they are holding hands, but they're not dating....yet. Muahahaha. Someone should rewatch it and count the number of times Cindy says she wants her Tian Tian Ge Ge/ to play with her Tian Tian Ge Ge/ She's looking for her Tian Tian Ge Ge. Lmao, I'm still laughing that she can out run him even though he's older but then again she is an Olympian's daughter and boy did these two inherit those genes well. One's super tall cough cough supermodel's son Tian Tian and the other is super fast and has strong lungs cough cough Olympian's daughter Cindy.

I started this yesterday and it is amazeballs. It is definitely one of the better wuxia dramas I have seen in a few years. Even though some of the costumes are tacky the plot, cast, acting, relationships and thought behind it is astounding. You can't help but applaud it for how innovative it is. This is an adaption of a popular manga InuYasha. I've never heard of it before honestly I couldn't care less because I'm loving this drama too much to be sidetracked. I feel like whenever time traveling is involved, it makes something ten times better, like this and exclude the piece of mess named Palace/Gong. I like all of the intertwining relationships and how something unexpected happens every few episodes but it only makes it more exciting. I don't know how else to explain. Here you will definitely see a lot of familiar faces. I definitely recommend it with only 15 episodes in.

Beautiful main theme song, be warned there are spoilers in the video!

In A Good Way/ Wo Men De Zi You Nian Dai

This drama is one of be best dramas to have come out of Taiwan in the past few year. It really hits the spot because of the nostalgia that it brings. Granted, I know I can't say much because I wasn't even born yet when it first took place but I don't care. It's more of a go with the flow and doesn't have a set plot, which is kinda of a good thing. I believe this is based off of a popular book too. My oh my, the chemistry between the two leads Jia En (Kristen Ren) and Liu Chuan (Lego Le) is the best I've probably ever seen. Even Lego Le himself said in an interview that you should bring your sunglasses because of the chemistry between them. If that's not a sign that this drama is good I don't know what is. This drama is pulling my heartstrings right now and making me feel things I don't want to feel but damn it's worth it. The worst part is that it only airs one episode a week and there still isn't a set amount of episodes yet. I take it as a good and bad thing meaning they can extend it as long as they can but then it's still nice to know. The cast gets well off screen and on screen which is good for us because we get a kick-ass drama. It's nice how they incorporate a lot of things from that area, especially in the OST which composes of actual songs from the nineties.

The cool opening and closing videos.

I'm sorry if I offended anyone with my opinion. All copyright laws and such. Everything belongs to it's rightful owner. If you would like me to take something down, please feel free to tell me. I am not being paid for this, as much as I would love to. 

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