Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Montage of Stills from Yu Zheng's Return of the Condor Heroes Part 1

I know it has been a while since I have posted anything. I've started on a few but time and motivation prevents me from actually finishing it. Anywho, this here will be something to keep you in check with Yu Zheng's upcoming remake of The Return of the Condor Heroes. Part of me is wondering why I am even doing this when I despise Yu Zheng and everything that he is and I just feel bad for the people who work under his sick mind. If you haven't heard of this remake by now you need to get out from under that rock. Better yet, stay under it because currently in Dramaland, Yu Zheng is changing basically everything about this classic. Personally, I'm not the biggest fan of Return of the Condor Heroes mainly because it's a never ending cycle of XiaoLongNu miss understanding Yang Guo, her leaving, and then him looking for her, multiple times.

So after doing one of the best things in my life ever, finally making a Weibo account, I stumbled upon Yu Zheng's page and noticed he posted alot, and I mean alot, of photos from Return of the Condor Heroes. It became so much that I decided to split this up into parts.

Things on my mind
  • Wow that is hell of a lot of photoshopping on Michelle Chen. Yu Zheng is basically pouring his wallet into this production, but what does it matter because he knows he's just gonna laughing all the way to the bank.
  • So many girls. I mean I realized when I watched it before but still, and it doesn't help if they're all prettier than XiaoLongNu when she's suppose to be out of this wuxia world drop dead gorgeous
  • Mao Xiao Tong is wayyyyy too sweet looking to play the evil Guo Fu. I said it from day one and I will continue to say it.
  • What is with the "baby" being so small? Like really, it's like they didn't even attempt to stuff that blanket, which I'm sure they didn't
  • Poor Chen Xiao who is overworked
  • The girl play Li MoChou is simply beautiful. I like how simple everything is about her.
  • Why is my baby Chen Xiang playing a bad guy? He is playing Li MoChou's first love but ends up dumping her and eventually gets killed by her. Heart of a woman I tell you.
  • So many characters whose names I can't remember.
  • Hey at least Zhao Li Ying is in this for those who ship her and Chen Xiao right?

Source: (Yu Zheng's Weibo to be exact)


  1. oh god...the mongolian prince's hair... looks like they pulled him straight out of a disney movie.
    also, yang guo is so skinny, both he and michelle chen look so young; they're going to make roch feel like a teen romance,,,

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