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Are Sequels and Prequels a Good Thing or a Bad Thing?

If you couldn't tell from the picture above, this is my reaction to all the remakes and sequels coming up. I found an article where they announced a sequel, if you want to call it so, where the guy who has been leads for the first two will not be the lead in this work but only as a guest, such blasphemy if you ask me.

I literally saw the post, ran over to my sister and started hyperventilating and basically had an anxiety attack. Besides the fact that that guy number 1 won't be the lead, the guy who is taking his place is still too much of a newbie to have the chops for the job, sorry bro I say it as it is. 

So you basically get to hear me vent on the first two parts, the upcoming part, and mention some remakes because they do play a part in the madness that will be discussed in this post. If you do not feel like wanting to break everything you own, turn away from this post.
So can you guess who guy number 1 was? The guy who has been leads to everything but not this?

Now guess the series. Hint- It comes in odd numbers

So imagine how weird it would be to have the Chinese Paladin series without Hu Ge as the lead. WTF right? As I have mentioned before the lead is someone who is still a newbie in my eyes but basically Tangren's next Hu Ge. Anyone care to guess who the puppy who is taking on such a weight is?

I guess I'm just really, like extremely, biased because I have the softest spot for Hu Ge. I mean I've been watching him since I was a little thing, not that little. I find that Jiang Jing Fu is very good looking but his baby face is making it hard to believe he's going to be the protagonist/ hero in this whole situation and debacle that is the wuxia world. Saying this reminds us all of his first role as Chen Jing Chou in Xuan Yuan Sword- Rift of the Sky.

Oh the anger from the past year is surging up again isn't it? There's little clueless JJF while Hu Ge and Lin Geng Xin are staring off feeling as though they have been cheated, and yes they have. I remember netizens freaking out because the role of Cheng Jing Chou basically screamed Hu Ge and that LGX felt he was robbed because he ought to have earned a leading role after being 14th prince in BBJX, but boy, losing the job to a newbie and having to put on cornrows and dreads must've sucked. My poor babies. Yes yes, Xuan Yuan Sword was a wreck, not one of Karenboss' better work, but at least it had Hu Ge, LGX, Liu Shi Shi, and Tang Yang right?

On the bright side of the whole Chinese Paladin sequel, or prequel, whichever it is, Number 5, yes Chinese Paladin 5 will have some members of Chinese Paladin 3 in it as guest appearance. As much as I wish they would all just be in it, their stardom is just too much to work around I guess.

Now, a walk back down memory lane that is Chinese Paladin.

Chinese Paladin

Ady An as Yue-Ru

Hu Ge as Li Xiao Yao and Ady An as Yue- Ru. The ones in my eye who made a better OTP than the actual OTP.
Esther Liu as A'Nu and Eddie Peng as Tang Yu. As much as a find A'Nu annoying, I love Eddie too  much to hate this couple.

Liu Yi Fei as Ying Er and Hu Ge as Li Xiao Yao.
She is so beautiful, she even dies beautifully.

Chinese Paladin 3

Hu Ge as Jing Tian and Yang Mi as Xue Jian, the OTP

Hu Ge and Liu Shi Shi as Long Kui. In the game she is one of his love interests but in the drama, she is portrayed as his sister.

Long Kui and her beautiful costume.

Hu Ge as Fei Ping and Yang Mi as Xi Yao. Lovers in their past lives in the immortal world.

Wallace Huo as Chang Qing, Liu Fang, and Ye Ping. Tang Yan as Zi Xuan. Lovers for 200 years. Their story is the most beautiful love story in all of the wuxia everything that I know of, yes a bazillion times better than Yang Guo and Xiao Long Nu in Return of the Condor Heroes. If you wanted to just skip to their story go to episode 17 and 18, you will be glad you did.

Yuan Hong as Lei Yun Ting. He holds one of the pearls they are on a quest for. I just felt as though it would be appropriate to include Loverboy because, well, he's Loverboy for Buddha's sake!

The funny this is that I actually saw it in the correct order, meaning I saw CP3 first, then CP1. It's funny because CP3 is the prequel. HAHA, my attempt at being funny. I'm currently rewatching this third one so this fifth one.... -_____"-

Chinese Paladin 5

So far I have no idea on what this one will be about except for the same old saving the world by going on a quest, the demon takes over and in the end the protagonist must find a way to save them all.
I don't know much about the characters, or even who's playing the characters. I will be kept up to date but whether or not I will be decided upon my laziness, willpower, and whether or not you want me to. All I am sure of is that Jiang Jing Fu is the lead and that Hu Ge and Wallace Huo will be guest starring. There are words on some of the other roles but then again roles change out of nowhere like how Angelababy was suppose to play Xiao Long Nu but we're stuck with Michelle Chen. Do not in any ways mark my words as a sign of certainty.

JJF's role as the protagonist. I think this role would have been nice for someone as Chen Xiao but we all know that's never gonna happen. However LGX would be interesting but he's basically been dumped by Tangren so that's not gonna happen. We'll just wait and see.

Victoria Song Qian will be playing this girl.

Word on the block is that Tang Yan, Liu Shi Shi and Ying'er will be making a stop in this piece of work. I would be happy as daisies for Tang Yan and Liu Shi Shi but I do not give a rat's ass for Ling Er, she can suck it. I don't like her as an actress as I believe she has the acting capabilities of Kristen Stewart, or a brick.

This news just really ruined my day, incase you couldn't tell. It's as bad as Bu Bu Jing Qin without most of the princes and Painted Skin 3 without Chen Kun and Vicki Zhao.

So the question of the hour. Are Sequels/ Prequels a good thing or a bad thing? 

IMO, they suck. They will always be compared to the first one, will be criticized, will not have the same lasting impression the first one left behind. Ok maybe suck was pretty bad, there have been times where they are good, so far Chinese Paladin 3 but this fifth one is just making me iffy. 

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